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  1. Thanks Leanne, that's what I have been doing, happy to get some reassurance. I have been very nervous about the little ones but all 5 doing well so far and they are growing very quickly!
  2. Our duck has successfully hatched 5 chicks and is being an excellent mum so far. Have got chick crumb suitable for ducklings. I have tried to feed the mummy duck layers pellets but she feeds bits to the ducklings which I understand is bad for them, so she just has access to the crumb at the moment. Is this ok, as some sources say this is no good for her. Thanks in advance for some advice
  3. Our black East Indian duck Barbara has managed to hatch 5 ducklings. We also have a couple of campbells and it looks like we have 3 campbells and 2 black East Indian ducklings. They are currently in a house separated from the other ducks and all going well so far. I have been googling bits and pieces but most of the advice relates to looking after ducklings hatched in an incubator and brooded indoors. Does anyone have any advice for this situation? In particular how old should they be when we introduce to the other ducks? I have to confess one of them escaped from there pen at 2 days old (pen now re-designed). Luckily I caught it quickly and returned to mum, but the other ducks hadn't attacked it, if anything they seemed a bit scared by it! We do have one drake, the daddy!
  4. I'm really pleased for you, hope it all goes well from now on.
  5. Hi, just to share our experience, we had a similar situation when buying our current house. We tried a different lender who's surveyor didn't pick up on it and the mortgage went through. In our case it was much further from the house, but within 7m of the boundary which is why the first lender turned it down. There was a big patch on wasteland backing on to our house, so with the landowners permission treated it ourselves with glysophate. It took 2 years and it's gone now. We burnt any stems that we had. As others have said it's in the vendors interest to help here too, so maybe there is a way if it hasn't put you off the house. Another interesting fact, it is edible, they cooked some on countryfile and ate it like rhubarb!
  6. I think we all have to try these things, but they weren't for me. Tasted ok, but the plants ran riot in the greenhouse and I'd rather use the space for cucumbers!
  7. We have 3 emden geese in with our pygmy goats. We got them as goslings and are very tame and are easily herded around. Given the chance they will come an nibble at your clothes, which I read is a sign of affection. They do need plenty of grass and can be noisy if they are disturbed or see strangers. They are lovely though and a goose egg is a thing to behold!
  8. Received some very nice & useful gifts, as usual my DH managed to buy something a bit on the naff side, this year a large plastic goose. I do laugh, as he's never sure whether I am going to love or hate his offerings. He did buy me some nice things too!
  9. Snowing heavily here in derbyshire. I am quite pleased as for once I don't need to travel anywhere and made it back from visiting my folks in yorkshire before it started. Sat by the fire gazing out at the snowy garden, lovely
  10. Yep, water bottle for the humans and glass of water for the cat here too
  11. Also looking forward to it, although will record as it runs a bit late for me and I can forward the adverts. It's another reminder that autumn and winter are in their way though!
  12. My Hubbie is Scottish and couldn't vote as lives in England ( and has done for many years ) and is very relieved at the outcome. We're visiting his dad soon, very glad we don't need to leave the uk to do so!
  13. On last weeks beechgrove garden they were sowing some peas in to a tray which slides out. As we have a vole issue these would be great for us.....does anyone know where I can buy some? I did try sowing in guttering but couldn't get the pea plants to slide out very well.
  14. I made some plum and blackberry jam. Only a few blackberries and normal sugar and it's the best jam I've ever made.
  15. So sorry to hear you didn't get it..I've been following the thread and really hoping for you, as others have said though all these things are good experience. I was between jobs for 5 months once, then got a job which was a disaster. Luckily the right one came up shortly after and I've been there since (6 years now) so in the end things do work out. Good luck for the next one x

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