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  1. Hi, We bought some of this when omlet had a deal on a few weeks back. Just to try it in the nesting area. Didnt like it all. It is just cut up cardboard boxes so when it gets wet it just goes soggy - and seemed to hold all odours And will take an age to rot down in compost. Dont think this would work in a run at all - we switched to hemcore and have had much more success. In fact we have 3/4 bag of ecobed at home - for free if you wanna pick up from kent!
  2. Wouldn't that work for ordering a cube too? Yes it does - we used this code when we ordered our pink cube - and as we are within omlets 'delivery' area it meant we got free delivery and a very nice man to build our omlet all for FREE
  3. The trap needs to be at least 5m away from the chickens - and 15m away from your house - i guess to draw the flies away. Ideally high up (above head height) and in sunlight.
  4. Try this: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Wells-Poultry-Equipment-Red-Trap/dp/B001T7VD8Q/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=garden&qid=1307101231&sr=8-2 We dont have any problems with flies - but have had this in position for a couple of weeks and it is full of dead un's. if link doesnt work - search for Red Top Fly catcher on amazon.
  5. Firstly thank you all for your advice - and for responding so quickly to my questions. I can tell that this forum will prove to be a goldmine of information for a novice like myself! after considering your posts we have decided to plump for a cube with 3m of run (as initially planned) but start with just the 2 hens (instead of 4) as i think that will not only enable us to become more experienced and confident henthusiasts but will give the chooks more space that we can extend over time (plus with the 2 boys they will get to name 1 each!) And although we are lucky to have almost 2 acres the majority of this is woodland, and as idylic as hens freerange in the woods sounds im sure the temptation for Mr Fox would be too great. Although i expect in time we would be able to wire a larger area off as the henpire extends..... We are just within 2 hours of Oxon so hope to be able to use the installation service, but cant see this mentioned anywhere on t'internet so am going to wait until the office opens on Tuesday before ordering. once again thank you for your helpful advice - and watch this space for more random questions! Helen and the boys. ps will let you know how we do, and of course post any pics of the pink palace!
  6. Hi after researching this for ages, and justifying the cost, we have finally decided to take the plunge and purchase an Eglu Cube with 3m run (in shocking pink!). We are also foing to plump for four new chickens from the omlet site (2 each of Gingernut and pepperpot) But before we click the buy now button we have a couple of silly questions (and unfortunately the helpline is out of action till Tuesday) 1) Do you buy the cube and chickens at the same time - and will they be delivered together? or is it better to buy/build the cube and then get the chickens at a later date? 2) Foxes - living in suburban south london (albeit with 2 acres of woodland) we have a number of very brazen foxes, who are not afraid to put in an appearance at any hour day or night. We are planning to make use of the manouverability of the cube and therefore it will be on grass. We do not intend laying slabs or making a permanent site/structure. So was wondering whether the cube and run would be secure enough from Mr Fox? particularly as some days we will be away from home. Thanks in advance for any advice Helen and the boys (dad, Johnny and Freddie)

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