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  1. Have you spoken to neighbourhood watch if you have one, crime prevention or any of the support groups? I was burgled many years ago and I'd check they hadn't been back every time I went into my flat for the longest time. Wishing you well Caroline
  2. Hi Olly Glad to hear that you're almost there, good luck with the return to work. I've been on a phased return over 3.5 weeks and this is my first 37 hour week (plus an hours drive each way) and I'm shattered. So my final piece of advice is an understanding employer! Oh, plus a cleaner at the end of it as the house is filthy. As the clocks go back in a couple of weeks I think I'll leave it until Spring. Very best wishes Caroline
  3. Priceless Easily done though. This has kept me going for weeks. Tee hee!
  4. My columbine is really flighty and has gone through an early henopause so no beautiful eggs either. She looks lovely though.
  5. I hope you dont mind me posting here. Fresh Start For Hens have the fourth rehoming day of 2013 for Ex-Commercial hens on Saturday October 12th. Hens will be available from collection points across England and Wales; one of which is from me in Crawley. These girls will come from cages so will never have felt the sun on their feathers, scratched the earth with their toes or pecked at a tasty slug or worm. These girls make fabulous pets, they are friendly, funny, easy to care for and may well reward you with eggs, though these are to be seen as a bonus. The hens are no longer considered profitable and would go to slaughter unless we can find wonderful pet homes for them to retire to. Please see the Freh Start For Hens website for details and to reserve. Thank you. Caroline
  6. Make sure they don't try and keep deposits. I suggest photographic evidence.
  7. Sorry to hear about your accident Olly. Wishing you well. I've just spent 11 weeks off work following a foot op and had to spend 90% of the first 6 weeks with my foot elevated (even in bed). Most of the advice I'd give you seem to have but I'd say: if you don't have a triangle pillow then get one. Mines been invaluable supporting my back whilst sitting so long on the sofa. Second, 'embrace the doss'. Take some time and enjoy the R&R. You need to get in the right mindset for what's happening. Slooooooow down. There's no choice Don't be afraid to ask for help. Some of my 'chicken mates' from Fresh Start for Hens kindly came and cleaned out my Eglu's and runs on a couple of occasions (I couldn't go near them due to infection risk) and I was soooo grateful but I know that if & when they ever need help ill give it. Online food shopping is brilliant. Especially the ones that deliver to the kitchen. My friend lend me a plastic stool, available from £1 shops - the little local ones - for about a £5er and I used it to sit in the bath and shower as my shower is over the bath. I also have one of those non slip bath mats that I used, made me feel more stable. I bought a 'limbo' which is a cast cover (there are a couple of different ones on the market) as I quickly realised I just had to wash and I didn't want a mate washing my hair over the sink. That first shower was such a good feeling! Take you time and you'll master it - even with crutches. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Caroline
  8. Welcome back. Would they be coming from our Fresh Start for Hens rehome next weekend? I'm the volunteer for the Crawley collection point and we're all very excited about it. A joint effort means we've almost managed to rehome all 9000 hens from this one wonderful farm!! The are still a few available though if anyone's got space!! Caroline
  9. Some of you will know that I'm a volunteer with Fresh Start for Hens. I hope it's OK to post this. Fresh Start For Hens are taking reservations for their re-homing day on 7th September. These ladies are ex "free range" organic and are 18 months old. Please visit www.freshstartforhens.co.uk to reserve your hens. Collection points throughout England and Wales. Reservations close 21st August. Please share with anyone you think may be in a position to offer these ladies the fresh start they deserve. Reservations close 21st August. Thank you. Caroline
  10. PM me with an email address and I can send you some pics and some more information. Caroline
  11. Have a look on the Outdoor Clearance website. I got my craghoppers fleece lined trousers for a really good price. Caroline
  12. Spoilt! Mine do the same - except when they can't see me they relax and dust bathe in the run and just spend their time scratching and chilling. Having (like you) lost hens to foxes when FRing unsupervised) I'd rather have them confined and alive than FRing and fox food
  13. I now have an outside tap with a cockerel head on it, a hose, a well (very old house) and a pump that will extract water from said well. Last month I spent all my Nectar pointson a jet wash. I too cannot believe how much easier it makes life any why oh why I didn't do it about 3 years ago!!

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