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  1. RSPCA

    Thanks for your replies, apparently the RSPCA said a 3m run would be fine, but the sheltered area need to be at least 1m sq, the eglu is short by 20cms!!! I had 2 bunnies living very happily many years ago in the eglu. At the moment I have 2 Guinea pigs in one with a 2m run & they love it I was just thinking of buying another eglu. I have contacted a local rescue to see if they approve.
  2. RSPCA

    I would like to get 2 rescue bunnies, but the RSPCA say the eglu is too small, anyone else had this problem.
  3. My Rabbit Loppy

    Hi Esta, well done for rescuing your bunny, where would we be without people like you. Sounds like you are doing fine, as rabbitts mature their dewlap under their chin does get bigger, just watch the treats, is she on mixed food or pellets? mine are on pellets, so they dont just select the best bits, and they only have a cup between them, but most of all their diet should be mainly of hay, mine also have small portion of veggies, hope this helps,Mandy
  4. chiminea

    Have any of you got one? Im thinking of getting one, thought I would do my research here first, whats best, clay or iron? what can you burn etc, so many questions
  5. RIP Jade

    Such sad news, I have huge respect of how she has dealt with her illness so bravely, and hopefully the screening age will be changed, God bless those two little boys. xx
  6. Introducing rabbits

    I agree with Victoriabunny, I would never buy from a breeder again, there are so many bunnies neeeding homes in rescue centres, sorry to be so negative, but if you want to breed you really need to have done your homework on bonding first and its implications!
  7. Positive vibes for Penny please

    Hope Penny went on ok, shes so lovely
  8. Sad news now FAB NEWS

    Im so sorry about your dad, there are no words, but I know what you are going thruogh, I lost my mum 9 years ago and dad 4 years ago, we thought he was going in as routine, to be told he would die, 2 days later he did, so I know the pain, my thoughts are with you
  9. try this site, great advise and tons of bunnies needing homes, from various rescue centres, www.rabbitrehome.org.uk, good luck.
  10. Films on Christmas Day

    The Snowman! We're walking in the air plus, christmas carol, little women and wonderful life, of course, sorry don't watch HRH!
  11. I do like Next, they do some lovely things, how about a really nice hair accessory, monsoon have a good selection, also there are some beautiful pashmina type of things around, save wearing a coat! Good luck, I just love weddings
  12. What's on your Christmas list..... the Omlet effect

    I would like Mama Mia DVD
  13. Your perfume

    I wear Inner Grace and Pure Grace by Philosophy, lovely light perfumes, they also do Baby Grace and Amazing Grace, which are also supposed to be lovely!
  14. Yankee Candle.......Sparkling Angel

    I love Yankee candles too! Last year I bought a lovely simple white tart burner from QVC, all I can say is the tarts are brill, they last ages & ages. I love wedding day, luckily we have a lovey shop in Bath that sells lots of Yankee candles
  15. I'm having my operation tomorrow

    Just seen this, hope everything went ok, best wishes for a speedy recovery