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  1. Try an Equine supplier. I use horse bedding for the runs as I too struggle to get domestic sized portions of wood chip. Usually sold in manageable bales, I change about every 3 months on the outdoor and indoor runs with a good raking of Nettex Ground Sanitiser every now and again.
  2. Great - You are a STAR - Thank you so much
  3. She has had probiotic yoghurt, hand fed as she wont eat it out of the bowl I have started her on Avipro as I don't think she was getting much from the yoghurt. Do you think the ACV would be better than the Lifeguard?
  4. She is only 12 weeks so doubt it is egg related. I suspect its due to internal damage from the cocci and the following treatment - she is doing OK at the moment but may have to make a hard decision if she gets any worse I think.
  5. Green runny poo tends to indicate that she is not eating or not absorbing her food properly. It could be a crop problem. If she is already under the vet it might be worth taking her back for a look over. Try some probiotic yoghurt or avipro (Probiotic) with some scrambled eggs to see if you can tempt her to eat in the meantime. Someone else with more experience will be along soon I am sure.
  6. Wow, I am in the minority, and I am really quite surprised Don't really like tatoos generally, there is an odd one that I like on someone else but that is very rare. I think it came from being about 16 and on holiday in Newquay, an older, much older, wrinkly, guy strolled across the beach with this thing on his chest. It turned out it was a eagle, with outstretched wings, right across his chest. It probably looked nice when he was young and fit, but now looked lke it had been shot I saw a photo of one once that I thought was clever, it was a man with a spine tatooed up his spine. At an evening class in Greek there was a girl that came because she wanted something in Greek Tattooing and wanted to make sure it really said what she wanted it to say I know lots of people who have them, younger and older, and I know a few who have tried to have them removed, usually unsuccessfully, at least partially. Don't like piercings either really - sorry - don't mean to offend anyone. I'm a bit sqeamish about belly buttons, and really don't like facial ones, can't stop looking at them and just get this urge to pull them. Have got my ears pierced though. Good luck though, if it is something you have wanted for ages you must be really excited.
  7. Me too, I love a walk in the rain and coming home and getting into a hot shower and warm PJ's BUT NOT almost everyday.
  8. Some of you will remember my little Pekin chick who managed to come through the Cocci infection. She still isn't right and I am thinking now there may be some permanent damage caused by the infection. After hours of reading I still can't get to the bottom of it. She is often lively and playful, but sleeps more than the other two and will have periods where she will huddle up and puff out her feathers. She is eating and drinking fine, enjoying mealworms and apart from these periods where she looks unwell otherwise seems fine. However, she has a discharge from her vent which dries to a white crust. It does not smell at all so I dont think it is Vent Gleet, but it would look similar to what I would expect a thrush type infection to look like. Her stools all look normal. I have had a good poo inspection and they seem a good texture, (can't believe I am typing this) with the white urine bit. And she has the occasional sloppy one too, (cant remember what thats called but I know thats normal too) They were getting caught up in the white stuff, but I have trimmed her feathers and cleaned out much of the white stuff which was blocking her vent and sticking to her outsides. I don't think its pasted vent as it doesnt seem to be poo. Similar reported problems all tend to be related to egg production and at 12 weeks I doubt it is that either. The only other thing I can find is that it could possibly be related to kidney or liver problems . She has some probiotic yoghurt with mealworms in, wont eat it on its own, and some lifeguard in the water. Lots of suggestions for ACV, particularly on the US sites, anyone think this would be a better alternative to the lifeguard? I do hope it isn't, she is such a lovely girl, loves the blow dryer and just stands on my leg to get it done, she has been as good as gold when I have been trying to get the gunk out and loves a snuggle under my chin when it is all done. Even the dog has been super gentle with her when she has been in the house and just comes up to have a look. This lousy weather isn't helping, they all look miserable at the moment, even the big girls, they really perk up when the sun shines and they get to play outdoors on the grass.
  9. Havent posted it yet so will take a pic at the weekend. Should keep a photo for myself,
  10. i'VE FINISHED its only taken me a month! What makes it even more embarrassing, is my Mum has done one in four days and knitted a cardigan for my Aunt inbetween I am quite pleased that I managed to finish it though, but dont think I will be starting another - cant even really say I was getting any quicker by the end! Thought I might teach myself some crochet next, apparently it grows quicker so might not be so tedious. Found a Pattons magazine from the 60's in my mums old knitting patterns so had a little go last night. Double crochet stitches look OK but I am doing something wrong at the ends cos it is turning into a triangle
  11. Glad it went well, there are a lot of interviewees so not easy to call, but great that you got through it OK and a great confidence booster. Fingers crossed for you ANH
  12. That duckling is so sweet, almost a cartoon duck, she is running so hard with her wings flapping. Arrhh Poor dog!
  13. I did the welly walk at our local farm on Sunday. All of his fruit is late, the PYO strawbs 3 weeks late opening. All down to the lousy weather.
