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  1. Yes I used my kitchen scales to do this. Get your bucket. Your scales hopefully will allow 500g in one weighing... just measure out 4 lots of 500g's or 8 lots of 250g's dependent on what your scales go up to.
  2. I recently introduced two new 20 week old hens to my existing two. We only wanted 1 chicken but the breeder said it was better to have two as they would be less likely to get picked on. At the time I had the cube run with a 1 metre extension. I purchased a cube run end panel and split the run in half using this. Had a temporary nesting area in the non cube end so they could see each other every day. We had it like this for about a week then started to let them loose in the garden for the final hour of the day to get used to each other in a neutral territory. After the 2nd week we bit the bullet and put them in the full run (had purchased the WIR by this point) making sure we had 3 seperate feeders and drinkers in there spread around. They were absolutely fine from day one... now all huddled up snuggly together in the cube.. you wouldnt know they were two seperate pairs
  3. Stephen I have the 60g tub. You mix 2kg of pellets to one scoop of the powder, using the scoop supplied. Mixing it is the important thing. I weigh out the full 2kg into a bucket... then get smaller containers... take a mug full of pellets and mix with the powder, then pour that mug of pellets into a bigger tub with more pellets and slowly mix it up to the full 2kg... it takes about 5 mins to do, you just have to swap into bigger containers as you go. That 2kg fed my 2 chickens for 7 days with a little bit left over, and making sure they were given no other food but the pellets... these are full size chickens.. so I would guess 8 banties will eat between 6 and 8kg in a 7 day period. I would mix 2kg at a time as you go so you dont waste too much. It needs to be fed for 7 days.
  4. OK so I tried the pumpkin and seeds but they didnt like that, tried cooked cabbage, they didnt like that... they aint half fussy! Tried to buy alfalfa extract from cotswold chickens but they didnt have it, searched high and low on t'internet... only one other place who sell it and they dont have a contact number just an email address, of which they havent responded to my mails. Does anyone know where I can buy alfalfa extract?
  5. Or you could just upgrade to a cube?... sorry my addiction is spilling out onto the page again... I started off with a classic, then 3 weeks later a cube with a 2 metre run, then a 3 metre run and now a walk in run! ... the smallholding is next on the list!
  6. clucker thats good to know... hot rubber not good for chicken feet
  7. I love these chickens, having seen a previous post of your favourite chicken and seeing the pics. I dont think I could have a couple though as I have hybrids. You cant mix them can you?
  8. Hmm I had just two chickens in my run until about 2 weeks ago and reasonable weather so perhaps I am about to experience this now I have doubled up to 4 chickens and the weather is changing.... I will have to wait and see I guess. I did see advertised in a chicken magazine a company that sell rubber chips... their advert talks about how you can wash the rubber chips so its great when the run gets dirty... other than that I guess slabs would be an option... I know some people put their runs on slabs then use chips or rubber chips. When we move I might look at these rubber chips (black ones) as they look great in terms of cleaning the hen poo off and reusing. I have just dug out my run and filled two recycle bins with wood chips and had to buy 8 bags at £7 each to replace so it might work out cheaper and from a bacteria perspective better
  9. I'll be honest I havent had a problem and my woodchip is straight on my lawn that was. I do however have covers over my run so the rain doesnt get on it
  10. Hi Lisa I currently have both bark and wood chippings in my run. They advise using wood chippings just because they dont hold as much moisture so are dryer in wet weather. I have just cleaned my run out and put just bark in. I have noticed its alot wetter so went to B&Q and bought a few bags of wood chippings and put these on top. It has got a bit dryer. Smells nicer than bark too. Hope its not a nationwide withdrawal of bark chippings from B&Q! I dont think there are any issues using bark in your run
  11. wow lots of ideas now... they are gonna be the best fed run enclosed Chickens
  12. Lots more ideas thanks for that... will try some of them and see how I get on... shall try the alfalfa extract too thanks for that
  13. thanks for that... mine wont eat it raw... they are fussy !
