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  1. The symptoms started in the first chicken prior to them needing to be confined for bird flu. I had been letting them out when I cleaned them out as well and the vet told me this was a strict no no, so have kept them in. I can understand this might have contributed to their stress however. Thanks for the advice.
  2. She’s in an omlet run, think it’s 6ft by 12ft with 5 other bantams. I have not been letting them free range because of the bird flu risk but obviously that ends tomorrow, so will let them out for a bit after that.
  3. So, I’ve double checked, can’t see any lice and couldn’t see any red mite in the coop first thing this morning. Vet says she will see her tomorrow. She looks worse today, which has been the previous pattern with them. I’ll try and attach a photo. I asked a friend who also got chickens from the same breeder and hers appear to be fine. Definitely no paralysis and no ocular changes with these chickens. Don’t think they can of eaten anything. Have put some poultry cider vinegar in their water to try and boost her a bit. Not isolated her as think this will be more distressing for her and she’s not
  4. Thanks Daphne. I will double check for lice/mites but don’t think it’s that. I just can’t figure it out, unless it is just poor breeding. I will take my poor Orp for PM If she doesn’t survive. It would be nice to know so I can work out if I can replace them at some point.
  5. It was a new breeder I used actually as my usual lady was so overwhelmed with requests last year she had no chickens available whatsoever! I can’t help thinking it must be something within the new birds as surely if it was a new virus they’d picked up here, it would’ve wiped out a few of my elderly ladies? 🤷‍♀️ It’s so upsetting as in 10 years of chicken keeping I’ve only lost one young bird, and she was around 2, so not super young. Just feel very helpless watching them all slowly sicken. ☹️ Thanks for your help though.
  6. Back in November I posted about my Barnvelder Bantam who had become poorly and eventually died. She had lost weight and become lethargic but had no other symptoms. Took her to the vet who could find nothing obvious wrong. I wormed the whole flock with flubivet at the time and tried antibiotics with her but she just kept going downhill. Then in February another one of my new chickens, a Pekin Bantam (approx 10 months) showed similar symptoms, quiet not moving round much and weight loss. This time dosed the whole flock with antibiotics as suspected one of my older hens might carry mycoplasm
  7. Thanks Cat Tails and Lewis. Is there anything else I could do to support my unwell chicken? Currently got her isolated and inside in the warm, although she has no real symptoms other than lethargy and looking generally unwell.
  8. Hi, I’m wondering if I can ask a stupid question? Can a chicken have Mycoplasma Gallisepticum and not have any respiratory symptoms? I have a 9 year old hen who almost certainly has/had Mycoplasma. She has bubbles round her eyes, a constant wheezy cough and sneezing. She first had these symptoms about 4 years ago and recovered. On and off she’s had a recurrence of symptoms. I stupidly hadn’t realised that they are infectious for life even without symptoms, none of my other hens have ever caught it. I introduced 4 new hens to the flock last June, mainly because I have 3 x9 year old bi
  9. Thanks MamaCoop, I appreciate it. X
  10. Hi MamaCoop, Thanks for asking. Sadly she died a few days after she started the antibiotics. She just kept sliding inexorably downhill. I worry that she aspirated a bit when I gave her the first lot of antibiotics which made things worse as she did cough afterwards. I still don’t know why really. I had to ring DEFRA about disposal of her body, but they were satisfied it wasn’t bird flu thank goodness. All my other hens seem fine, which is also a relief. Just feel really sad I couldn’t help her and that she was so young. Thanks for all the advice and support though. X
  11. Ok thanks Cat Tails. Vet has given me some antibiotics for her, have got the first dose in but think a lot of it went down the wrong way! Not ideal! Vet felt there wasn’t much more they could offer. No other chickens ill and the vet did not mention bird flu in relation to her thank goodness.
  12. So she has survived the night and has eaten some more fruit and some porridge (without syringe!) this morning. Have called the vet, but the receptionist has told me they cannot see any poultry at the practice as there has been an outbreak of bird flu. She has no respiratory symptoms, but could this be bird flu? If it were, would they cull my whole flock?! Am waiting for the vet herself to ring me back.
  13. Thanks MamaCoop. I thought about syringe feeding her, but worried I’d choke her? Did you just open her beak and syringe food in?
  14. Really not good ☹️ Managed to get her to eat some fruit today, and I saw her drink a bit, but I’m not sure she’s going to last the night. Thanks so much for asking. If she is still alive tomorrow, I’ll speak to the vet but I don’t think there will be much they can do. She’s has just slid downhill steadily. Still not sure what is wrong. No respiratory symptoms, not egg bound, crop seems ok, no lice or mites that I can see, no other hens seem sick. Am so sad as she’s so young and is a lovely little chicken. Thanks for all the help/support on here.
  15. I will ring the vet again to see if they can suggest anything more.

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