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  1. That's so sad but what a lovely thought by the vet. Luckily I have a great vet as well. When I had my little bantam pts at 13 years old last year they sent me a locket with some of her feathers in it,it quite choked me. I do hope you get a few more,the garden is so quiet without them.
  2. After 18 months and being 9 years old my little Pekin, Bisto, laid a lovely little egg today!!
  3. Hello everyone, I don't often post on here or any where to be honest but I need some advice. I have three elderly bantams,one is 12 and the other two are about 8. None have laid this year but I had a few last year. I have noticed that they are not eating as well as they have done,is this due to them not using energy in making eggs and should I change them on to a different type of food other than layers? Thank you for your help
  4. Thank you both for your replies, given me food for thought !
  5. I am hoping to get two more girls to join my four ageing bantams..two Pekins and two Wyandottes.I would like larger birds,mainly for a few eggs. I have a large WIR with a large dust bath attached at one end and a generous coop. Do Plymouth Rocks sound good? I believe they are docile and will be happy in a run. I don't want my old girls upset by new additions apart from the usual settling in period.Any suggestions welcome
  6. Don't know if anyone else has noticed a decline in the amount of food their hens are eating.Mine don't seem to be very eager to eat any thing,I have four bantams. They seem well and happy enough with no obvious problems,none are laying and all are over 7 years old with one coming up to 11. Any comments are welcome.
  7. I've got a Silver Pencilled bantam Wyandotte who is coming up to 10 years old and she is still laying fairly regularly and going broody.Thought she would be in the henopause by now !
  8. Yes on reflection the hen I am thinking of is a feisty madam that I have to approach wearing gloves because she attacks me when she is broody. Not one of my most brilliant ideas !
  9. Very interesting product,do you think it would help to cool a broody down if she were wrapped in it and held for about 30 mins ?
  10. Because she's a 'posh' bird her name is Vivienne,I also have Rosie,Flora,Bisto,Lola and Roxy.I'm interested in your theory about turmeric,keep us posted,good luck
  11. I too have a very persistent broody who is now 10 years old...thought she would be in the henopause by now! With the broodiness comes a girl who changes from a sweet natured hen to a screaming banshee on acid. I have found the best way to help her is when she is not broody is to block up the nest box at night so she can't build up a head of steam and then when she does eventually succumb, to sin bin her until the others have laid,shut up the house and let her out to mix with the others.Then sin bin her overnight up on bricks,this usually takes about 5 days.She is without doubt the mo
  12. I hope someone can help me.I have two hybrid girls who are 15 months old and I have just added two bantam Orpingtons who are 22 weeks old.I can't keep them separated as I haven't the room.During the day things are not too bad,in fact it is quite peaceful with just the odd swipe from the big girls.BUT at bedtime the two big girls really get going and won't let the two new ones inside the roosting box.They both stand on guard at the pophole and attack. Tonight I have resorted to putting the new girls in a plastic pet carrier at bedtime.What I want to know is am I going to make matters worse b
  13. I have a WIR measuring 12ft x 10ft and I have two brown hybrid hens,not sure what breed! They are VERY close and inseparable. I would like to get two more,possibly Plymouth Rocks to create a bit more balance should one of the originals die.I also have a chicken house with an attached run attached to the WIR,if this makes sense.It is supposed to hold 5/6 hens but I think this is a bit optimistic. Do you think I have enough room for two more? There is a dustbath and a silver birch ( growing through a hole in the roof ) within the run. Thanks for any comments and your help

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