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  1. So sorry to hear that xx
  2. Poor Hilda - How is she this morning ? - Good luck in finding a vet that knows about chickens .
  3. When I have thrown in parts of a squash before they eat the seeds and fleshy bits but leave the skin - try them and see...
  4. Really looking forward to more pictures - they are so cute
  5. My chickens have a lovely cube to sleep in but - out of 5 only one or two sleep in there occasionally- more often they perch on the branches out in their WIR - I also have 2 - 12 year old budgies and they are tiny but sleep outside all the time so I am sure yours will be fine.
  6. We used a childs small space hopper - with the handles it was easy to push in and pull out and you could easily deflate \inflate to size.
  7. Thank you for the advice I think I know where a local sewing shop is - they may recommend a museum but at least it will save the fear of when the peddle gets stuck and the machine runs at top speed - first time it happened I jumped up in panic it was like a horror film with the machine chasing me round the kitchen 😂
  8. During one of the lockdowns I managed to get my Mum's old sewing machine working (I think its a brother no idea what model but weighs loads and must be at least 40 years old it is electric ) I made some facemasks and even took up some curtains and they were almost level - sometimes the pedal gets stuck and the machine runs at tops speed and you have to stamp on the pedal or take the plug out quick - quite scary 😂 I was thinking of taking an online course this lockdown and I noticed a sewing one which is suppose to be OK for all sewing machines - Has anyone tried an online sewing course ? do you think its worth upgrading my machine (I don't really want too as it so old ) or do they do such a thing as a service on a sewing machine ?? You never know if I get to grips with a sewing machine it may help my Easter Craft Swap !! Thank you - as you can tell I have no idea and only remember using a sewing machine at school once or twice. Helen
  9. My poor daughter was so stressed last night - trying to work out if her GCSE are cancelled as she had her last day at that school and not even realised - some 6th forms have offered places out some haven't started the application process and of course you can't visit any - just online tours - no wonder she just wants to retire !! - My son hasn't left his room and I can't do anything to help - Right thing to do but more answers about exams would be appreciated very soon.
  10. Interesting - I didn't realise we were the highest ...its time to shut down...- I think we need an OMLET news forum !!!
  11. I find the fact our news in the UK is censored really scary - I hadn't really thought about it before and like many just accepted the BBC as news ...
  12. I have two teenagers - years 10 and 11 - my daughter is so stressed with the thought of GCSE and the unknown - my son is so social and so down at not seeing people - he is so angry at times - I am so glad for phones and internet games at least he is talking to someone - they are both scared about bringing the virus home to us. My daughter wasn't that concerned until before Christmas when 30 children from her year all went down the virus in a 2 week period, my son has always been fearful and then one of his teachers ended up in intensive care and over Christmas a caretaker from a local school died after catching the virus at school he was under 40 and no under lying conditions. I think its time to cancel exams and shut down - shame we can't all hibernate and wake up in Spring
  13. They are lovely - I have always wanted blue eggs ....maybe after lockdown new hens will be required to celebrate
  14. Thank you so much to my secret Santa - my scarf is so beautiful - I cannot describe it and the photo doesn't do it justice -everything was so beautifully wrapped - Cody would also like to thank you for his present and it was so thoughtful to add his presents and the Christmas treat - Thank you again I absolutely love it. Merry Cjristmas Everyone xxxxxxxx
  15. A few years ago my husband was so excited about the present he had bought me (we don't normally bother and only get token presents) - he made the children wait as I opened this present - so very excitedly I opened it - a box of nutty breakfast cereal !!! he was still so excited - i am looking at it confused - "You used to eat it everyday when we first met - you loved it " - Me - "I don't like nuts and would never eat nutty breakfast cereal " Husband - "If it wasn't you who was it ???"" He then spent most of Christmas day trying to work out what ex it was - we had been married 10 years at the time - Luckily I found it really funny and it is the joke of every Christmas day since. The following year I received a washing basket 😂😂

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