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  1. Only thing to add is that as you have a secure run, there's no need to shut them in the Eglu at all. I have a Classic and the door stays open all the time (even in winter) so that they can come and go as they like. Silly beggars often sleep on the perches in the run rather than in the Eglu anyway!
  2. Sorry to extend the question. But, do you need to have clipped your girls wings to make this effective? I'm thinking of getting some and allowing them out of the WIR for the first time - but am nervous about escapees!
  3. Less one but add 4 more. No 'Morehens' here obviously!
  4. Could it be feather plucking / eating? Mine often look quite bare underneath and around their necks - and every so often I catch them plucking each other.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions Guys. I will let you know how I get on! Steve
  6. Hi there. I recently lost one of my girls - she suffered complications whilst laying which caused lots of blood. And then one of the other girls got involved. So I'm not sure what actually finished her off. Anyway, at the same time, the egg she was laying got broken, and I guess some got eaten. Since then, I am constantly finding broken & empty shells and no complete eggs - eating the egg seems to have become a habit. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to stop this - I have tried to remove eggs promptly but never manage to time it quite right. Do I need to resort to seperating my remaining 2 girls? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I use a Fat Ball bird feeder - just put veg into it and hang it up. They particularly like lettuce, I've found.
  8. Hi there. I've used bumper bits a couple of times and found them to be OK. You have to be really careful to get them on correctly or the girls will just brush them off again. There is no problem with eating or drinking, although there may be more 'spillage' as they get used to having different shaped beaks. The girls very quickly get used to them and soon realise that using them like a mini shovel doesn't work that well! Of course, the whole idea is to make it more difficult to pluck feathers from the other girls - in this respect I had mixed results - there was certainly less feather plucking but the culprits were still able to get some, some of the time - I'm not sure how!
  9. I would try a couple of bumpa bits on the offending girls - this will take the sting out of any attack and may lead to them not bothering as they don't get the results they expect. I have one of my girls with a bumpa bit as she was de-feathering all the others. She still tries to have the occasional go, but doesnt get anywhere - I'm hoping she will lose interest entirely by the time the bit falls off. In the meantime, there are absolutely no problems with feeding / drinking whilst fitted with the bumpa bit. So it might be worth a try to at least give your Lottie a reprieve. Hope this helps.
  10. Hi there! If you put some aubiose (or similar) into the poo tray then it will absorb some of the moisture and reduce odour - then you should be able to clean it out less frequently. I have 4 girls in an Eglu and generally aim to clean out twice a week - but it can go a whole week without too much concern. Hope that helps!
  11. Thanks for the advice. I'll leave her be until it falls off - it doesn't seem to be bothering her anyway. I felt I had to resort to the Bumpa Bit as she'd managed to draw blood from one of the other girls - and we can't be having that.
  12. I've just had to resort to a Bumpa Bit on one of my girls. She's been feather pulling (and eating) so all the other girls have bare bums and rather sp"Ooops, word censored!" tails. How long should I leave the Bumpa Bit on her? And is this a short term preventative or will it change her behaviour? Any help gratefully received!
  13. West Midlands Game Fair - what's that and where is it? I live in the WM and have never heard of it!
  14. Can anyone recommend a good webcam for chicken watching? Something wireless with a good range would suit me!

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