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  1. Why can't I read all the forums? It tells me I don't have the required permission, I also can't add a signature as I'm not allowed? Why??? Is it because I'm new???
  2. Well that just about answers my question! A new feeder it is. I've currently managed to get the top off, and have the food in, but as you say, it is open to all sorts of much getting in. Plus Alice likes to stand on it I think Omlet, you have proof here that there is a problem with the design of the Go feeder. Thanks for everyone who helped me with my query.
  3. I've just put our new hen in the Eglu Go, and all is great, except she doesn't use the container for the food! I'm not sure if it's too deep for her to reach the food at the bottom. Does anyone else have this problem? Thanks Christine (and Alice)

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