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  1. I have a really persistent broody Pekin and have run out of ideas so was hoping someone would be able to suggest something to help? I have tried the usual 3 days and nights in a dog crate up on bricks (didn't work), a further 4 days and nights in the crate (didn't work) , letting her out of the crate and hoofing her out of the next box several times a day (didn't work), dunking her chest in cool water a couple of times a day (while in crate for 3 days) (didn't work) and I've just finished 3 days and nights in the crate on cool blocks (covered with a towel) IT DIDN'T WORK!!! She was brooding on the cool block and will brood on the bars of the cube too. She has eaten very little over the last few weeks but still seems lively enough. I've shut the house door now and she spends all her time at the top of the ladder trying to get in. She's never been broody before. I have two other Pekins who regularly go broody but are easily broken in the crate for 3 days and nights. HELP! I'm tearing my hair out
  2. For anyone still looking for this I found another UK supplier: http://www.gardenwildlifedirect.co.uk/feedr-wild-bird-feeder.html
  3. Thanks for the tips. I'm on sand over paving slabs, been like that for over 12 months now and it's working well. I rake over and sprinkle with ground sanitiser regularly. I love the feeder and might invest in one. I unpacked the Go last night and realised how enormouse the feeder is compared to my bantams (salepoot/pekin and barbu d'uccles). I think most of them could completely fit in the feeder! I have an old yellow grub from a classic which I could use but would prefer to colour co-ordinate better. Think I'll also definately try a trug in the nest box!
  4. I'm taking delivery of my first Go Up today which is very exciting. I just wanted to know if there were any 'hacks' or adaptions that I should think about? I've had a Go before and my main critisism was the shallow next box so I was thinking of adding a trug to make a deeper one. Are there any other things Go Up owners have successfully tried out? Thanks
  5. Sorry to hear about your piggy. Sounds like you did everything you could to make him comfortable at the end.
  6. I can really understand why people say you can't mix them with 'normal' hens, they seem a bit helpless. I went out this morning and they were still in bed where I'd put them so I lifted them out and put them in front of the feeder. They started pecking the feeder but mostly hitting the plastic rather than getting any pellets (it's a gravity feeder). I hope they get the hang of it soon, settle in a bit and get food and water!
  7. Hello! Sounds like you're doing some good research before jumping in which is great! Hope I can answer some of your questions... Kids and chickens...I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old and have had chickens since the eldest was 2. They seem to like them being around but because they've pretty much always been there, they are a bit 'everyday' to them so they don't get very excited (they do like getting the eggs tho, but that has resulted in a few losses!). Having said that, I recently got two Pekin bantams which are much smaller than the hybrids I used to have and the kids seem much fonder of them to stroke etc. I think to a 2 year old a full grown hybrid must appear pretty large! Time-wise, there should be no problem, day to day care doesn't require a vast amount of time but small amounts regularly. I would say the chucks take up much less time than my guinea pigs or rabbits About the garden, definitely separate where the chucks roam and where the kids play, as toddlers smeared in chicken poo is not a good look! Foxes - I have never had any experience of foxes sniffing around my chickens (which is not to say they don't, I've just never seen them). TBH I've never given a thought to them approaching one of the kids I'd say most would be terrified by the amount of noise my children make! Hope that helps!
  8. I just noticed I've got two usernames. I don't know how it's happened, hope i haven't confused anyone!
  9. Thanks, i do hate waiting, the longer you wait the more attached you get and i definitely can't keep a boy! They are such sweet little things too. When/if they start crowing, do they just do it at dawn or do they start practicing through the day? Just hoping i can catch them at it before the neighbours start complaining...

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