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  1. Thanks for all your comments. Although I was hoping that you'd all say "no, don't worry mr fox won't be back". Wishful thinking I guess So far I have not heard, or seen any evidence, that the fox has been scratching at the eglu again. I think I heard one in the garden at night again, but couldn't be sure. It certainly wasn't scratching to get in the eglu though. Unfortunately though, I have just accepted a job in the middle east, so I'm going to have to re-home my hens who have only been with me a month . They are my first hens too and I absolutely love them. I just can't refuse the opportunity I've been given though. I'm not leaving until August, so I have time for a few eggs.
  2. Had a bit of a scare last night. I woke up at 1 o'clock this morning to the sound of scratching on the eglu house. Initially I thought it may have been the hens moving around, until I heard the scratching get more and more desperate. I got the torch out and had a look to see what was there. My partner then said that she saw a fox leaving the garden past the eglu. I guess I had expected to attract the foxes when we decided to get chickens, but it's really horrible when it does actually happen (and I didn't even lose any hens - I can only imagine how horrible it would be to find the fox had succeeded). I'm glad the eglu lived up to its fox proof claims, but I was a bit concerned that the hens were going to have been a bit shaken up when I let them out this morning. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong. I opened up the egg collection door to say hello and they all popped their heads out for a stroke. I opened the eglu door and they raced towards the food and drink. They seem fine thankfully. For those who have experienced foxes, do they generally come back regularly to attempt another eglu break in?
  3. What sort of sand to compost ratio should you be looking at roughly??
  4. Thank you everyone for your kind words and advice. I popped out this afternoon and didn't get back until it was dark. I came home to find that they'd all put themselves to bed already. I thought I may have had to encourage them a bit, so I'm well pleased with that. I was going to fill the tyre up with compost and possibly some sand? Do I add the red mite powder in too?
  5. Thank you! Yea once all this snowy/wet weather goes I'm going to have that as the dust bath. was going to add something to perch on too and a few things to keep them busy whilst they're in there.
  6. Have to say, looking at your pix, I can't find the pellets and water either haha, in the last picture you can just about see a bit of the grub. I popped my hand in to take the photo so it's behind the camera. I can assure you, food and water is available!
  7. Yea, after taking that first picture I cleared all the snow off to let some light in. I tried to remove some of the snow that was in the run too. They've started making their way to the food and water, but not actually touched it yet. I could watch them all day!
  8. Thanks for the help all! They've still not found the pellet and water, but they're digging and playing in the leaves. Here's a couple of quick pic's I took this morning. From Eglu to Igloo! Snowed in by craigjohnson99, on Flickr Nancy by craigjohnson99, on Flickr Lorraine and Jane by craigjohnson99, on Flickr Lorraine and Jane by craigjohnson99, on Flickr
  9. Hi all, we got our first hens yesterday. 3 Bovan Goldline's, they're brilliant! Unfortunately they're first experience of the eglu run was a snowy one. I have a cover over the whole 3 meters but I think it's probably making the the whole 'settling in' experience a little more difficult. So far they have let the eglu, but are staying down that end of the run and haven't come to get any food or drink yet. Is there anything I should do to entice them towards the food and drink or should I just let them find it in their own time? I did throw a small handful of corn down for them to peck, which they have been eating. I'll post some pictures once I get them on flickr. Cheers Craig
  10. Thank you for the advise. I think the gravel sounds like a good idea. I'll look in to that. I have a Classic that is going to stay in the same place. I did wonder how easy it would be to clean out. I may have to just move the run in order to clean it out properly. There'll be 2 of us doing it so it shouldn't be too bad moving it around to clean. I have a full length cover to protect the run from the rain so hopefully that'll keep it nice and dry. Why is that people suggest not to use bark chippings?
  11. Thank you for all the advise! Has triad Cozy Coop in the run? http://www.petsathome.com/shop/poultry-chicken-bedding-50ltr-by-cozy-coop-24601 It looks like it could be quite good. I had a look at Rapport. That looks like a good option too, but should I put that straight on to the mud or should I line the mud with something first? The car tire I have is quite small. I will try it in the run at first but if it doesn't work out I'll swap it for something smaller and leave it outside for when they free range.
  12. Hi, I'm getting my first hens in less than 2 weeks time and want to get the eglu and 3m run all set up and ready for when they arrive. My garden is just mud and I was thinking of putting wood chips on top of the mud in the run. The run will be completely sheltered to limit the amount of moisture that gets in to the run. Firstly, does this sound like a good idea? Secondly, does anyone have any better suggestions? Thirdly, if wood chip is the way to go, where do I buy it from? I can't find it anywhere!! Also, could someone tell me how to make a good dust bath. I have an old car tire, but what should I fill it with? Look forward to hearing your suggestions. Craig
  13. Hi, I don't have chickens yet but will hopefully be purchasing soon and have noticed lots of different vitamins and tonics available to supplement the chickens diet. Are these vitamins and tonics essential if keeping chickens? or are there any that you would recommend? or any that aren't really worth worrying about? Thanks Craig
  14. Thanks for everyones replies. Sounds like it totally depends on stock/location,etc. Think i'll give them a call when the funds are ready. thanks all!
  15. Hi, I'm looking to get an eglu classic soon with 2 hens and i cant find on the website how long it takes to deliver, so wondered if anyone could help answer for me? Also, do they deliver the eglu and chckens at the same time? regards Craig

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