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  1. Thanks all, will be keeping an eye on her
  2. CJ has developed a limp in the last couple of days (rescued saturday) checkedvfor bumble foot, but can't see any swelling. She's eating and drinking, so should I assume is just a sprain? Has this happened to anyone else with new ex batts? The are on ex batts layers mash, poultry spice and crushed egg shells.
  3. We bought the standard run, then bought the extension 2 days later! I don't think you would have any issued moving it
  4. Hi, sorry I am repeating a question - see advice please pecked combs on the main chicken forum, but no answers yet and I'm anxious. One of my new ex batts has been pecking the combs of the other 2, and they were bloody and scratched. Can I use purple spray on their combs?, So far have just used vaseline to try and stop them getting a hold. I have also seperated the bully today, I wasn't sure about this as I think yesterday was my fault as there weren't enough feeding areas. One of the bullied ones is looking particularly pathetic so I am hoping a day without being bullied will help.
  5. We grow our own beetroot and the girls love eating the leaves!
  6. After a good start with the 3 new girls one of them has been pecking the other 2's combs (all 3 ex batts). I think I am to blame as only left one small dish of food and the grub, which they don't seem to be getting on with! Donna and CJ had scratched and bloody combs when i got home from work. Managed to rig up a temp division in the run to separate them during the day, and only let the bully in to the house at bedtime. Have also prepared more feeding stations for tomorrow! I put Vaseline on the combs to stop the bully grabbing hold (read this somewhere). I do have some purple spray, should i use this on a comb? Also, should I separate the bully at this early stage (collected them sat). Its our second lot of ex batts but didn't have this issue last time.
  7. Hopefully everyone won't think I am completely crackers, but collected our new ex batts today, they are in a separate house and run, but from the moment they arrived the existing hens have been beside themselves! They have been walking up and down making a noise like seagulls! I gave them plenty of treats, but it seems like they are jealous! Is this normal when integrating new hens, and will they get over it?.
  8. Only sturdy bushes seem to survive, looking to buy some more shrubby things to replace those which have been dug up! They seem to leave the woody herbs alone too!
  9. We started with 3, sadly one died (wee Maisie) but no problems when we did have 3, I would have been worried if we only had 2 in case we lost one. The thing is, you probably won't stop at 3 so be prepared!
  10. Sorry, should have said no pus and it just looks White, obviously we will keep an eye on her hopefully was an injury as you described and will improve with some tlc
  11. We had to put our girls to bed the first night in the cube (thursday) but went to bed ok last night!
  12. She has eaten and looks generally ok considering she only got out today, we are going to attempt a photo - watch this space
  13. Hi, got some new ex batts today, one has a pea sized lump under one eye any ideas?
  14. The main reason for an automatic door for us would be to ensure the girls are tucked up in bed at night, especially in the winter, I would certainly be checking for any stragglers, but can only assume they would get used to it, they certainly get used to other routines such as treat time!
  15. Don't worry about what people say, we have two ex battery hens not sure if you use the same terminology in the us but assume you have farmed birds in which case unless those commenting have a very strict policy they will eat factory produced eggs in processed food or factory produced chicken meat, whilst you are providing a happy and healthy home! By the way, we have just bought an iMac not sure why we didn't do it years ago!
  16. No news on an automatic door, we went ahead and ordered a cube and are planning on trying leaving the door open at night during the summer months, hopefully omlet will listen to the requests as i would really like an automatic door for the winter!
  17. OUr new cube and run is on it's way and we are very excited! Collecting three more ex bats next week to add to the current two. We use wood chip sourced from various places at the moment and change about once per month but noticed on flytesofancy website they advertise hardwood chips end suggest only need changing once per year as rain will wash the chips. Does anyone currently do this and does it work?
  18. Hi all, Do you think we'd get a cube and run in a honda civic with seats down, or a citroen C5 (they are the big ones so I am thinking ok as similar to a mondeo). They are still in the box as we are thinking about collecting from Omlet (due to ridiculously long wait for delivery)
  19. Hi all, as a freshly laid egg I am a little confused- for some reason I'm not allowed to use the search facility - and is this an omlet thing or is it my pc?
  20. I'm looking for some advice. We would like to adopt three more ex-bats to add to our little family and were thinking about getting some from Happy Chicks in Poulton Le Fylde. Does anyone have any experience with this company? We originally thought about the BHWT trust, but they don't have a local co-ordinator anywhere near us, and Happy Chicks will deliver (for a charge, which we don't mind). Any views anyone?
  21. Maybe we are just being over protective! We were worried this winter about the severe weather - several nights of minus 15! So - is the general view that as long as the run is secure it's ok to leave the door to the cube open most of the time? Again, we don't currrently have a cube so we weren't sure about rats/weasels getting in.
  22. We adopted some ex bats last year, and have had a fantastic 12 months enjoying the company of our feathered friends and their eggs! We chose a non Omlet hen house, but as you will all know chicken keeping is addictive and we'd really like to give some more ex-bats a happy retirement so we are thinking about an eglu cube - however we can't seem to encourage Omlet to provide an automatic pop hole option! I've seen other posts on this subject, so I'm hoping that the forum community will back me up! I have already tried contacting Omlet directly, but they only said they would refer to the technical team. Would anyone like to support our campaign?

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