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  1. Here they are ! There all gathered on my flags that need laying , all 13 weeks old apparat from the small leomon one at the front .
  2. Hello long time not visiting the fourum , but I'm back with 5 Perkins and a Cochin
  3. Pekins I love my lemon set the male is soooo good to his girls
  4. Ty all I was thinking some sort of game bird glad I didn't give him away now , he dose have a line down his chest of missing feathers starting to show and compared to my pekin boy the same age he is all musle and is a heavy boy . How loud can these boys get ? I have a pekin that is ok and my neBours will put up with and the little pekin boy has a home to go to but I'm not letting this one go now so he needs to get along with the girls and not annoy the street. , his sister is living with my sister and her children will she be ok ? She is friendly and lives with a silkie cross no problem .
  5. Hello i have a male who is 12 weeks old now and im a bit confused as to what he is i got him as a white wyandote but his upright stance and how agresive he is towards my other males is making me think diferentley . This is him 2 weeks ago
  6. Well today has gone better both have been fr for half the day each with the ladies doodle my main boy was not to happy until it was his turn and he realised he had 4 new ladies the girls haven't shown any interest in the new 4 so that's good , volume today hasn't been too bad and with one in at all times there is no fights . One will be moving to my friends to join her 5 ladies once her new coop is in place so soon they'll both be fr all the time .
  7. Well I have 2 sets of babies one was my original mixed lot that spend most of the day free ranging around the garden with his odd mix of ladies and I have a new set that I got for my birthday from the oh Odin and his girls lemon pekin group , They have different areas but the boys have spent the last few hours stood at the devising fence doodling to each other will this calm down ? Or will I need to put them out of each others sight ? I'm hoping that soon they can fr together for a bit they are all so stunning it will make a lovely group
  8. So I'm guilty for leaving the cube door open at night so my girls can get up early and the worst thing happened mr fox came and took jelly my little pekin and Evie was everywhere also one of the chicks was missing I found all others hiding and mop my not so with it silkie hadn't even got up yet super sad as Evie was my fave girl , The happy part of this story is the chick that was left has been taken on by all the other ladies left and also doodle the male they all help the little one find fod and he Harley snuggles up to them all so a happy ending for them this week and hopefully a safe one
  9. The first time i set some eggs my broody wouldnt sit the next time i put them in my jumper pocket for a minute to walk up a bit and she took them no problem
  10. Ok so a few weeks ago my evie went broody for the first time she ended up in the cube nest box on 4 eggs so i let her sit and set up the nest box from the others , Things looked to be going well evie in the cube and the girls laying in the new nest box until ........jelly my forever broody pekin joined evie by now she had been say for over a week and with jelly in there the eggs would be snatched from one to the other on breaks bonus ......so so i thought, ! next day bean jellys sister and partner in crime also in the cube enest box now things are getting a little cramped evie is monsterous and with 2 pekins things needed to change , I set up 2 crates for them ,jelly and bean happley brood together and evie just fits in a large create , Lift the hormonal ladies out and 14 eggs !i have no idea who is sneking in the next box ontop of the 3 girls and laying but there is an increase in eggs in there so then i had the problem of delayed hatching not wanting to stress candled the eggs and put the most developed with evie and the rest with the girls in the other box , today there is 2 chicks but somehow they have all swaped and bean who is super mum has taken the chicks , Tonight been out to take jelly out and put her with evie with the remaining eggs . Now im not sure what to do i have a nice area for bean and the 2 chicks , im going to make a section and give evie the eggs that are nearley ready to hatch as shes been way to long and leave jelly with the rest as shes a relentless broody but a rubbish mum hopefully as chicks hatch from her i can sneak them in with bean or evie The chicks are a very strange mix of babu d uccle x frizzle pekin/japanes or silkie , or another uccle the 2 chicks that have hatched are jelly and beans babies with my doodle (who will be going to live with my friend soon who wants to increase her flock of 3 with him and do ) I will take pics tomorow , sorry for the long post what started of so simple will end with fensing and more structures up in my garden no doubt
  11. Sad day today went out to do the morning stuf wit the girls before work with my son and molly was sleeping forever in te nesting box my son was very upset as she was a very friendley girl . We now have a lovley stone book in the garden in her fave spot rip baby girl xxxxxxxxx
  12. Jelly and bean have given me eggs al through christmas and both had a broody spell through winter .
  13. Ive got a soft spot for the chick in pic 1 im so hoping that it is a girl i also love the little dark chick but no idea why it is so dark in colour .
  14. Hello looking to see if anyone can spot girls or boys ,i have 3 wheaton pekins and 2 milli sablepoots. The largest of the 3 pekins loads of feathers smalest of the 3 only has feathers on the wings and feet still feathered wings amd feet and alot darker than the other 2 these are the 2 sablepoots one is again alot bigger than the other
  15. Doodle my boy has taken a liking to all my bantie girls and even had a try with ellie the swift bounce round and tall stance from her ( and the look on her ) said it all he hasnt tryed to take on the big ladies again , If evie was ever a target of his affection he would vanish into her vast ploumage so hears hoping not
  16. Sorry not the best help in the world on evie takes a bath but i got some pics that is the first time i have gives a girl a proper bath and she was very calm,
  17. sorry hehe one silkie is a boy and my uccle male , she is having 2 of my silkies the male is very gentle and the girl is super shy so it will suit her garden very well as its HUGE and there is no big girls to boss them about . Will the girl be ok on her own or would it be best for 2 girls? i dont want her to being had all the time she has a big enough coop for 4 so 3 banties will fit fine .
  18. Only one is going doodle is staying with me ive got a new shed ariving tomorow and if he is as loud on his own hell be in there at night untill a desent hour .
  19. I have a stunning little uccle lad doodle that is not to loud until last week , And all i heard was crowing very earley , this morning i went out and one of my silkies who is 7 months has a walnut comb and is having a who is louder compertition One of my friends wanted some chickens so i had said she could have 2 of my silkies as they were not very liked by one of my girls , This is one of them i have just phoned her to say one of them is a boy and shes ok with it Hopefully things will start to quiten out a bit .
  20. Ty both this one did cost quite a bit but it needed to be cat and dog proof and also last so i went for it ,
  21. Ty all for the kind words about my girl I did find bathing her very easy she was so relaxed and good , My sink is big i dont think you can tell just how big this girl is my silkies just come to her breast when stood up and it took me just over an hour to blow dry her after towl drying her . I cut away lots of her nickers i carnt imagine how fluffy she would have been with no trim.
  22. I got the largest i could aford this time but i just got one that was cheep and safe the first time of hatching .i think it was a small rabbit one but housed my 6 chicks in well for the 3 weeks .
  23. I just don't think I could bring myself to touch them i tip mine up on the bark and leave them a few min while the girls are wathing from the walk in run and it gives them ages digging in the bark finding them ,no skin contact needed
  24. She needed it but i carnt say she duidnt enjoy the hour it took me to blow dry her ...and thats with a huge trim i dont envy people who show these girls.

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