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  1. OK I had a peek and then gave up and just opened up a lovely gift whilst eating a Colin the caterpillar - my favourite Earl Grey tea (Haven't tried Dorset tea yet) - a beautiful smelling heart and matching storage bag in lovely chicken print - Thank you so much they are lovely and have brightened this freezing cold - wet - June day .
  2. I haven't yet as I don't want the help of little people ....I might wait until tomorrow when I make the cake but then again maybe a little peek.......
  3. Haven't had a chance to make cake - so will have mine Tuesday - maybe we could do a cake recipe swap for August bank holiday ?? and all eat and hopefully enjoy cake on the same day x
  4. I really hope yours arrive on Monday ....if not I will wait until it does to open mine so you are not alone.
  5. So exciting my parcel has arrived - cake ingredients ready and only 2 sleeps .....
  6. I will have to make cake sunday - as Monday is childminding straight to afterschool club 10 min gap then swim teaching ......but what cake to make and will it last to Monday !!! Maybe peach and coconut ...
  7. It is exciting like an extra birthday - perhaps I should make cake as well
  8. Exciting not long now - hope no one has been sneaking a look if their parcel has arrived.
  9. We have our Cube just butted up against our WIR - with a hole similar size to the cube door cut into the WIR the hole is framed with wood - rats find other ways into the run instead !!!
  10. I am in the southeast and mine ignore my cube and sleep outside all year
  11. I have a cube but all my hens sleep outside on a branch even in the coldest weather, one started a long time ago and then when ever I get new ones they start inside but soon end up joining my existing ones on the branch

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