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  1. Hi Tara Check out our Omlet US forum & read about Brad's experience introducing day-olds to his very broody hen, Coachie. Might be an alternative you want to consider.
  2. Glad you are getting your own chair, Helen - they are great aren't they. It is strange how differently people react to a chair. When I first got one, I felt like you - thrilled with the freedom it gave me to live my life. I remember hauling it out of the boot that first day & then whizzing across the parking lot to the grocery store, cackling gleefully like a maniac! Whheeeee!!!!! My husband finds it quite difficult to accept a wheelchair - I think for him, it is more a symbol of what has been lost - without the experience of relief & giddy freedom that it provides for me, to temper his perception. Get yourself some fingerless bike gloves - they have padding in the palms- invest in the best quality seat cushion you can afford & have fun! WHHEEEEE!!!!!!
  3. I hope this helps. But please do not hesitate to email me directly - james@omlet.co.uk if this does not work, Yours, James Thanks for the instructions, James. Still no joy with the link you provided. I shall have to wait for his lordship to get home from work before trying the 'flushing' thing. I'll let you know if it works or not. (Now, can I hold on forum-less until 7-o-clock? )
  4. US forum still down- aarrghh The thing is, we are a small community, & it has taken us quite a while to stimulate the forum into a lively discussion hub. A long hiatus could kill it dead. In the US we face unique challenges in raising chickens - extremes of climate that are hard to appreciate when you live in the temperate climate of the UK. While the UK forum remains a source of friendly advice, there are areas of expertise we have garnered, on our little US forum site, that are invaluable. What am I going to do without doctormom when I need her veterinary experience? How are Annabelle & Missalee coping in Colorado, with the new chicken? How is LindaN doing in her epic battle against the Chicago city chicken-ban ordinance? If any of you moderators (especially those looking after our US site) have any pull with Omlet . . . . . .PLEASE MISSUS, CAN WE HAVE OUR FORUM BACK!
  5. well that was my first thought too, chookie!
  6. Your (little) sister forum in the US has been inaccessible for the last few days. Anyone have any info?
  7. (coughs) hh-hem glad you had a lovely time.
  8. If I didnt have chickens. . . . . .I wouldnt have to check the bottom of my work shoes for dried-on crusty poos when I clock-on for my shift (NOT that I have ever had to do a swift,surreptitious, kick of the offending item, under the X-ray table, as I bring a patient into the room, you understand! THAT would NEVER happen! ) (radiologist walks into empty room later - sees me on my knees with a flashlight searching under table "did you lose your marker?" "err, yes, my marker!" (fishes in scrub pocket for marker) "oh good, here it is!" )
  9. Now that is interesting. . . I used to spend the summer at my Nana's seaside home as a girl - and my ecsema would improve dramatically - until I returned to dirty old London . . . so sea salt products,hmm.
  10. Sorry about the MS diagnosis. I have been diagnosed for almost 6 yrs now - doing better with Tysabri. Encourage him to make contact with his local MS society, even if only online - and then get out of the advice business and just be his sister. A diagnosis like this seems to inevitably inspire an overwhelming tide of well-meaning, but under-informed, urgently profferred 'miracle-cures'. This is a journey he needs to take himself - my experience is that the 'helpful' advice acts more like a roadblock. If he has confidence in his neurologist (I am sure he is smart enough to determine if it is a good dr-pt fit) & has access to current, proven, reliable information from a trusted source - he will work out his own path to accommodating this diagnosis. Expect him to do all kinds of u-turns & re-appraisals of how to live with MS & do what you can to listen & support him in whatever current approach works for him. It is exhausting enough to deal with this wretched disease every day, without having to feel it necessary to defend your current approach to family & friends. He will find links to many sources of support online if he wishes, for example http://www.mssociety.org.uk/ For what it is worth, I continue to work in radiology, since my diagnosis (6yrs) & in close conjunction with one of our radiologists - diagnosed almost 20 yrs.
  11. My dear little niece died in Sheffield Childrens Hospital last June. First symptoms to irretrievable coma was less than 6 hours. Please, if you have children, please, check out the recommendations for available immunisations at http://www.meningitis-trust.org/ Please. Please. The website also has link to info for teachers & parents - perhaps this may be of help in your situation. I can highly reccommend the helpline. I sat & cried on the phone to the most well-informed and sympathetic volunteer - completely unfazed that I was calling from the US It helped. We can all be a stand against meningitis. What it takes is concerted public efforts for vigilence & to maximize protection for our children.
  12. love it! In the same vein. . . . How many menopausal women does it take to change a lightbulb? 8. huh? It just does,OK!!!!
  13. It makes me sigh England truly is such a green & fertile land, you can grow almost anything - especially if you have a greenhouse. Here it is high mountain desert & a struggle to keep my flowers from frying to a crisp in the summer or irretrievably frozen in the winter I avoid Gardeners Question Time
  14. dunno anything about 'internet radio'? I listen to Radio 4 online lots - just with the laptop & regular broad band connection. Ours is the wireless thingy so I can cart the laptop around the house while I do the housework - 'The Archers' are helping load the dishwasher at the moment! Seems very deja vu to me, I remember carting a big radio around the house in England - vacuum valves and all -to distract me from the washing-up! Plus ca change. . .

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