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  1. It must be am awful situation for you to have such inconsiderate neighbours. I have had hens for a long time now - we do live in the country so not much nice but I childmind and used to have up to 12 children in the garden running around - my hens never seemed to care if it was noisy or quiet - when neighbours landscaped there garden - again no problem. In the next week or so we are having our patio and path taken up so again lots of noise - I will let you know if that makes any difference. The rented field sounds lovely but you might be escaping the noise and then running fox attacks again.
  2. I had mine yesterday and my arm hurts and I ache but its OK.
  3. Hello, When my parents died I inherited their budgies - I have 2 left (I think there was 6 originally ) they have happily lived in the same outside aviary (approx 3 m x 1.5m) ever since they are now at least 12 years old- which I believe is a good age for a budgie. They used to have access to a caged area in a shed but they never used it so they survive in the aviary. Due to garden plans they need to be moved - the aviary is collapsing so new accommodation is required - I could buy a cage and bring them in but feel this would be the worst option as they have never been in. I have a well built lean too that could be converted into an aviary and they would actually have more space and then I would be very tempted to get 2 more young ones. However, a relative of mine bought 6 budgies last year and 4 died within months on the same night and they were convinced it was because the weather got cold. Have I just got tough little budgies that were bred outside and just got used to it or can budgies survive outside -especially if I build in a sheltered wind proof area - I live in the southeast of england so not as cold as some places.? Would introducing 2 young ones to older ones be a problem (the old ones are both boys) Also any tips on catching elderly budgies so that I can move them would be appreciated. Thank you Helen
  4. Do you know anyone local with chickens ?? - we rescued 4 from a lady down the road when she moved.
  5. Hope your feeling better today x
  6. If I am reading this correctly https://www.gov.uk/guidance/avian-influenza-bird-flu#latest-situation the hens can all have freedom from the 31st March...
  7. I just went into the woods at the end of my garden and used 2 branches - my hens all sleep out on these
  8. We move our GO in and out of our WIR as needed without dismantling but it depends on door size - the guinea pigs use it in the summer but if we ever need to isolate any hens its taken back in - its light and easy to manoeuvre but this is just the Go and not go up .
  9. I prefer Aubiose but really struggle to get hold of it - so I end up using Easichick - I use both of these for my guinea pigs as well but my favourite for the hens is Dengie chicken bedding (when I can find it ).
  10. Thank you - I think I have read everything I can find 😀 - it is an amazing opportunity - application sent - just a waiting game now to see what happens
  11. Yes - that is the one - it looks amazing on the website but just wondered if anyone had any experience - they have just started an elite girls rugby route and my daughter has applied - there are 2000 pupils in their 6th form - which is about the number of people who live in the village we live.
  12. Thank you I have really enjoyed making them - the chicken was going to be part of my Easter Swap.
  13. Morning, I know my omlet friends live all over the place so wondered if anyone has any experience with Henley College - my daughter who is 16 may have the opportunity to do her A levels there under the rugby elite scheme but she would have to board there and return home for weekends. Not sure as a Mum I am ready for her to go but this is an amazing opportunity and wondered if any of you have any negative or positive thoughts on Henley ?? Thank you
  14. I bought a new sewing machine at the start of the year after getting my Mums ancient one working in the first lockdown and I have loved making these - the chicken holds an easter egg - both were made from pictures off the internet - so I was so happy that they actually stood up as I had to draw my own pattern.

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