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  1. Hello all, First of all, please note that I am not asking for a new home for my ladies - I know this is not allowed on this forum! But I'm having trouble finding a new home, so I'd like some advice on how to find one. OH and I have moved to Germany, and my 2 hens are currently in the (very good) care of my ex-flatmate, who is now our tenant. I am home once a month and pop over to give them a 'big clean' (dismantle and clean the Eglu) and check that everything is okay. He does not want them permanently though, as he's a keen traveller and moves around a lot. They are fine for now but I don't want to take advantage of my friend's good nature! So far I've put them on Omlet marketplace (with price 0) and Backyard Chickens, with one or two inquiries but they didn't work out. They are 3 years old and laying has slowed down, so I've advertised them honestly as not laying much any more, and I think this puts people off. I really want them to go to an experienced home so I'm reluctant to put them on pre-loved or gumtree, for example, where many non-chook people will see the ad. Any suggestions? Thanks, Jen
  2. Thanks guys. I didn't know Tarzan was a German boy, nice! Food for thought here, I'm glad it seems possible. I'd hate to leave them, but realistically can't spend a fortune on the process either. But a vet certificate and paperwork, I can do! I'll double check with the German authorities before I go. OH and I are negotiating on a walk-in run and another pair of ladies, yay
  3. Hello everyone, I haven't been around in ages, just wanted to pop in and say hi. I had some crazy busy times over the summer and autumn, but I've started a new job now and I'm going to try to settle in to a more sensible routine, so hopefully I'll be around a bit more. Lucy and Belle are doing well, laying a bit less now with the winter coming on and they are nearly 2. Pippa sadly got taken by a fox while our neighbour was looking after the hens for us during a holiday We're now trying to decide if we should get more or wait until our situation is more settled - there's a possibility we'll be moving next year so I wouldn't want to get new ladies only to have to re-home them. On that note, does anyone know if it's possible to take pet chickens when moving from the UK to Germany? Pet immigration laws don't seem too strict but they specifically exclude poultry, and anything about poultry is aimed at commercial industry. Fall-back plan is to give them to OH's parents, who have expressed an interest, but they're in Aberdeen and getting them there from London would be tricky!
  4. Sorry for your poorly hen. Chickens are flock animals and generally don't like to be on their own - it's probably kinder to re-home her as soon as possible so she has friends.
  5. RIP Pippa I haven't been on in ages as I've been crazy busy, so trying to avoid too much online time. So this actually happened in early October. Our neighbour loves the hens, he kept some when he was young. He does have a habit of letting them out and then going back inside - I think he thinks he's close enough to hear/see anything. We've mentioned to him a few times that foxes come around in the day sometimes, and that we should be in the garden with them but he still did it occasionally. I felt like I couldn't be too cross with him as he helps us with them sometimes when we go away. OH and I were away with my family, staying in a villa in Portugal. Neighbour had sole charge for 2 weeks. We suggested taking them to a hen-hotel but he really wanted to look after them for us. Well, he claims he just went inside to get a cup of tea. Whether that's true or not we'll never know, but as he rarely sat out with them I have my doubts. Fox took top-hen Pippa, and apparently when neighbour came out the fox had our bluebelle cornered but she was standing up to him, bless her. She's a big girl, and if she was all puffed up I wouldn't be surprised if he was having second thoughts. Pippa couldn't be saved, but neighbour chased off the fox before he could get Belle or Lucy, our . So now we have two. Neighbour was in tears, he won't be letting them out any more I wish we'd taken them to a hotel.
  6. I'm afraid I don't know what they are but my plan of action would be: 1. Full health check on the hens, especially check for signs of external parasites 2. Take the house apart and clean (power wash if you can) thoroughly. I do this about once a month anyway. 3. Reassemble and spray the house with a chicken-friendly anti-bug spray. Also, if you have eggs breaking in your nest box I'd clean it out right away, just in case it is attracting pests. Best of luck, I hope you get rid of the nasties!
  7. Just wanted to report back - Lucy is better and back to doing her chicken dance as well as ever She was still sore on Thursday morning so we booked to go to the vet on Friday. She improved quite a bit over Thursday and Friday so we cancelled the vet in the end. We thought the trip would be too stressful, given that she was improving on her own and had no other signs of illness or injury. Thanks for your advice Chucky Mama and Tweety.
  8. Thanks Chucky Mama, I hate to think of her as old as we've only had her just over a year, but at 18 months she's definitely in middle age, edging on senior status, for a !
  9. Lucy seems a bit better this morning - still limping but a bit less. I think I'm going to give her another check over and cancel tonight's vet appointment, as she seems to be improving on her own. I'll keep an eye on her and take her in tomorrow if need be. Thanks for the help Tweety, reading about your experience made me a bit less panicked yesterday, I was convinced she was finished! Hehe, first hen medical problem and I lose the plot Jen x
  10. Had another look and I don't think it's her foot - it's cool, no signs of selling. However her elbow (now that I've checked the correct leg!) feels a bit warm and may be a bit swollen compared to her other leg - hard to be sure as I was alone, holding her myself and mostly going by touch. Since she's moving her leg and has control over her foot and toes, and she's putting a little bit of weight on it, I'm hoping it's a bang or strain rather than a break - fingers crossed. If there's no improvement tomorrow I'll take her along to the vet as planned. Poor wee thing
  11. Thanks Tweety. I am off outside now to re-examine her leg and wash off her feet - I will do a careful check on the bottom of her foot and between her toes for any swelling, s"Ooops, word censored!"es or scabs.
  12. Hi all, Lucy (~18 month-old Gingernut Ranger) came out of the eglu this morning with a bad limp. She stands on one leg most of the time, but she will put the sore foot on the ground sometimes without putting much weight on it, and all the toes are spreading and moving as normal, as far as I can tell. When she walks, she puts it down but limps badly. I've spent quite a long time looking at both her feet & legs and can't see anything obviously different between them. I picked her up and felt both feet and again, nothing was obvious and she didn't seem overly concerned. I felt up what I thought was her sore leg past the elbow but I've realised now that I was feeling the wrong leg so I'll do that again on the correct leg shortly. I'm also going to wash her feet and look for any signs of injury - they're a bit grubby so I'd like to get a better look at them once they're clean. OH will bring home some antiseptic today in case it's necessary. She is eating and drinking, and she will move around a bit when she needs to, but prefers to stay still. She is alert and clear-eyed. I suspect an injury rather than illness because of this, and because she's probably too old for Marek's. I've found a largish vet clinic nearby with some younger vets (e.g. will probably have seen a bit of poultry in school if nothing else), so I'm hoping one of them might know a bit about chickens. I've booked her in for 6pm tomorrow to give her some time to rest and see if there's any improvement. Is there anything else I can do? I am not sure I should separate her as she is not being bullied - my flock of 3 are in an eglu classic with 3m run, and they are all quite calm. I don't have any alternative accommodation for her, although I could pick up a cat carrier or similar locally if I needed to. I thought I'd take out the front roosting bars tonight so she doesn't have to perch, if that's more comfortable. Thanks for your help, Jen
  13. No idea about the chicken-year, but you've just reminded me of our henniversary too, a couple of weeks ago
  14. As a horse rider I sincerely hope there was no one riding nearby at the time! So many accidents are caused by horses spooking at helicopters and low-flying planes. Hope your girls are settling now, poor little things

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