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  1. Hi guys Sadly I've had a really bad run of it with my chickens and last week lost one of my 2 pekin chooks (18 months ago i got 2 pekins and 2 astralorp bantams but have lost 3 chooks now). I'm not sure what was wrong with any of them either which really doesnt help - one went downhill and had to be pts a month or so after we got them, one randomly dropped down dead in the run about 3 months ago (possibly sour crop? had a mucky beak), and then our little pekin was found dead in the eglu last week. The other chook seems happy and well and I've come to the conclusion I am just rubbish with bantams! They seem to have been permanently broody and have barely laid since we got them and I get the impression they just arent as hardy. They also weren't vaccinated and I wonder if they were maybe more prone to disease? They have been wormed 3 times since we got them, are fed on standard feed, always have grit/water etc and havent had any other obvious symptoms (other than the 1 a few months back having a mucky looking beak so could have been sour crop and the little pekin last week might have eaten a mushroom we found one nibbled in the run. Anyway.... moving on from what I am doing wrong with them, I now have a dilemma! What do I do with my 1 loan chook? I cant help feeling she will be miserable on her own, and cold in the winter too! We have an eglu go so can have up to 3 chooks. I dont want to go for bantams again but my daughter (5) was distraught when we tried rehoming the chicken (we had to have her back after about a few hours as my daughter was beside herself with tears over her chook ). So.... my question is can I put hybrids in with the pekin? She is feisty (was the boss of my 4) and where she was briefly rehomed to stood her ground with the hybrids that were there (they had no issues at all which surprised me!). What would be the best course of action? Can I put young hybrids in with her? Thanks Sam
  2. Agnes had to be put to sleep. They werent sure what was wrong with her but she could barely stand when we took her in. They think it must have been something tummy related as she had diarrhea but no other obvious signs - couldnt see mites etc. Im really hoping whatever it is wont have spread to the others. Does any one have any tips to help prevent this or things to keep an eye on? atm all their poohs look normal and they all feel healthy etc. The only thing is my 2 pekins are suddenly getting bald tummys (they look like a plucked chicken!). I cant find the cause, again they dont look likee they have mites as far as I can see? I noticed on here that it could be broodiness? Any other suggestions?? Im going to get wormer and lice powder tomorrow to make sure they are up to date with everything (they were apparantly wormed at the start of the year but thinking its worth redoing them in case it was a factor with Agnes? Any other suggestions? Im so worried we are maybe doing something wrong somewhere Thanks Sam
  3. she is still eating, i gave her some wheetabix before bed and she went straight for it. Im wondering if she got dehydrated today in the heat, When we went out about 4pm I noticed their water was nearly empty so wondering if its all my fault. Does that sound like a possible cause? I didnt get a chance to seperate her tonight but if she is still looking off colour in the morning i'll try and seperate her.
  4. Hi I am fairly new to chicken keeping (have just had them for a couple of months) and so far things have been going well. This evening though I have noticed that one of my astralorps looks unwell. She is lethargic, was sat in the nest box earlier but hasnt laid an egg and has just been sat on the grass with her eyes closed not doing much. When I pick her up she feels like an ill animal iykwim - she isnt holding herself right and feels a bit dehydrated! I have no idea what to do?? I can probably get a vet appointment for tomorrow - do you think she needs to go? What things can I try myself? Ive topped up their food and water and cleaned them out. They've all had some mealworms this evening and she ate them too. She did a pooh while i was watching her and it looked watery and her bum looks a bit grimey too. Been flicking through my chicken manual but not sure where to start or whats most likely Any advice very gratefully recieved! Also am I ok to keep her with the others? I dont have anywhere she can go really?? Thanks Sam
  5. they did come back out again eventually! They are such funny creatures arent they!! Let them have about 1/2 hour free ranging before bed too so i think im in their good books again
  6. i guess they are stuck in the run for now. We are in a town and the house behind us lost chickens to foxes (though theres had no coop and were just chicken wired in a corner of the garden). That was a couple of years ago now but def means they are about and can get in our garden (theres no access and they have to climb at least 2 6ft fences! )
  7. we have some chicken netting around our eglu go and let them free range when we are in the garden. Would it be ok to let them free range when we arent in the garden but are about in the house? My chickens seem noisey today and tbh i think they want to come out but the weather is grey and i dont fancy dragging the kids to sit in the garden in the rain to keep an eye on them lol! Also would they be ok free ranging in the rain? I have 2 pekins and 2 astralorp bantams so not sure the feathery feet and rain would be a good combi?? Any advice greatfully recieved - fed up of being told off by the chooks today lol Sam
  8. My chickens have all put themselves to bed today - occasionally i pop out and they come out of the eglu shouting loudly at me and then they all go back to bed again??? is it the rain? their run is covered but its pretty grey today. Are they just sulking that they are in the run rather than free ranging (weve fenced off their area now so they have been out for a bit each day since sat). Im wary of letting them free range while im not outside in case of foxes. Any ideas? They seem happy and healthy, laying well etc (we got 4 eggs on sunday from the 4 of them). thanks Sam
  9. i just ordered the eglu without chickens as i wanted bantams but once you order you get a choice of delivery days so dont worry if you need to choose the day yourself! Omlet have been great with us, really helpful so maybe give them a call!
  10. lol i tried the chooks with a flower pot today but they were terrified of it and all went and sat in the eglu glaring at it through the door in protest till i took it out again!! I wouldnt mind but they keep standing on their glub and grub and the water constantly looks brown and murky lol
  11. Hi Just wondering what people put in the runs to keep their birds entertained? I notice some people have branches etc across their eglu runs, are these just any old branches found in the park? Any other things that might be good? we have and eglu go with 4 bantams and atm nothing at all other than glub/grub in their run. Also random question but is it normal for chickens to be less cuddly a few days after you get them? All 4 were really friendly and wanting to say hello on sunday/monday but now they dont come over when i go to talk to them. Im hoping once i start letting them out to free range a bit they will get more interested again. Its hard to get near enough to them in the run to make much of a fuss of them. Sam
  12. mine all sat looking miserable in the eglu peeping out looking miserable so i covered their run and they all came back out! think they are a bit pampered already - neighbours must have thought i was nuts out in the garden in the rain putting their cover on lol
  13. today the feather is all back to normal, havent heard a single sneeze and weve had another egg. We also has a soft shelled one too, am i right in thinking thats common when they first start laying? They are so friendly, chatter away to me whenever im in the garden and come running to say hello when i open the door of the run or the back of the eglu! They like to be stroked too! They are now called Agnes, Betty (astralorps), Omlet and Pancake (pekins). Sam
  14. pekin bantams - a lady called Anne in Rugby (http://www.pekinbantams.org/). I got them on someone else here's recommendation! I seriously could have taken them all home with me! I cant get over how friendly they are already - and so laid back!

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