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  1. I have created a decoration - like a tree with branches and little decorative eggs Always done it since the boys were young - and will do for years to come, as it has become my thing to do - not sure why Just seems reassuring to recognise spring and new life - even if not religious
  2. Thanks so much Ali, for your help and Clare for the reply I am now more confident about going forward with this - hopefully will not need to Fab omleteers xxxx
  3. In the middle of a crisis - needless to say there is one less person @ the table, is anyone a family lawyer or have any links/advice ? Please PM me
  4. Sorry Liz - the tickets were free - he works for an airline & is out there working, in the hurricane season, so not the best weather The negativity also prevails here - I think it is inherited
  5. Not so much the high horse - but HATES not being in control, or forgets what he has said very frequently At the moment he is in Mexico (has been for 5 weeks) - whilst away I have stripped the wallpaper in bedroom, had it all re-plastered etc. The boys wound him up saying we all googled/you-tubed how to remove a radiator in order to plaster properly - anal meltdown Thing is he is the other side of the world and totally out of control when it comes to what is going on at home Needless to say - his mate who did the plastering removed the radiator - but we are under no circumstances to put it back on He can do it - and then paint it to boot, as returns next week I used a spirit level and tape measure to put up 3 canvas prints today - perfectly spaced and straight, think they panic if they feel they have no use
  6. Awwww - look at those crazy ears !!!!!! Glad to see Yeti is back home x
  7. Better news about Yeti - hope she makes a full recovery, would also be interested in what it was Happy Birthday too
  8. Sorry to read about Yeti - round here the dogs sometimes get a similar thing, caused by a water parasite which basically lives in the standing puddles etc. It may be worth mentioning as a Bearded Collie was very poorly like Yeti with blood in vomit etc Hugs to you all
  9. Difficult one as all the dogs are bred in situ in the UK - not saying this is right, but many are not rehomed and are destroyed because of this - sad so sad
  10. Just caught up with this - only a few cabbage whites on the buddleia, not seen many other species
  11. this also applies to the Dead Sea if you ever go - do not enter with any cuts or freshly shaved areas - stings like a banshee My top tip today would be - get up & do all the hot jobs early, then siesta in the afternoon, mind you I have not had time for the second part & still have to take boys swim training in Manchester
  12. have always enjoyed your posts Lewis - all the best with whatever you choose to do, if you believe you will succeed then indeed, you will
  13. SarahJo

    Sad News

    That is so sad ...... Angels together x
  14. Know how it feels - we have the same with lift shares to swimming, the key word being "share" though some people exempt themselves when it comes to taking my YS Rise above it - you do it for the lad, not the parents, otherwise you will go mad

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