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  1. Norfolk Coast Path: http://www.nationaltrail.co.uk/PeddarsWay/text.asp?PageId=40 Camp here: http://www.deepdalefarm.co.uk/camping/index.asp And walk from Burnham Overy Staithe to to Stiffkey or any part of the trail that takes in Holkham Bay and Cley (lovely deli and fish smokers) Another campsite here, closer to the end of the trail: http://www.manorfarmcaravansite.co.uk/ Its bigger but lovely clean toilets and lots of space outside school hols. I can let you know where the best pitches are There is a brilliant bus service that you can use to get you back to your camper van.
  2. We have oak parquet in our hall and lounge - it was probably put in when the house was built over 50 years ago. Parts of it could do with repair/restoration but its really easy to live with. It is varnished but no idea how long ago that was done. It gets vacuumed or swept regularly and polished (we have a small floor polishing machine) very occasionally I love it. Like Cinnamon, I don't mind that its not perfect. I have always preferred wood floor to carpet, even though the fluff shows easily.
  3. I enjoyed it too. I sruggled a bit at first (I found the switch from one character to the other confusing at one point early on and that annoyed me) but the story of how she got locked up was fascinating and believable, although shocking too. At a certain point the ending became predictable but I still wanted to read to the end. I think the parents would have kept her locked up to prevent anyone ever knowing what they had done to both her and the baby. So sad. Thanks for selecting it, as I don't think I would have read it otherwise.
  4. How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell? Quite a bit of text but also pics on most pages. Film opens soon, which could be an incentive. There are 8 books in the series so if he gets into it he could need more as presents. My daughter loves them.
  5. Good advice so far. Maybe you should work out how much the mortgae repayment and running costs of your new home are likely to be and start bunging that into a savings account. You are going to need to get used to much bigger outgoings than you are used to - and I think you will find that your savings will quickly add up if you do that. Good luck!
  6. I'm not on here much these days but will try and join in. And if you want to run a vote on the favourite read of the past last year I have a little (little) prize for the person who chose that book - as I was the beneficiary last year I thought it might be nice to do it again?
  7. The Borrowers was my most favourite book.
  8. I don't watch much TV but I find Miranda hilarious - yes, laugh out loud stuff, even the slapstick comedy (falling over stuff). I wonder though, does it appeal mostly to women of a certain age?
  9. You could always get him one of these.... http://www.blacks.co.uk/product/119620.html
  10. Have a look on www.justkampers.com There is a marketplace on there (including Beetles for sale), a forum, tips and of course parts I have a VW camper, it is hard to drive if you are used to modern cars but as I learnt to drive in a Mk 2 Cortina.... It is a money pit but I love it! Every time we think its an expensice luxury , I take it for a drive and realise we can't possibly part with it.
  11. I had a tumble dryer once - and used it twice. Even when our girl was in cotton nappies we never used one. We always line dry when we can otherwise we use an airer in spare room, followed by a trip to the airing cupboard for the undies and socks. Was listening programme on R4 yesterday (think it was from Woman's Hour) about drying washing. There was an interesting story about how some guests were impressed with the smell of her sheets - they had been line dried and the (American) guests were not used to the smell of fresh air on their sheets Also, a friend mentioned this week that she takes her laundry to the launderette - I was But she argued that she pays about £10, does a week's washing in one go and has a nice cup of coffee with a friend at the same time. She says it actually saves her money too. Because we don't use a tumble dryer it wouldn't save us money (even if we factor in the cost of the washing machine) but maybe she has a point? And I did like the thought of doing washing communally - having been to India and watched all the ladies by the river chatting and socialising while doing chores. I know there are all sorts of social and political implications within that sentence and I wouldn't want to do my washing in the Great Ouse but hopefully you know what I mean. Great tip about the towels - I prefer 'rough' towels so we only use thin cheap ones, not big fat fluffy ones
  12. Loved it. Know what you mean about Heathcliff though - at first I thought he was all wrong, but he is growing on me. Cathy feels not quite right either. But all the other performances were fantastic, can't wait for tonight.
  13. For my next big one - not 40 unfortunately I am walking Wainwright's Coast to Coast - inviting friends to join me if they want to along the way, then a bit of a do at the end in Boggle Hole Youth Hostel. And this bit is important - I won't be able to help in preparing for it, I will only have to turn up and not put on any glad rags! I don't like parties and this way I will get to spend quality time with my special people. Can't wait.
  14. Emma - I have a friend who had child with serious milk allergy - a case of don't touch/kiss her if you have been eating milk chocolate or icecream etc. She had an epipen too. Mum was told in X% of cases they grow out of it by 5 - and she has! The biggest nightmare was that food maufacturers would change ingredients without warning. So friend would find suitable version of things (I was amazed at how many types of bread contain milk) but next time she went shopping it would have milk listed on the ingredients - constant label reading required, don't envy you at all. Hope that your little one grows out of it too, although I expect 5 seems a long way off still....
  15. I am not anywhere near North Norfolk but came in here as I love North Norfolk!! (My mum lived in Stalham when she was little.....a LONG time ago)

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