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  1. Jessica has a completely bald chest (looks like she should be in a celophane wraped tray in the fridge at Tescos). She has been like this to some degree all Summer but now its much more extensive and noticable when she comes running. I thought she might have been too hot in the summer but now it can't be that. It dosn't fit with the moulting descriptions on the forum. She has shown no broody behaviour at all. She doesnt have lice that I can see and I do look frequently and dust them and their home with DEarth regularly. I don't think she is being bullied and their are no feathers at all lying about. I dont seem to have a top hen or any pecking order at all! I have 4 lovely Girls who are free ranging most of the time or in a very extended run at bed time. I have NEVER seen one peck another and they all go around together very happily. Jessica is laying every day and eating normally. She is my naughtiest, cheekiest and first hen to sneak into the house if the door is left open for more than a second. It doesnt seem to bother her. Its most noticable when you pick her up as her bare chest is very warm. Any ideas?? Please help. Today we had visitors and they were laughing at poor Jessica
  2. Please help! Have I done this right? I've mixed 2 kg of pellets with 1 scoop (little blue plastic scoop about tea spoon size came with the flub) of flubenvet. Its a teeny tiny amount for that amount of pellet, is that right? I think 2kg (a grub-full) will only last my 4 greedy girls a few days so do I do another 2kg again? and keep going until 7 days? I am going to find it very very difficult keeping them in their eglu run (seems cruel) as they are used to free ranging in their enclosure and then into the whole garden for most of the day. Could I just keep them in the enclosure, it has bushes and tree debris but no grass (they destroyed that ages ago) so there can't be much to eat except some bugs and they constantly return to their grub to eat. Advice needed please
  3. Mine are so predictable - Lady P always lays first (6.30-7 am) followed by Jessica (7 - 7.30 am) and then Scout (7.30 ish and if Jessica is still in the nest she lays on the roosting bar!). I then let them all out of the run to free range in the garden and Sally strolls back to the Eglu usually around lunchtime (but today was 3pm) to lay our last egg of the day. I can trust Sally to come back from wherever she is because she is my most sensible chicken. Lady P occasionally lays a softie late afternoon where ever she happens to be...in the woods...on the patio...middle of the lawn... If she does that she misses the next mornings early egg. = Lady P = Jessica = Scout = Sally I'm lucky each Girl has a distinctive egg so if I don't catch them at it I can still tell who's laid which!
  4. I am about to start my first ever worming week....eeeeek!! I have my flub but I am unsure as to which method of administering to go with.... Having extensively searched on the net I think there are two methods - 1) in feed and keep them in run for a week or 2) in dosed treats (grapes, rasins, yoghurt etc) The dosed treats to individual chooks would definately be the easiest for me as I'm home all day and could easily deal with this as I only have 4 very friendly chickens. BUT if I go with this method and repeat several times during the day would they still be able to free range? My Girls are let out all day to roam a very large garden and woodland and I think they would be very very misserable if they had to be cooped up in their run all day. It would not be a problem to call them back to the house at intervals during they day for their dose. Please help!!
  5. Oh my goodness!! I'm going straight out now to check over my Girls!!
  6. Gorgeous girls. How come you have such lovely looking grass?? My chooks have removed ALL from their enclosure!!
  7. So sorry to hear about Edith, she looked like a beautiful girl. Our Black Rock Jessica is a real character and also lays fabulous double yokers. I'm sure you will miss her X X X
  8. its nearly bedtime...I'm going to shut the eglu once they are in...I'll let you know if it makes any difference in the morning. Fingers crossed...
  9. We have developed an early morning noise problem since Lady P (enormous Bluebell) started laying. This morning it was 5.30 am and she was just standing in the run shouting very loudly (repeatedly) to be let out. She did the same yesterday but it was at 6.30 am and I had to get up anyway She has only just started laying and didn't do this before as far as I know. She screaches for about half an hour, goes into the eglu to lay her egg and then comes out and squawks her head off until I come down and open the run . She' very quiet once shes out free ranging (spoilt madame) As I drove into my drive this evening I saw my neighbour in her front garden. She would normally wave or smile....today she just glared at me and I scuttled inside quickly incase she said something about this mornings early racket. Their bedroom window is quite near the chicken enclosure and the noise certainly woke me up (window open). My question is this - if I shut the eglu up after they have gone to bed will it stop the noise or at least muffle it? I'll be up to open it again at about 7 am (but don't fancy that time over bank holiday weekend) Is it egg laying related do you think or just desperate to get out of run? Please help!
  10. Thank you I thought of that, but if I shut her in the eglu run how will Sally get in when its her time to lay?? I don't know when Jessica is going to lay her next one, it was a surprise when she laid today! Should I keep both Jessica and Sally in tomorrow? Once Jessica has laid in the eglu will this 'cure' her of going into the rabbit area and inside to litter tray do you think?? Now I'm wondering what will happen if Lady P wants to lay her first egg (cos she has a red comb and is very crouchy) and can't get in.... aagggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh chickens!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Jessica has laid her first egg today. Horray But much to Sugars (our bunny) annoyance Jessica decided to fly over her fence into the 'rabbit garden', into the rabbit outdoor run, up the ramp into the garage to the rabbits indoor run where she settled herself down in the litter tray and laid her first egg!!!! Now we have a very cross rabbit and the problem of how to keep Jessica out of the rabbit garden and out of the litter tray. If we shut the door to the rabbit run the rabbit can't get out to its garden. What I really need to know is will Jessica want to go back to the same place to lay tomorrow? How can I get her to lay in the eglu nest like Sally does? Help!!

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