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  1. We rent out our former granny annexe as a holiday let. We use Holiday Lettings (which is linked to Trip Advisor) and Owners Direct.
  2. It's slightly different - but I rent out our granny annexe as a holiday let as we don't have a granny who wants to live in it! I find that the vast majority of people leave the flat as I would expect to find it. As it is part of our home and we are around and get to chat to our guests that probably helps. We have had some lovely people stay from all over the world (and this is in under a year). Our current guests are from Germany and the next ones from Malta, the last couple were from New Zealand. I would point out that the flat is always much cleaner and tidier than the main house........ www.holidaylettings.co.uk/544924
  3. Jut did the quiz - in my half awake state with my first cup of tea as I usually do - and didn't realise that the categories had changed! So it was a bit of a shock to get a load of questions on American history!
  4. I am a huge fan. I am on my second and the relief from a lifetime of heavy periods and anaemia is wonderful. I had no issues with insertion the first time - it was done by a gynae consultant - but she said that my gp might have struggled because I have a kink (I didn't ask where....) the second time the nurse at the well woman clinic removed the original, (absolutely fine - not as bad as a smear) but because of said kink couldn't get the replacement in - which was a bit uncomfortable but I was dosed up with ibuprofen! I made an appointment to see the consultant and bingo - no problems. So if you are having it inserted and you won't know anything about then I would go for it - it is the work of moments to have it removed if you don't get on with it - and the well woman clinic will always be very sympathetic if you don't.
  5. I'm from Bromley - but now living a few miles away in Caterham.....! So a coffee could be a plan - anyone else?
  6. Spare a thought for those of us who don't get a mobile signal at home! Why I pay O2 £16.83 a month I really don't know - I can only use the mobile when I am out - and that isn't very often!
  7. I've only just seen this thread. Because of the price rises I have switched to using a courier - for £4.60 they collect a parcel weighing up to 2kg and it has trackable proof of delivery - fabulous.
  8. I would just (politely!) suggest that the potential buyer compares the measurements that you have given in the listing to the measurements of a blouse that fits them ( and retire and bite tongue).
  9. Now available in tweed - made in Scotland.....
  10. We're off for a few days R&R in Edinburgh on Monday - hoping that Sunshine on Leith will still be on when we get there!
  11. I bought a pale blue K-mix last year. So far it's been great.
  12. I always do an Ocado delivery at the beginning of each term for ES - much easier than either taking it all up in the car or slogging round the supermarket when you get there!
  13. Would your Dad have enjoyed the occasion? If so - just go for him. Hugs.
  14. I have a man trapped in my loft - he's been in there for two weeks - hoovering out nearly 100 years of dirt and replacing the insulation. I bought 21 of the huge rolls of insulation - we are down to three on the landing. Need to by some new pipe insulation to replace that chewed by mice. .....nearly there! (I do let him go home at night).
  15. I feed Garvo pellets - and use a handful of "kippensnoep" to get them back in the run in the evening.
  16. I do find that rather scary - the thieves must come from among very small group of people - those who breed and show, and recognise what makes a show bird.
  17. Cheese and Tomato. As in parsley sauce, cheese sauce and tomato sauce.
  18. I would keep a beady eye on their eBay site - just in case they happen to find another Eglu they had forgotten they had! Of course it's possible someone offered them a price to sell it outside eBay.

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