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  1. Hi, I am selling a 2m x 2m WIC. It is a MK 1 run. I have provisionally sold the run but have an extension piece that is 3m x 1m which is a newer run that was purchased 2 years ago that the buyer is interested in. Can the newer WIR be attached to the older runs? I think that if you take out the middle roof piece then the newer extension would be 2m x 1m. The original run size for the newer run is 3m x 3M. Any advice is appreciated.
  2. Hi, Its been a long time since I have posted. I have a fox that started to appear in the garden at night last week (it takes the same route every night and triggers the security lights in the garden). on Tuesday the girls were out having some free time and as I went to lock them up I walked out to find the fox standing in the garden. It ran as soon as it saw me. We are semi rural so it is not an urban fox. I thought it might have taken one of the chickens but she soon reappeared about 30 minutes later. This morning I was woken up by chicken screaming at about 6.45am. I ran out and the fox was trying to get into the run.Oone of the chickens was out and panicking in the WIR. The fox ran off but came back about 15 minutes later. After I went out again it ran again and has not come back. Unfortunately the chicken that was panicking has injured her leg and I will need to take her to the vet. I have decided to enquire with some pest control companies how much it will cost to trap and kill the fox humanely. Has anyone done this? I have lived in our house for 7 years and this is the only the second fox we have seen. We live next to a farm so they tend to deal with any "pest control" problems.
  3. If my 4 made this noise in the morning I would be delighted. Mine salute the sun every morning. That means they stand on various levels in the run facing the sun and shout! A bit like an egg announcement but louder and more annoying. Luckily "Ooops, word censored!"ody has complained yet but but every now and then they get the "hose" warning so i can get a few more hours sleep!
  4. Could you post a picture of your setup? I have a cube and 1M run against the cube and there is no gap. Do you have your cube bitted right up to the WIR?
  5. I use a half barrel planter that you can get from the garden centre. I only half fill it which means it is hard for them to kick out the contents and they also sit on the edges during the day so they get another level to their run. They can get three of them in at a squeeze and four when they are being very ambitious. It also means I am not forever filling it up. I started with a large shallow trug but gave up as all the dirt ended up in the run and not in the trug!
  6. I managed to get a second hand one and its great. I have a cube attached to it and you can just butt the cube run up against it. I have noticed they have upgraded the door and now you can add a smaller door which is very handy as I had to buy a cube door panel to add a "back door" to let the chickens out in their FR area. I would recommend it. Very easy to put up and take down and I only have 2 omlet covers on the top and one on the cube run and wind covers around the back of the cube for shelter and it keeps it all fairly dry. Also it gives a great opportunity to add different levels which is great when you have new hens who need to escape for a bit of peace whilst doing new intro's. It also belns in with the garden very well. Would recommend one if you can afford it!
  7. I have has exactly the oposite experience. The blubelle was a bit of a bully and went broody. (Although i thought she had an egg stuck at the time so the olive oil in her vent must have been a shock ) but she could easily be picked up because she was so fat and slow, although she clearly didn't actually like it. The speckldey was just generally lovely but bottom of the pecking order and always had a bald bottom. She did like to be picked up though but never went broody. I miss her
  8. At least the supplier took them back. I had a similar issue with some hybrids about 18 months ago. The new girls seemed healthy. About a week after I introduced them I noticed the older girls who I had had for just under a year had mucus around their eyes. One came down with serious mycoplasma and I had a costly visit to the vets, a very stressful week trying to drip feed it and all the girls had to be treated etc. When I mentioned it to the supplier they told me that all birds carry Mycoplasma, the vaccinations only last a year and that the stress of introducing the new girls was to blame. At the time I just accepted this but looking back it was not very helpful. I guess you live and learn. I now have got my 2 new girls from another supplier and they seem to be so much better.
  9. I am so sorry to hear about your horrible experience. It must have been so upsetting. Have you thought about getting a trail camera? They can take infra red pictures and videos at night and are set off by movement. They can take pictures and videos. They are weatherproof and can be left for weeks if you want to leave them to capture any night time (or day time) visitors. Although they are about £100 I think it might be worth it for peace of mind for your other girls. I got one when we had a rat infestation and the pictures were remarkable and helped me get on top of the problem. At least then you can see what is around your run each night. Good Luck and I hope your remaining girls stay safe.
  10. Can you put a roosting branch in the cube so that the new ones have somewhere to escape to? I have always found this really useful when integrating new hens. At first they just seem to sit up there looking miserable but they will come down to eat and it helps the others get used to having them around.
  11. They are wormed regularly, don't have mites etc and have minimal treats. I have had the soft egg layer for 2.5 years and they were always bad from the moment she came into lay. She has stopped laying completely in the last few months. The other one left from the last batch has always laid large eggs but they have always been so watery that they disintegrate on poaching, never set when fried etc. I have tried everything to get the egg quality up to a better standard. She is now 18 months old and is only laying 1 egg a week at the moment. I had similar egg problems from the beginning with another 2 who have since died. All the egg problems started as soon as they came into lay. The 2 new hens are laying lovely eggs. They are small but the shells are hard and the egg quality is so much better. It just seems strange that the new hens from a different supplier lay better eggs, whilst 4 separate hens bought 1 year apart (2 each time) all have laid poor quality eggs (Soft shells and watery eggs) from day 1.
  12. I was wondering if anyone has experience of different egg quality from different suppliers? I have had 2 sets of hybrids from the same supplier. They do not breed and buy in POL birds. I bought 2 birds each time a year apart. Each was a different hybrid. Not one of them has given me good eggs. One laid a large egg from day one but it was watery and couldn't be poached or fried. Now a year later I am lucky if I get one egg a week. 2 other girls were similar, either didn't lay regularly or had such a poor quality shell and egg that unless they were boiled or used in cakes were no good, or they just destroyed them in the nest box. Another has laid soft shell eggs since she started laying and 6 months ago gave up laying completely. I have tried everything to make them lay better eggs. Oyster shell, every supplement etc. I only write this as I have just got 2 new girls who have stared laying in the past few weeks. Their eggs are amazing. The difference is night and day.The eggs shells are hard, not like the others and the eggs are amazing. They are from a different suppler so I don't know if this is what the difference is. Does anyone have any experience like this? I would appreciate anyones opinion on whetehr I have been unlucky or some suppliers have poor quality hens.
  13. I am sure most of you will have seen this boys story but if you haven't please google him or better still donate @justgiving. He is dying and signed off on facebook last night as he is not expected to make it through today. One of his bucket list wishes was to raise £1million for teenage cancer trust. He has done it but wouldn't it be fantastic if we could double this? It sounds depressing but he is truely inspirational especially as we often think teenagers now don't appreciate anything.
  14. I got my first egg from one of my new skylines on Good Friday. It was a beautiful blue colour. Today and yesterday they were full size so I decided to have scambled eggs for breakfast. The last two were double yolkers so I had very rich scambled eggs this morning.
  15. The regency feeders are certainly not vermin proof. Have a read of my previous post of rats and more rats. The rats can actually push their way into the feeders by just pushing the flap but then they can't get out until a chicken or large rat activates the treadle. This was the reply I got from Regency when I complained about catching 7 rats in my feeders. "The treadles are advertised as ‘helping to keep’ vermin at bay, unfortunately it has been known that a few large rats stepping onto the treadle will operate it as it only takes 300g for this to happen. If you have a rat infestation then you will need to cure this, once completed you shouldn’t have the problems you are experiencing as the treadles are good for keeping the food contained" I think the Grandpa's feeders are probably better for keeping rats out. Good luck. I feel your pain

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