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  1. The only time I had this was when I had hens who associated me with treats at the time it was meal worm - I stopped the meal worm for a while and they behaved ...never had the problem again with other hens so no idea why ...I had 3 of them all going crazy at me !!!
  2. My go has been on grass and mud for years and is fine so I am sure that will be fine.
  3. We normally sleep through it but this year we have been invited to friends for a small gathering - I don't really drink but it will be nice to see people and play a few games, that is if everyones lateral flows are all negative on the day. We didn't have many fireworks in November so hoping the same at New Year but with the dog being so old he has gone deaf it does make it easier.
  4. Merry Christmas everyone - I have a lovely detailed picture to hang up with 2 very cute love birds on, coffee and chocolates and the 3 wise hens card really made me smile. Thank you so much - I love the Christmas Swap
  5. I was just looking at traditions then come across this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tió_de_Nadal With the translation of the song I can see why its not sang in primary schools here 🤣 Just making our gingerbread house another tradition started for the children but I now do - they still ask for it and we all eat it after Christmas dinner rather than pudding - then just stays on the table and gets eaten as people pass by.
  6. The elf on the shelf came from america I think - it has been popular here for a few years - he arrives on 1st December and seems to bring gifts every year - then every day he gets up to mischief, he then disappears christmas eve often leaving more gifts - I have never liked it and when I used to childmind I would say I don't have naughty things in my house and the dog would eat him - this year at the after school club I had one child so upset as everyone talked about their gifts and what the elf had done as his elf hadn't arrived - I just explained to him the elf was watching behaviour of children and reporting to santa and he was so good he didn't need an elf. Also I feel that Santa should only ever leave a small gift - I had one child tell me Santa was leaving him a ipad whilst he parents bought him a playstation !!!! But I will stop complaining only 1 sleep and we will be opening our Secret Omlet Gifts and I can't wait to see everyones.. Merry Christmas Everyone
  7. I have learnt something new I thought Santa and Sinterklaas were the same ...My daughter and I used to always do a puzzle over Christmas this year she hasn't helped yet.
  8. I was just reading European traditions around the world and wondered if they still occur or have been over taken by something else - I know my OMLET friends are all over the place so what traditions happen in your country or family ?? Here in Kent advent all seems to be about the naughty elf - which I hate and told the children I look after he doesn't come here as Cody my dog would eat him along with the tooth fairy -mince pies and carrots are still left for Santa - my children used to love attending the local church for Christmas Eve where all the children who attended got involved with acting out the nativity - it was lovely as it really didn't matter if you had 10 Mary and Josephs and 1 Shepherd- but COVID has shut that down this year again. When my 2 were younger I would only let them open 1 present an hour - they would then play with that one and guess the next as they are now teenagers I am not even sure they will get out of bed !!! My brother whose wife is Czech always has fish and the presents on Christmas eve but his wife buys now, her family still have it swimming in the bath tub ready to eat Christmas eve. Of course the OMLET craft swap is becoming a lovely tradition ....
  9. HarrisonFamily

    Meet Flo

    She is so cute - Love the pooh and tigger window decorations as well.
  10. My Parcel has arrived - just need to get the tree up quick to put it under 🙂
  11. Back to Christmas films - I had completely forgotten this one and remember it being a great film so am going to hopefully find it somewhere - Jack Frost..
  12. Love the cookoo clock one - brought a tear to my eye !!!
  13. I love that as well reminds me of the Herbie films which were my favourite as a child...
  14. Hamster and Hyena are lovely - and gone up to top of my list for this year.

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