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  1. HarrisonFamily

    How to make budgies take bath

    We have 2 budgies that are at least 10 years old and they have never had a bath either ..They are outside in an aviary so probably have a shower occasionally !!!
  2. HarrisonFamily

    Water softeners, what's your experience?

    We had a water softener for about 8 years (big salt blocks) - we all drank it no problems and were advised only not to use for making up baby bottles...really helped with my sons eczema - in fact we knew when to change the blocks as his eczema would flare up....unfortunately, it has now broken and never got round to replacing. Definitely easier to keep things clean when it worked and used a lot less shampoo- again live in Kent with really hard water xx
  3. HarrisonFamily

    The Recipe Thread

    Here is one of my favourite easy Vegan recipes --Sweet potato & black bean quinoa chilli - just chop everything and throw in the slow cooker 1 Large sweet Potato, 1 red onion, 3 garlic gloves, 1 red pepper, 1 can black beans, 2 tbsp tomato puree, 1 tin tomatoes, 1/2 cup quinoa, 1 1/2 tbsp of chilli powder, 2tsp cumin, 2tsp paprika, 1tsp coriander This was my first every vegetarian meal I tried - and loved it.
  4. HarrisonFamily

    Japanese Space Toilets

    I cannot use a public toilet where you cannot reach the door to slam it shut - it doesn't matter if it has a lock I hate the thought of someone walking in ....I read a very bizarre thread on mumsnet years ago about people who couldn't use any toliet unless they were naked which was very entertaining reading !!!
  5. HarrisonFamily

    Daftest pet name?

    I had a friend who had a cat called "Dog" and a dog called "Cat" 🤣....I love giving the animals long names - we have a guinea pig called Galadriel and a hen called Hermoine - I just love hearing the 2 year olds I look after trying to say the names....
  6. HarrisonFamily

    Desperately Seeking Trousers!

    I always end up getting my jeans/trousers from charity shops there always seems to loads from different shops - so I get all the styles/ brands in one place as I hate shopping !!
  7. HarrisonFamily

    Dental Implants

    Thank you for the replies ....they are planning on removing teeth, putting some temporary ones in ..leaving and putting more in after 6 months ... I think we are going to look at a few places over here but the thought of it makes me feel ill....I blame years of him living on pepsi and coke before I met him !!!!!
  8. HarrisonFamily

    Dental Implants

    Hi I haven't posted for a while but have always found you lovely Omlet people so helpful for all matters and not just chickens... My husband (nearly 50) has been told that he has to lose 8 teeth and either have dentures or implants... For Implants he has been quoted £14000 ....we don't know anyone who has had implants and struggling to find reviews apart from all the actual dentists site ...can anyone offer any wise advice... Also we stumbled across a website saying in budapest the price is signifucantally cheaper and te gurantee 15 years longer so if anyone has flown out there to have implants we would love to know what you think, Thank you and hope you are all well Helen
  9. HarrisonFamily

    Online wiils

    Hi - we needed a will in place quickly - so for now we used an online company that phone you up go through everything and then set it up ....unfortunately, I was very disappointed as the advice was valid advice, recommending additional things such as power of attorney etc , but ended up more like a sales call (Luckily I am quite good at saying no or it would have been very expensive !! )- the end result was I have created my will quickly as required and not that expensive but when time allows will visit a solicitor and ensure everything is in place correctly
  10. HarrisonFamily


    Please let me know what you think ? - I have heard great things but do idea what it is and never had time to do a course ...If my phone lets me I will install the app and have a go over Easter.
  11. HarrisonFamily

    Unexpected advantage of the Rocky Peck toy

    The first morning they were quiet I was scared to look in the WIR as I thought a fox must be the only reason they were quiet - its worked for 2 weeks so far ...worth every penny !!!
  12. I bought the rocky peck toy to help with the integration of 3 new girls with my one remaining rescue girl - it worked as a great distraction. Normally when I take the food in at night I get woken as the sun rises by the girls complaining at having no breakfast... After leaving rocky full of food it keeps the girls busy until I want to get out of bed ....which makes me and my neighbours happy.....just hoping it continues .
  13. HarrisonFamily

    Children standing in Shopping Trolleys

    I completely agree - I childmind and I can quite often take three 3 year olds and a 2 year old to the super market - they all walk, they take it in turns to put things in the trolley, find numbers and if the aisle is empty we occasionally run to the end ...if its not too busy they even take turns to scan items at the self check out - they love it and are then rewarded with cake in the cafe - again they all sit nicely, say thank you for the cakes to the cafe workers... I would never dream of doing it when supermarket is really busy or for a full shop but they love it. It is dangerous and have read of parents trying to sue supermarkets when their child has fallen out I am sure supermarkets have tried to stop it but also sure staff are abused for asking... Parents are scared to say NO...Schools don't stand a chance ....but I won't start ranting about that !!!!
  14. HarrisonFamily

    claustrophobic Hen

    No she has never gone in the cube even before the one went broody...guess she just loves her freedom too much and likes being out. Thank you I will leave her where she is happy.
  15. HarrisonFamily

    claustrophobic Hen

    Hi, I got 3 ex bats earlier this year t o go along with my old 2 existing girls - both the old girls died over the summer. At the moment 1 girl -Anastasia - is broody and will return to the cube and nest box at ever opportunity, 1 girl - Annabelle -goes in at night and out in the morning And Annabeth perches every night on a branch in the run - even in the wind and the rain she prefers to go out side - we have lifted several times in the dark and placed her in the cube and she staggers out and returns to her perch, we even shut the door once and the next morning she rushed out to the branch... I have only ever received 2 eggs a day - down to one now - I am guessing the broody one has stopped laying and one has never laid.... Would you just leave her ? - she just seems happier outside. Thanks Helen