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  1. Quite right. I was signing petitions last Saturday to keep them out of Leicester. I think Leicester really works as a multi-cultural city and is the last place i would expect to find support for these fascist morons. Are you going to the One Leicester events on Friday and Sunday, Billy Bragg is performing on Sunday, at Victoria Park i think.
  2. Can you imagine what her reaction must have been when she first watched it. I was crying well before the kids came on, what a beautiful message to send to your loved one.
  3. That's fantastic, Prof Grahame's team are great. I saw them at UCHL and was so impressed with how they just get to the problem and find solutions. It's great that her brother is so sporty, it means that his muscles are stronger and doing the job that the tendons don't do. Hopefully, with time, Lauren will get to that stage too. At least she's now in the right place to start making progress, i'm so pleased for you all
  4. I saw a wicked wheelchair adaptation today. It was an attached one wheeled hand cycle, so that the wheelchair was effectively a hand-pedalled trike. The lady had no problem in shops either. Something like that might be good for Lauren
  5. I remind you of hospitals Only joking!!
  6. It's great that she's now getting specialist help. The use of a wheelchair isn't necessarily a bad thing, it means she can rest when needed so that she can still do the fun stuff. I used to get some strange looks when i'd stand up out of my chair, especially in shops. You learn to say loudly, "it's a miracle, i can walk"
  7. I've already watched season 2 on DVD, i got fed up with waiting for channel 4 to get their act together
  8. wow, these sound great. I've just got contacts and part of the reason is because we see lots of 3D films and it's awful wearing two pairs of glasses.
  9. Lordy lie, i need to lie down after that!!!! I'm waiting for series 3 to come out on dvd but goodness knows when that will be.
  10. DD had a small fleece in her buggy to keep her back warm, it now serves as a rug for her teddies. At this rate Lesley, you'll be able to cover your whole house in fleece!!! Does Jazz not wreck them??
  11. Have you tried selling at the gate Lesley, or do you not get many passing your way?
  12. that post holiday feeling we've just returned from Kusadasi in Turkey and can't believe how awful we feel. Mind you, it was the best holiday ever, we really miss all the entertainment crew who were mega hot as well as lovely people. Thank goodness for facebook so we can keep in touch.
  13. Well done to Lauren, her uniform is really nice. It's great that she likes the internet schooling, if it makes her happy then she should definitely stick with it. Has she another way of being social with her friends?

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