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  1. Hi Thanks for your reply, I had 9 ladies originally all brought home within a few weeks of each other and POL. I have a large WIR, cube and a large free ranging area of the garden which they have access to all day and which is connected the WIR so they can get under cover in the inclement weather, of which we have had much! My worry was introducing newbies to a longstanding established group and just wanted thoughts on the viability on the welfare of all the girls concerned both new and old. Thanks for taking the time to respond and for the encouragement.
  2. I wonder if you would mind if I post a quick question? I have 6 girls well established over the last 2 years, still laying fairly well and enjoying life to its fullest. However I have a hankering to add some more maybe a couple of ambers and a couple of speckledys, but am very concerned about upsetting what is a very happy brood at the moment. Would it be a massive upheaval for them and unpleasant for some newbies or would it be worth the initial spats? Any advice either way would be very much appreciated. Many thanks in advance. I don't want to do anything to upset their happy existence just to pander to my own selfish wants.
  3. Thank you for taking the trouble to reply, much appreciated. D
  4. Got home the other day to find that one of my ladies had a prolapse. Took her to the excellent local poultry specialist vet nearby who did the necessary stitching, steroid and antibiotic treatment and antibiotics to bring home. He has emailed me a report of the episode and recommended a liquid calcium supplement to try and help egg transit. My question is can anyone suggest a really good vitamin and mineral supplement, particularly one with a good calcium boost. I do give them a poultry drink, but wonder if I should be doing more? Any help and advice would be most gratefully received and taken on board. Thanks for reading my post.
  5. We have a specialist poultry vet practice close by which is an absolute god send. They reassured me a little as they said that on the whole chickens are very stoical so it can be tricky to spot if they are ill until its too late. God bless you Mabel you were amazing. Winnie doing really quite well, springing around in her flyty way, eating well and hopefully putting on weight. Its certainly getting harder to catch her to give her medication so she must be feeling better.
  6. Winnie had her antibiotics this morning and she really seems to have perked up amazingly well - phew thank goodness. I never thought I would be so attached to my little cluckers! Meal worm treats all round in celebration a little later
  7. So sorry, had a bereavement myself as we lost our beloved Mabel. Bramble will have had a happy and contented safe life with you. You could not have done anymore. Hugs to you x
  8. Fingers crossed slightly better news. Took Winnie to the local poultry vet who diagnosed a simple infection, steroid jab, antibiotics and a coursery worming for her and she should be right as rein. All the other 7 girls are as bubbly as always so hopefully its sorted. phew!
  9. Thanks M&M, just thinking if I had got to the vets sooner, spotted she was off colour earlier and on it goes. My hubby is working abroad at the moment and was gutted when I told him and he didn't really want chickens in the first place, the soft lump!
  10. Mabel didn't seem too well yesterday bit lethargic and not her usual pompous self full of her own importance. Whilst at work today got in touch with a local poultry specialist vet practice and booked her an appointment for tonight. Rang home so they could get her reeady for me to collect and go straight to the vet but unfortunately she had already passed away. Made a bit of a fool of myself at work as you do when I heard this sad news. Anyway came home and sorted thngs out only to find one of my white stars now looks under the weather. Obviously I will get her seen by someone ASAP but am now terrified that something is going to wipe out my girls and I have no idea what, am feeling very useless and helpless at the moment.
  11. Thanks all, Stalosan it is then, do you all get yours online or locally to yourselves. I imagine I will get through a fair bit so the bigger bucket the better. Thanks again.
  12. Hello everyone, not been on the forum for a while so I hope you all don't mind me popping in for some advice? My 9 lovely ladies have a cube a large covered run and an even larger free ranging run area. My issue is as they have trampled down the soil in the run and kicked the pebbles around in the covered run, the chicken poop is getting a bit niffy in this warmer weather. I am intending to dig over the run (which I do on a regular basis) but wondered if there is any sort of chicken safe "disinfectant" type thing I can put onto the churned up soil to make it more pleasant for them and to stop any potential neighbour problems? Any advice would be gratefully received. Many thanks Dee
  13. Yes clucker they are all hydrids and youngsters being less than a year old, guess I will make the most of it this winter then and do loads of baking while I can Love having them anyway, eggs or not, but the eggs are such a bonus x

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