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  1. Hi Chickenopolis - I now have a wonderful image of your ladies charging down the garden for their cheese - never realised chickens were such characters.
  2. Thanks Duncan08 - I didnt think of sunday dinner leftovers! I love the look of the setup with your eglu - it looks very tidy!
  3. Thanks Goosey Loosey - I'm learning so much from this forum - its GREAT
  4. Sorry to be ignorant - but whats DEFRA??
  5. Thanks Migsy and Mollie 333 - I guess its ok then. Ive seen from other posts that chickens can be choosy - theyve turned their beaks up at lots of things but boy, did they like the cheese!
  6. My daughter was in the garden today eating a cheese string - well, it was like the charge of the light brigade. They chased her ands literally pecked it out of her hand It was a great tool for coaxing them back in their run though. Can they eat cheese in small amounts? and what about jacket potato skins? Weve only had them just over a week and cant believe how tame they are, clambouring over us to get the treats!
  7. Top tip, thanks Sam. I'll try that tomorrow - I did remove the hatch last night and asked her politely to move, but she just looked at me indignantly. I forgive her though as she laid her second egg this morning
  8. Well - my OH bought me an egg poacher in anticiption, so we poached it. We and the two children shared it (sad I know but it had to be done!) so we only got a tiny morsal, but she laid another this morning so it looks like were in production
  9. My gorgeous clever girl laid us her first egg yesterday - only a week after she arrived. I can see from other posts etc that this chicken keeping lark is sooo addictive but I cannot believe how excited I was. It felt like the toothe fairy had been all over again - MAGICAL. My neighbours heard me telling her what a clever girl she was so at least I'm keeping tem amused too!
  10. Thanks for that - by the way I love the name Priscilla ! Our cat is named that - class
  11. Hi - Ive had my girls for exactly one week and Rhianna laid us our first egg - unbelievably exciting. I think were going to have to share it tomorrow. However, as she's so pleased with herself, she has taken to roosting in the nest box at night having the comfy spot, while chickeera has to make do with the bars. Because of this, the nest box the next morning is full of poo. I dont have time to clear it all out before work and the eggs are going to get caked in the stuff. Is this normal?
  12. I know I'm being really thick here, but can anyone tell me how to post a new post? I jus have to keep adding to this one as I cant see where to start a new one!
  13. Thanks for that Teacake and Lavenders Blue - will definately get some Bokashi then. Is it only available from Omlet or do stores sell it? Just can't believe how minging it is already after just one day!
  14. Well my girls have arrived and BEAUTIFUL they are too (Chickira and Rhianna) . Thanks to everyones help, I got an area set up ready for the eglu and it looks great. The thing is the POO!! I thought they were supposd to poo most at night, but when i looked in the tray this morning it was virtually empty, yet they are virtually paddling around in the stuff in the run. This leads me to my question - to prevent smell and flies I want to 'poop scoop' regularly but how do you reach into the classic run? Ive bedded it into the ground so cant move it and dont want to have to put fresh wood chips down after 1 day! Any tips on reaching in to get at the poo? Any ideas? Also the poop is runny - will this be due to stress of the journey??

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