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  1. This sounds exactly the same as our neighbours when we said we wanted some a couple of years ago. Check you are not breaking any bylaws then if you want them, get them when you are ready. We finally got some 2 weeks ago and can't believe we missed out on all this time we couldhave had chickens in our lives.
  2. Hi I'm a newbie on the the forum and to chicken keeping. We've had our 3girls for a fortnight and are struggling to find a suitable recepticle for their water to go in. We've tried a traditional chicken drinker ( plastic) - which broke very quickly, then several crock bowls that the chickens knock over within minutes of me filling them, grr! We havent really got the space to hang a drinkerwithout them knocking into it. I love the look of the glug in the shop here but I havent got an eglu, just a tradional coop / run, with a 1cm wire mesh. Does anyone know if the glug will fit this, or have any other suggestions??? Cheers

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