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  1. That's really poor Jennifer Jane. I've been doing lots of research online and downloaded a book on eating a low g.i. Diet. I think the key is diet and exercise, no white bread or rice, no chips cake etc. Whole wheat pasta, but smaller amounts than most of are used to and lots of veg rather than anything else. Like I say, I did slimming world which I personally found pretty simple, if you followed the 'red' days on that you'd probably be doing it right. As for the Easter eggs, I reckon a small amount per day. Maybe go back to the docs and ask to be referred to a dietician? Good luck
  2. Yes, sorry the 6.8 was after the glucose intolerance test. He has been told to go back in a years time but there wasn't much in the way of advice of things to do in the meantime. The photocopied leaflet was pretty useless and I was really surprised they didn't mention losing weight.
  3. That's great space chick, it does bear out the other things I have been reading away from the NHS advice. He had 3 fasting tests one at 7.2, one at 6.8 and one at 6.4. Just done my online shop and ordered whole wheat spaghetti and lots of veg...new regime coming on
  4. I can understand reducing carbs, which is why I didn't then understand the diet sheet which said have carbs at every meal. To be fair we do eat lots of fruit & veg, we don't east fried food or takeaways (we have our own veggie garden so send to eat pretty healthily), and don't eat cakes and biscuits. I am planning on changing to wholewheat pasta and bread and try not to rely on carbs so much - I was confused about the advice to eat starchy carbs at each meal rather than having some meals based on protein & veg.
  5. My OH has been told he has 'pre-diabetes'. He's in his late 50's, he's probably about a stone overweight if you go on the BMI measure, but by no means obese. He had an appointment with the nurse yesterday which by all accounts wasn't much help. She asked him what he typically ate - said it 'all sounded ok' - maybe too much pasta and handed him a photocopied general diet sheet which said carbs should make up a 3rd of your plate at each meal! They didn't weigh him, or suggest that he needed to lose weight so it's all a bit unclear. I am keen to help with changing whatever we need to, I lost a couple of stones on Slimming World and have kept it off so I know what can be done. I have been trying to research what he should do but there's a lot of conflicting advice. At this stage should be just be trying to lose the excess weight or something else? Does anyone have advice?
  6. I'm not sure about mammon, I was't gripped by it. Loved Borgen, The Bridge and the Killing though.
  7. We've quite a bit of patio and a gravel drive so last year bought a weed wand for about £20 I think. It was quite successful, but it's a bit flimsy and the DH has broken it (he actually broke 2 but one was replaced). He's now looking at some beast of a thing on a trolley which is over £100. I think he won't end up using it because it will be too much hassle. Does anyone have any recommendations for a mid price wand style one? Ps. Don't want to use chemical weed killer.
  8. We had the same with our rescue cat and it turned out to be an allergy, after several months of trying feliway and pet rescue remedy. She was put on steroids which cleared it up, vet suggested it was flea bite allergy however she gets advocate flea treatment monthly on vets advice...but jury is still out as if am waiting to see if she gets the same issue at the same time of year again as I think it may be pollen or some such. She is fully furred at the minute!
  9. We started with daisy, maisie and Dora, followed by female characters from the west wing. Now we're onto letters of the alphabet, next girls might be dotty and deidrie.
  10. Yep, potatoes have arrived so they are chitting. Have sown chillies and toms indoors as I waited last year due to the cold spring but didn't do as well as in previous years. Have also started some broad beans in an unhedged greenhouse ready for planting out in a couple of weeks when I will sow the rest. I do love this time of year when the days are getting longer and I can be sowing seeds!
  11. I agree! Even woodchip on concrete got a bit soggy but it has dried out really well when we get a dry moment.
  12. Yes, also enjoyed salamander when I didn't expect to. Still prefer the bridge though.
  13. Dry in Derbyshire at the moment, so much lighter this morning too.
  14. Me and the oh really like to too, even though I am not at all maternal, My kids have hooves! It suits a chilly Sunday night for snuggling down and watching tv.
  15. Also in the East Midlands! Really fed up with the rain, although grateful we're not in Somerset or the other flooded places. Snow forecast for tonight though.
  16. I'd settle for a dry sunny day at the moment
  17. I had this after we'd had some kind of update, I think it was to do with a privacy button.

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