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  1. I had the same problem. Put chicken wire under the grass .
  2. Sadly lost my chicken today aged 3 to Peritonitis. She was sadly put to sleep . Gutted .
  3. So sorry to hear you lost your chickens it must have been horrible for you. I would get more but in an enclosed run . That fox will be back ,night or day . I have a fox who sits on the garden wall just watching and waiting for me to slip up .
  4. Congratulations ....nothing like the first egg .
  5. Funny you should say that Clare - we have a yellow Beehaus and it still looks as good as it did the first day we got it (around 12 months ago now)... The trick to keeping your Eglu/Beehaus clean and fresh looking (no matter what the colour) is to polish it with beeswax furniture polish as this will seal up the pores in the plastic and also help against the acidity in the bird droppings, making it easy to wipe down... It works for me - maybe you should give it a go? Would using bees wax stop you being able to use stickers to decorate?
  6. Havent been on for a while ,loads been going on here ,but thought I'd say hi and give you an update on my lot . A sadly I lost 2 battery hens this winter very sad but the 2 remaining still continue to strive and live happily together with my original three . Even Paula ( the battery hen whom had to be separated for months ) has found the peace she deserved and is fully feathered . We are having a big garden change over and the chickens will be relocated back to a cube and run . Just so nice to feel the sun again makes me feel so much better . Hope everyone's in good Health and looking forward to the summer and sitting on your chairs while watching your chooks in the sun . I can't wait .x
  7. I was in a simalar situation when I got 6 ex bats and had to introduce them to my 3 posh ladies . I left it at least 4 weeks before introductions . They could see each other I had the run next to the cube run . When introductions were made all hell broke loose and I used a water sprayer ( gently spray) to part the fighters . I was left with one that just wouldnt fit in to the gang this was several months later . We named her paula and paula became such a state she was already bald anyway but with the posh ones having a go at her as well become a sorry sight . I had to take the decision of separating her again . She lived next door to all the others for 3 months before I waited to dark one night and put her in the nest box . The following morning I rushed out to see what was happening and they were fine .It was such a relief I had spent months wondering if Id made a big mistake getting more .But patience was the key . They all live in harmony now .
  8. So sorry to hear of rosie passing its always so sad . Id personally bring her friend indoors or look as the possilbility of rehoming her . Piggies can go downhill rapidly and she will become lonely .Shame I dont live closer as I could have seen how she got on with my four ladies . If your going to rehome do make sure she gets along with her new friends before leaving her . Hope this is of use to you .
  9. Thats so sad, but at least she had you xxx
  10. I also leave the door open all night , I know the girls are secure . Also means I dont have to get up at some silly o clock to let them out !
  11. I think I would throw some corn at the other end of the coop to distact them .
  12. I use a small tree stump at the bottom of my ladder which helps them with getting up and down .
  13. Your garden looks lovely and you have used all space so well .Thanks for sharing .

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