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  1. Thank you guys for your comments. Our girls have a HUGE predator safe walk in run (designed after seeing some of yours) and access to two Go's. I want a Cube, but as there aren't any used in the US it's about $1200. That's a lot when we're coming up on growing season. Perhaps, if the girls want to sleep in one GO, being winter, I should just leave the door open and let them sleep where they want to sleep. Perhaps I can create roosts in their run for summer and maybe train them to sleep outside. For seven months they separated at night. I don't know what changed.
  2. We currently have six girls and two Eglu Go houses. We would like to merge the girls into one home and didn't want to have to give up our Eglus. How many girls live in your Eglu Cubes? I know the site says up to 10, but that might be a lot for full size hens. I'd love to hear some owner input. Sometimes our girls are trying to all go in one Go. Six girls in a Go is NOT happening. Ha ha. Oh, and the run is of no importance as I have a 9'x12' walk in run and a 25'x 30' area the girls can also roam when we're home.
  3. Gosh, thank you so much for taking the time to write. I'm printing this so I can read it in the morning over coffee (I get blinder at night). I will definitely look for a bee keeping club because I didn't even think of that. I'm also glad to learn snow isn't a big deal. We've had 17 degrees f but that is rare. More often we are high 20's to low 30's and snow is never more than a few feet at a time.
  4. That is seriously my question! Every time I go looking for more information about bee keeping I feel a bit overwhelmed. It seemed a far less serious leap to get chickens. I have wanted the Eglu Beehaus since I saw it, but I feel like owning bees is crazy time consuming. I live on a small lot in a rural community, but I have neighbors. Our lots is maybe 7000 square feet. I have an area behind our studio (like a big shed) where I plan to have a larger expanded vegetable garden. I figured on putting the hive near the fence back there, situated partially under a plum tree. The hive wouldn't face any houses. How well have those of you done with small lots and hives? How well do the hives do in winter with snow? I live in the California mountains and we get snow a few times each winter. I'd say we never have more than 5'. I wish I lived in the UK where I could take a bee keeping course. I'm having a hard time finding a bee keeping course around here.
  5. Thank you for responding Olly. She seems a little better today so perhaps she had heat stroke. She is 27 weeks, no egg yesterday or so far today. I did find one shell less egg when I cleaned the coop, but I can't guarantee it was her. Her vent is clean, no runny nose and today she is feisty again but I'll be more content and less worried if she lays an egg.
  6. Aww, how fun! Soon they'll start jumping up on your lap. So cute, post pics.
  7. I'm very sad tonight. My lead chicken Mabel, a Delaware, is sick. I noticed when I went out to offer snacks that she didn't bum rush everyone and peck the babies to get some. She stayed under the porch, almost falling asleep on her feet. She was all puffed out and wings were droopy. I picked up and and held her and she fell asleep on my lap. This chicken is usually mean and never lets me hold her. She then jumped down and drank a little, went into the coop and roosted then came back out and drank more. I have no idea what is wrong so she's segregated. Any ideas?
  8. All I can say is that there was a heck of a lot of squawking and pecking me (the older gals) when I had to remove the youngins a few nights. Ha ha. It was worth it though because hubby did an awesome job and I love the setup. Thanks guys!
  9. So, we are the proud owners of two Eglu Go houses and we were worried because all six girls decided to sleep in one house. Well, I separated them into their houses (3 each house) each night that they integrated and now they go to bed in their proper houses. This makes me SO happy as DH wasn't going to spring for a cube having just purchased both Gos as well as building me the WIR. I would have had to wait. So, now I don't need to worry. The run is complete, the girls are bunking in both houses and all is right in chicken world. Interior of the run with two cutouts for the coops by Raven Wren Designs, on Flickr The run by Raven Wren Designs, on Flickr
  10. You won't regret it! Hooray for a new Eglu owner. Make sure to share pictures with us of your setup!
  11. Can anyone tell me the interior measurements of the roosting area of the cube not counting the nesting boxes? I want to see the square footage and compare it. Thanks!
  12. The cube would send my husband over the edge at this point. There aren't second hand cubes over here, especially not in my state. They just aren't used as much here....yet. So, I'd need to save $1200 and since we just built the run and bought two Gos I think my husband needs a break from my "I want..." hahaha. I'll have to let them sort things out for now. Maybe they'll realize I want them separate if I keep separating them. Surprisingly though, they do fit with room to spare. Go figure.
  13. All my girls want to go in the one house. They are a huge age difference but getting along. Hopefully they'll work things out because they can't sleep six in one house. Ugh chickens.
  14. This isn't nuts at all! We're actually going to be adding these to the inside of our walk in run soon. Right now we have a tarp, but we'd like independent shades for each section. The run by Raven Wren Designs, on Flickr

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