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  1. Just wondering what the preferred treatment is for lice please?
  2. Thanks gavclojak, that's pretty much what I thought but I just needed some reassurance . I'm loving my ex-bats! They are the loveliest little hens
  3. I got my four ex bats on 8 March. One of them has done really well and is almost completely refeathered, one is not far behind, but the other two haven't done so well. Don't get me wrong, they are looking pretty healthy and enjoying their new lives, but featherwise one in particular is still quite a baldy. There is feather growth as you can see all the spiky bits coming through, but I'm just wondering if this is normal. The poor baldy one lays soft shelled eggs which often get eaten! They eat plenty of grit and oyster shell, good quality pellets (Garvo) and mealworms every day as well as greens occasionally. Do you have any advice gavclojak as to how I can help them, or should I not worry? Liz
  4. Oh dear, I don't think we were very popular this Sunday morning. I forgot to shut the pop hole last night and the girls woke me and probably the entire neighbourhood up at 5.15 shouting their heads off at something I couldn't see properly as I didn't have my contact lenses in, but something ran off when I reached them and unceremoniously shut them back in their house! Might have been a rat or even a cat - pretty sure even with my terrible short sightedness I would have seen if it was something larger like a fox. What signs would I see if it was a fox though? Surely it would have disturbed the omlet netting or tried to dig or something? I don't think a fox could get in without jumping over the fence from next door, and I'm sure whatever I heard ran under the fence where there is a little gap my cat uses as an exit and entrance.
  5. The thing is, I have never noticed any bleeding. I'm just going to have to keep a close eye on it for now
  6. Ah yes sjp, that might explain it. Although all the girls get along just fine. I haven't seen any pecking apart from when we first got the ex bats and one of them was a bit pecky to the others. However, that all stopped when they went in with the big girls after a couple of day, but it sounds more plausible than frostbite!.
  7. She is one of my ex bats I got on 8 March. She didn't have these when she arrived im pretty sure; I just noticed them the other day. It doesn't look like pox, which was the other thing I found on the web, but looks very strange! As far as I can tell, it doesn't bother her although I will take her to the vets if it starts to change.
  8. Really sorry the pictures are so big, but I'm having to borrow someone else's computer to do this as mine has gone caput and my brain has turned to mush where computers are concerned! Hopefully you will be able to see the photos of the strange goings-on with my girl's comb. Has anyone else ever seen this before. I even wondered if she had frostbite!? as that's the only thing I could find on the internet! but it hasn't been cold enough surely?
  9. Thank you jimnpaula. I didn't get anywhere in the end, I think because my computer is playing up big time and the iPad app doesn't work for Photobucket. I was having the biggest toddler tantrum, I can tell you OH was laughing at me! It's amazing how many hours you can spend on these dratted machines sometimes, especially when it's all going wrong Will try again tomorrow if computer has stopped doing its trillion updates!
  10. Honestly, I'm getting in a right stress here 'I can't for the life of me remember how to upload my photos from Photobucket and I'm getting really cross now Please can somebody give me an idiots guide? I would be so grateful
  11. I just noticed today that one of my ex bats has got something odd going on with her comb. Its hard to describe, but on the tips of the spiky bits on the comb, she has got hard things sticking out. It sounds odd but they look like tips of claws or tips of feathers sticking out. These bits are sort of dark greyish, are hard and only about 4 mm ish long. It definitely looks like something is coming out of each spike and not that she has been pecked or that something has stuck in them. Any ideas or has anyone had anything similar?
  12. I couldn't work out what Coding in Python was. I wondered if there was an autocorrect error and maybe it should have read Coping with Pythons or something! silly me, but in a list of animal courses it didn't occur to me that it would suddenly jump to computing! or have I got that wrong too
  13. Sounds odd; when one of my girls had impacted crop last year, she was standing around looking very miserable and doing the jerky head/swallowing thing. Her tail was down and she had watery poos. Keep an eye on her crop in case there's a problem building up - my hen went downhill just over a couple of days and when I took her to the vets she was extremely dehydrated and had lost a lot of weight. I was shocked at how hard her crop had suddenly got. Turns out she had a large tumour inside as well, which obviously I didn't know about and so the vet advised to PTS. Goes without saying that she had stopped laying too. She was a black rock; her black rock sister was PTS the very next day also due to a large tumour, although she had been vaguely not right for a little while I don't want to cause alarm, but keep a close eye on her that she is able to eat and drink. If she has perked up again then it could have been something she ate (too many greens/treats or something?). I believe live maggots help with crop blockages if necessary. As we all know, they hide illness very well and they go downhill very quickly, so I tend to be a bit paranoid now every time something different happens They are a worry I hope little Tilly gets better soon. Perhaps someone else will be able to shed a bit more light on it for you.
  14. Can't advise really, but I have the same on and off with my Bessie, a Rhode Sussex. I had to give her bottom a wash just yesterday in fact. Sometimes the poo looks runny although she isn't straining or anything like that. She is 4.5 years old, but is still laying well, looks absolutely beautiful and does all the normal chicken stuff. I worm them all regularly (last wormed early March). As she is displaying no obvious signs of illness at all then I am quite happy to watch and wait. If your Ethel seems a bit under the weather though, then it might be wise to pop her to the vets for a check up. It could be an age thing, but I'm not sure.
  15. Today I had a full house of eggs in the nest boxes 6/6 This means that all four of my rescue girls have learned to lay in the nest box

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