  14. Not an expert, but I think you are right to not just put her back in with everyone straight away. I think your suggestion is a good one, and if she has any trouble with all of the youngsters at once, just try putting 1 or 2 in with her for a while. Glad to hear she is on the mend, they are a worry arn't they
  15. It depends how big an area you want to cover. There are lengths of fixing rods available that you can screw into a wooden framework, our frame didn't fit the size of the panels so we added some batons, to screw the rods to. Once the rods are in postion you place the sheet in the frame and clip in the top of the rod, (with a rubber mallet) which is a very secure fit. They also sell Fixing screws, specifically for the depth of sheet you buy. We have a mixutre of both, using the main framework and then the screws at the ends of the panels. It is very easy to saw and drill into and is quite soft to work with rather than being brittle like acrylic. If you search polycarbonate on Wickes website it brings up the different sized sheets and the fixings for it, they even have a sheet to tell you how to use it. Good luck
  16. Mine mix fine now, Hybrids can be a little more aggressive towards newcomers, my Gingernut is, but my Pepperpot is very laid back. Patience I think is the key. I would suggest getting older POL, sort of 20-22 weeks, my Purebreeds were sold as POL but I think the Vorwerk was probably much younger and has taken 5/6 months to finally be accepted by the flock, the Lavendar Arucana came into lay earlier was was accepted much more quickly. Bantams will be harder to integrate, and may never integrate fully. Lots of people on here keep them all together successfully but you should be prepared to keep two separate flocks just in case. Next on my list is a Barneveld (sp) beautiful feathers and layers of Dark brown eggs. But no more until next year
  17. I am a fan of the Poly Carbonate sheets. They are lightweight, easy to work with and not so brittle as the acrylic, Got ours from wickes. There is another post on here somewhere recently about this, will try and find it. there is photos on there. http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=88440 This is it.
  18. I think it sounds like you are doing just fine becca. We had the anti peck spray, but don't think it ever did much good. Time and patience and a water pistol, my Marigold who was brought home in January, has only this month started to become a proper part of the flock. Yet she was brought in with another girl who was accepted within about 4 weeks. Marigold was much younger though. Whilst she was always the outsider she would always come to me for a cuddle, she doesn't want me anymore - which is a good thing, honest You have the set up to keep them safe and separate when you are not there to keep an eye on them, I would keep doing what you are doing.
  19. I have just (last night) put the Omlet clear Tarp on our that has the chicks in, leaving the funshade underneath to still offer some shade, just in case the sun ever comes out again. You are right, it is fine for a shower, but don't think it is going to stand the constant rain forcast for the next few days. I made a full run cover from some weatherproof canvas when we used the as the permanent run for the big girls. Even when it was pegged out away from the sides to try and stop the water running staight down the sides into the run I don't think you can ever keep it totally dry in bad conditions. Gave up in the end, Dad built me a WIR for my christmas present. The girls still seem to like going out in the rain, but at least there is dry space available to them. If you were going to create a clear tarp all over, you would need to make sure there was plenty of ventilation to stop the greenhouse effect. maybe make a bit of a framwork to put it over rather than attaching directly to the run, think polytunnel, open at each end. Or maybe like a tent awning, where you could lift the sides out over posts in bad weather and roll them up against the run when the weather is OK. Does that make any sense at all? need to draw it. My chicks are very spoilt, they actually have another wooden coop and run under the patio cover for bad weather, which it looks like they will be moving into today.
  20. We have an advisor coming out on Tuesday 26th to have a look at ours! I am sure it will still be as clear as mud!
  21. No help sorry, we need to review ours, and don't have a clue. We are going to get a man (or woman of course!) in to go through them. They are such a minefield and have had various facelifts, its worth finding an expert to go through them.
  22. I used to use VermX but switched to Flubenvet (I use the premixed Marraiges layers pellets) after reading a few threads on here. Generally the VermX is a herbal remedy that is still good for your girls and helps to keep a heathly gut, but is not terribly good at clearing out an infestation. I switched to it after getting a new Vorwerk who had come to me with worms. She was fine after treatment with the flubenvet laced layers pellets. I use it about 3 times a year now and give the girls a VermX dose about once a month whilstI still have some left.
  23. Well Done and Huge congratulations I would say that they were being unprofessional using initials, one of my pet hates although I do do it sometimes. Like teens that won't write texts properly.
  24. It is a big decision. But you can only do so much and you shouldn't beat yourself up over it. We spend lots of time worrying over things we have no control over and that creates a lot of the anxiety. The train is an excellent idea, I find driving very stressful, but find train journeys very peaceful and usually end up very relaxed at the end of one. You can read, watch the world go by and just relax, even if they are delayed there is nothing you can do. It would make a great chance to get yourself back together after visiting your dad. Sorry to hear about your job, another worry that you don't need, but another one you have no control over. Seems to be so much of it about these days. Thank god for the chickens - they keep me sane and give me someone to talk to, I come home from a stressful day and love to get out with them and have a potter. They listen to all of my problems with a little clucking every now and again Keep your chin up,
  25. Our Energy bills are around £3000 per year. I am paranoid about it! But havent yet bothered with the Smart meter. With 2 OAP's and a wheelchair bound adult all in all day, creating lots and lots of washing, obviously heating. And then on the other side of the coin I have a gadget mad son and husband who have all kinds of things on and charging at once. The Smart meters will allow you to see what you are using at a glance and will allow the energy companies to bill you for your actual usage rather than do those terrible estimates where you end up with a big bill at the end of the year. I send off my readings at the end of every month anyway. We had one of those usage monitors that you clip on to the electric meter and it had a little screen so that you could see what you were using when you turned things on and off. It was interesting for about a day! I think my husband hid it so I would stop moaning If you are already energy concious then there is likely to be little benefit to you, although I expect that we will all end up with them eventually - big brother style!

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