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  1. They will sleep wherever they like - I used to try blocking off the entrance to the nesting box in the evening with a space hopper that fitted the gap but I gave up and sometimes they sleep in there, sometimes on the roosting bars but most the time outside on a branch in the WIR - so now I have a lovely cube that is used once a day to lay an egg !!!
  2. In my Christmas decorations I have kept cards my parents gave each other and the last ones they sent me, also ones from my Nan and Aunt - its lovely each year when I put the decorations up just to spend that little time with them and just look at the hand writing and words - MoonPig Cards and email ones are not the same !!!
  3. My friend just made lovely bunting using her old cards she had saved.......just in case you don't want to completely declutter
  4. That looks lovely and I had to look up what speculass was as I had no idea....
  5. I made Granny Boyds biscuits very nice and already disappearing ....haven't got the chocolate for the brownies yet
  6. I have also opened mine ready to try - lovely biscuits and brownies all written out so lovely - I can't wait to try and eat both just may have to wait a few days as everything is crazy here as my 16 year old leaves home to go to College and whilst studying is part of the elite rugby squad so also getting trained in all things rugby - I am just not ready for my little ones big adventure to start but the brownies may help - Thank you
  7. Mine has arrived .....am I suppose to be waiting until Monday to open ???
  8. I have had a go for 10 years - we upgraded after a year or two to a cube but the go has been in the garden the whole time - it has been used for introductions - sick chickens etc and every summer as a home for the guinea pigs - some of the plastic is brittle but considering it is pulled around the garden on the hunt for grass for the piggies it has survived really well. Its also easy to clean and light enough to move.
  9. I haven't even decided what recipe to go with yet !!!!
  10. Could today be the day the parcel arrives - I am as excited to find out what is in it as my own parcel 😂
  11. OK I had a peek and then gave up and just opened up a lovely gift whilst eating a Colin the caterpillar - my favourite Earl Grey tea (Haven't tried Dorset tea yet) - a beautiful smelling heart and matching storage bag in lovely chicken print - Thank you so much they are lovely and have brightened this freezing cold - wet - June day .
  12. I haven't yet as I don't want the help of little people ....I might wait until tomorrow when I make the cake but then again maybe a little peek.......

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