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  1. Winter in Northern U.S.

    Thank you. I've read all through that thread. Good ideas. It regularly gets below 0 degrees Fahrenheit where we live. I'm guessing that if we keep the hens outside all winter we'll have to keep lots of petroleum jelly handy. One concern is that with the size of the Cube, whether or not two hens will keep warm enough - especially at night. I really would like to hear from anyone who can comment on bringing them inside to our wood room for the winter - air quality, etc. We would keep wood chips on the floor, and would have to clean them out regularly.
  2. Winter in Northern U.S.

    Thank you Jackian. I'll wait to see what other responses I get. Taking them down to the cellar for a hurricane and taking them down for the entire winter are two different things, though. I know there are people who get diapers and keep their chickens in the house. We're not going to do that.
  3. Winter in Northern U.S.

    We live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and have read a lot about keeping chickens in the winter. Still have not yet decided exactly what we are going to do. One possibility we thought of was to bring them inside to our basement. We have a wood room with a dirt floor, and ample space for them to roam. The water will certainly not freeze, and we'll be able to keep them away from critters. We're concerned about adequate ventilation. We've read a lot about making sure they have plenty, because the air can get bad otherwise (I was going to say foul.) The house is nearly 100 years old, but still we aren't going to open the window in that room to the cold air outside. Besides, it's just below our kitchen floor, and the floor is already cold enough in the winter. We'd like some thoughts. Also, if we keep them outside (covering the run, and placing straw bales around the outsides as well), what can we do about the eggs to keep them from freezing. I work away from home all week, and my wife leaves for work at 7:00 am, and doesn't return until 6:00 pm. They generally haven't laid their eggs by 7:00 am. I should say that we're down to two hens, because one died suddenly the week before last. She must have had a heart attack or stroke or something while laying an egg, because she had not been exhibiting any signs of illness, and was just found slumped over in the nesting box. Thanks in advance.
  4. Young hen died suddenly

    Thanks for the replies. I'll see if I can determine anything this weekend when I examine the carcass. My wife felt bad, but there's nothing she could have done.
  5. Forum help

    Well, I can certainly understand about making efforts to keep spammers away, but there should be some provision to allow legitimate members to at least do a search. I belong to several other forums on the net, and with some you have to use a captcha to make a post. I dislike those, too, but at least I can utilize the features of the forum. The only reason I dislike the captcha's is because some of them are very difficult to read. Thanks for the replies.
  6. Forum help

    I don't know where else to post this, since none of the categories I could see were appropriate. I don't know what my level of membership of the forum is, but when I try and edit my signature or search the forum I receive the message that I'm not authorized to do so. I look up at the toolbar, and it shows that I'm logged in. What gives?
  7. Young hen died suddenly

    I'm looking for somewhere to turn. We received our three Gingernut Rangers in June, and they started laying within 2-6 weeks later. They have been very healthy and laying regularly all along. Even now that the days are getting shorter they are still laying. Once in awhile we might only find two eggs, but have never been concerned. Today, my wife came home from work and being out for the evening, and when she went to check the nesting box of the Cube, found a dead hen. We have not noticed anything out of the ordinary, and there were three eggs just yesterday. It has not been real cold here yet (coldest has been about 28 degrees Fahrenheit, but not for a couple of weeks now). I work 250 miles away from home, so am only able to get home on weekends. I suggested that my wife put the hen in a bag and into the freezer until I can get home and look at it. I'm thinking the hen may have died while trying to lay an egg. I've tried to use the search feature on this forum, but I get a message that I'm not allowed to use the search feature. I am logged in while doing so. Does anyone have any suggestions of what we can do to figure out what may have happened?