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  1. I leave the door open at all times as long as the run is secure.
  2. I had 3 in my go quite happily but also provided the zippi shelter outside (its much better than similar ones I have bought elsewhere) and a raised wooden small hedgehog house in the run full of straw so they had a choice to sleep together or go elsewhere - I did house them inside the shed in a C&C cage for the winter as the rain used to blow through the doorway and the run end up like a mudbath.
  3. Last summer he was in the GO everychance he got obviously as he has grown he needed an upgrade 🤣
  4. Everytime I let the chickens out to freerange I turn round and find the 4 year old child I look after has gone through the WIR up the ladder and happily hiding in the cube. He is autsitic and loves it in there getting him out not so easy !!!
  5. It could be worth trying a RAW diet suppose to reduce and firm up poo's - works wonders for my dog for years.
  6. Sadly I think it will - they still found cases in suffolk on 30th march and birds were destroyed....unfortunately, I think the time they are locked in wills soon exceed the time they are allowed out.
  7. As they are still finding cases and putting in local restrictions I am assuming they aren't going to lift this for a while yet...
  8. HarrisonFamily

    Meet Flo

    I am not a cat person normally but she really is so cute...
  9. I think you have the answer already steam clean your sinuses - bowl of hot water and towel over your head and breathe it all in
  10. So far it has been brilliant - wish I had bought one years ago !!!
  11. Thank you I bouight one and I am using auboise to create a slope -at the moment I just have a cardboard box protecting the eggs which is working - it was worth the £12 as it stops the frustration of the hens eating the egg before I get there !!
  12. We feed our 13 year old rescue a raw diet and have for years - we use Natures Menu and best bit is less poo and its solid. He would actually eat anything so its hard to say how much he enjoys it but a raw diet is worth investigating.
  13. Hi - one of my old girls has actually started laying and its a race against the other girls to get the egg first - does this still work for you ??

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