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  1. Does anyone have experience of online wills? OH and I need to update our wills and there is an opportunity to do this online, but I am wondering how secure this might be. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  2. Sounds like the one I was planning Grandmashazzie!. How did you book yours? The one I am interested in seems to be on a ship called Columbus and can be booked through different agents - for different prices. Bit confused as very new to cruising!
  3. We were thinking of a cruise to Russia, but going off the idea now!
  4. Indeed I Do! Helps to get the name right!
  5. Thinking of going on a cruise to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary and think we have found one that OH and I would both like to do, but i can't find out too much info about the company apart from a few negative reviews (people like to moan it seems) and the positive ones on their website. The company is called Titian Tours. Has anybody come across them? I don't usually take much notice of negative reviews as I like to make up my own mind and we have been to some fabulous places that have had dreadful reviews! Any info greatly appreciated.
  6. Still want to know where the quiz has gone!
  7. Just submitted our results and 2 minutes afterwards 2 parakeets arrived - we usually have at least 3 lurking in the garden, but typically not today during the count!
  8. Think I rather liked it. Miriam is hilarious! Rather full of herself, but is funny and charming enough to get away with it. Agree that there was not enough time spent exploring the older people and their lives in China.
  9. Astounded!!! And cross!!! That person was one of my top two to win. Definitely agree Debbie was over-marked. I would have given that score to Alexandra.
  10. Well done for rescuing so many! I think that as you will be having one big flock, it would be a good idea to place the cubes and eglu next to each other and the chickens will then decide where they want to sleep. You might find that they all cram into the same place together as they will probably be used to being squished together - are they ex barn hens? When we rescued our 3 girls, they all sat together in the nesting box in the cube, they didn't seem to know what to do with the roosting bars! Lucky girls, sounds like they are coming to chicken equivalent of Buckingham palace!
  11. We thought about both of them and Liar won! Not sure who to believe!
  12. Thanks everyone. We managed to wiggle the radio out with just one radio removal key unearthed from the garage and get down the radio serial number. I paid £1.89 to an online site and got the code straight away.
  13. Since replacing the battery in my Ford KA, the radio does not work and unfortunately I don't have the code to unlock the radio. Has anyone used any of the online radio code places to get a code? Not sure if I should try one of those or go straight to a Ford garage. Advice appreciated. Thanks
  14. Excellent news. What do you do at a Stranger Things party?!
  15. It's brilliant! Just as good as the last one. Have to confess, we watched it all already on BBC iPlayer. They released it all in one go.
  16. Really hope we don't have a flea problem. Although it has crossed my mind as we do have 2 cats.
  17. Every night OH and I are bitten by mozzies. We assumed they were coming from the pond in the front of the house (our bedroom overlooks the pond) so we shut the windows at night and spray the room with mozzie killer before we go to sleep but we are STILL being bitten! I have looked at endless photos of bites from mozzies, fleas, bedbugs and a whole host of other biting insects and still think they are mozzie bites. Doesn't help that OH seems to be highly allergic and covers himself from head to toe in calamine lotion, to stop the itching, every night! Anyone else had similar problems? Any advice greatly appreciated.
  18. Happy ending. We hope! Drove back to where we found baby and right next to the road there was a perfect flat roof to pop it on. Checked with the owner it was OK then got out the ladder ready for DD to pass the baby to OH to release. What was encouraging was seeing 2 gull circling above when we arrived . The baby might have spotted them as it called out a couple of times. Unfortunately 2 magpies arrived on the scene and eyed up the baby who was quite a bit bigger than them! As the parents still hadn't come down we decided to leave as we thought our presence was bothering them. The parents disappeared for a bit but then in the distance we spotted 5 gulls circling . Reinforcements! We left feeling hopeful that the little family would be reunited.
  19. Thanks everyone. After some advice from a lovely man at the local swan sanctuary, we are going to take it back to where it was found and attempt to put it back somewhere high so the parents can find it. I don't think they have much of a sense of smell, so that won't be a problem and it seems that gull are some of the best bird parents. We have a 48 hour window to return it as the parents will still be looking for it. will let you know how it turns out!
  20. Had a phone call from DD to say that she and a friend had rescued a baby seagull. They brought it home wrapped in a towel and placed it in the spare plastic guinea pig cage I had prepared earlier. The girls promptly went out left OH and me to babysit. Gull has consumed a packet of cat food and spilt some water and it doesn't look as cross as it did. All the advice I have read seems to suggest that they should have left it were it was and the parents would feed it, but it is here now. DD intends to look after it until it can fly - it is rather big, with just a little bit of baby fluff, but not quite enough feather to fly yet. No wildlife places want it and local vets have offered to kill it - for a fee! Any advice or suggestions about what to do with this unexpected visitor would be very gratefully received! Shame we don't have a spare Eglu!
  21. 29 degrees in my garden this afternoon. Too hot to move!

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