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  1. Gosh, thank you all for your replies. It sounds like its a common problem which heartens me somewhat - the realization that we are not doing anything wrong. I guess we are lucky we've been rat free for so long. Going to buy a rat proof feeder, rat traps and then have a think about how to adjust the run. That video clip is freaky
  2. We've had an Eglu cube plus a large walk in Omlet run for a few years now and never had any problems with unwanted visitors. All food is stored in our garage. This winter we have noticed tunnel holes from outside the run, under the fox lip and then into the run. It started with one hole, but now there are about 10 all around the run and we have spotted a rat out there. Has anyone got any tips of how I can adapt the run to stop them?
  3. After draining her crop for the last two mornings, this morning is the first time she has voluntarily left the coop on her own. She's eating & drinking normally and seems back to her usual self
  4. Just moved this post to here as initally posted it in the wrong section
  5. Just realised I didn't update. Thanks for the replies. The vet agreed that was egg peritonitis & she was PTS. Bless her - she will be much missed.
  6. One of my girls has been off colour for a few days - first i thought maybe she was broody as she was just sitting in the nest box.But when i moved her into the run she still just sits there. Ive given her some nutri-drops & she will eat small amounts. Her crop looked really puffed this am despite not eating properly and when i felt it, it was all slushy. So i thought maybe sour crop - I've had a go at draining it but what came out was just brown water - I was expecting a smelly mush. Could it still be sour crop ? I can see anything else noteworthy - shes not got a swollen tummy, no lice or mites. She just seems permanently sleepy ! We lost one to egg peritonitis last week - could it be heartbreak ? She is three years old. Any ideas please ?
  7. I want to buy a 5kg pack of layers pellets with flubenvet & they seem readily available, but where is the cheapest place re delivery ?
  8. I'm planning to add a wildlife pond to my garden this season - can anyone recommend any good books or places where I can info on how to do it ?
  9. Our beloved Megg has been looking off peak this last week. Her comb is blue tinged & flopped over. She is still looking lovely feather wise & hasn't lost weight. But most worryingly is her hard swollen abdomen. She cannot walk as she topples & has to put her wings out to steady herself. As she is a good age, I'm sure the vet will advise being PTS & we obviously don't want her in pain, but how do we tell ? Or are the symptoms something that could be treated ? She's been a lovely girl, has never been an escapee, she's gentle & was a fabulous layer. We just want to do what's right.
  10. Does anyone have any pictures of their walk in run attached to a cube with extension that they would like to share ? I'm considering buying one but would like to see it in situ. Also, do Omlet ever have any 10% deals or such like ?
  11. I have in the past - I use ordinary garden grass seed but the fast growing type & separate off an area with omlet fence & reseed.However, that was when I had some grass left. Like you, my grass has totally gone with it being so wet this winter. Not sure how to do it - was thinking of turf but it would still need to be left for a little while to establish
  12. Wow that must have been hard work - I think I need to get my thinking cap on for a longer term solution next year. I've just ordered loads of woodchip as a temp solution until the spring. Thank you for sharing your photos - I love looking at other people's set ups.
  13. Well it seems a mild but wet winter is with us. My eglu run isn't too bad, but the grass I walk over to get to the run has totally gone and it is now a muddy quagmire. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could put down ? It is too long a path to put woodchip down - anyone found any good solutions please ?
  14. I am going to convert one of my raised beds into a chicken salad bar - I've seen pictures on pinterest where grasses etc are grown and covered with chicken wire taut over them, so that the girls can only eat the green tips & not destroy the roots. Does anyone else do this & what do they grow ? Normal grass seed ?
  15. I'm just looking at the Harrod cage -are you able to post some pictures - I'd be very grateful. I too have escaping chickens who jump onto the cube run & out. They are locked at night in their cube run - so I like the sound on your set up for daytime. Currently they are in an area surrounded by omlet netting which is no match for the escapees !

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