  14. So Frankie is actually being very financially astute... no previous winner has ever been in the bottom two, so its highly likely if you ever appear in the bottom two you are going to be out at some point before the quarter finals. He has realised this and knows that the only way he is going to make his post 12 months money bucket is to go down the controversy route not the singing route. He will be ousted out in the next couple of weeks then there will be roughly 12 months of controversial antics in the newspaper thats indicative of minor celebs... eg falling out of nightclubs with somebody elses girlfriend, drunken antics, maybe some drugs, a stint in rehab etc all making him buckets of money. Sadly the major talent in this competition doesnt have alot of attention.. she is quietly flying under the radar due to the antics of the judges and the noiser contentants... take away the hype, take away the judges, take away the floor shows... and you have Sophie, who clearly has the most talent in the whole show. One other observation.... hasnt there been a massive improvements in the backing dancers and staging since Brian Freidman left to do American X factor
  15. I am not so concerned now.... because the other 3 make the same noise it was just strange to hear her making such a strange noise. I swear she thinks shes a duck!
  16. I have bought her at point of lay.... I am assuming the woman has sexed it right at that age... shes been a breeder for years.... might sound really stupid now but how would I sex her?.. do they have dangly bits?
  17. I have just had a couple of new additions and one of them is making some really perculiar noises. I have had a black rock and a fenton blue... its the fenton blue that I am concerned about She doesnt cluck or bock like a normal chicken... she makes a noise similar to a duck... not all the time but just when I am out and around the run...she makes some right funny noises. Can different breeds of chickens make different calling noises or do you think she has something wrong with her throat... she seems happy enough and eating / drinking plenty. She has a tuft of feathers on the top of her head too... is this indicative of the breed? Any insight greatly received thanks
  18. Oh have just bought a pumpkin ready for Sunday. Will have to give them the contents of that and see how we go. They dont like brocolli but will try spinach and cauli. Keep em coming please.
  19. I am looking for some good recipe ideas to ensure my chickens get the best possible diet as they wont be free ranging on grass. They dont like cabbage which I am told is great to be hung up in the run for them to peck on. Can anyone recommend good foods I can give them that are safe and will give them the best possible nutrients based on having no grass. I would like to try and get the best possible yellow yolked eggs too and wonder with no grass whether these will be affected. At the moment they will eat mealworms and sweetcorn but alot of the greens they wont touch... What works for you?
  20. I hung a parrot mirror up in my run instead of a CD, it scared the hell out of my chickens and the neighbours.. the noise was crazy. I have a pecker block and its half eaten after 2 weeks... I have also hung apples up in my run and they love that... they wont put weight on with stuff like that because if they were free ranging they would be eating most of the day at grass etc.
  21. She has mixed grit and oyster shell in the run constantly but I must admit I see my other hen eating it more than her. I think I will try the spinach, and increase her greens. She seems fine in herself, running round the garden so maybe she will recover from this lash and lay again in the future.
  22. Picasso.. I have used a broody cage recently... well it was a dog cage from Pets at home with two clip on food bowls. I bought some mesh for the floor and removed the plastic tray.. I put the dog crate inside my cube run so she was under cover but put her up on four house bricks. 3 days and 3 nights and bingo she was cured... stopped being broody and started laying about 4 days after I let her out. Its not good to look at through the kitchen window but at least she was in with my other hen in the run and she was eating and drinking throughout which she wouldnt have done if she was stuck on the nest
  23. Tweety she has broody twice since I had her... from the day I had her she was laying everyday.. both hens were for about 2 months then... she went broody the first time about 5 weeks ago and just sat in the the nesting box on the eggs... then she stopped laying... I tried to keep her out for about 5 days then put her in a dog crate for 3 days as recommended on here... it worked and after about 4 days after letting her out of the crate she started laying again for about 2 weeks, then went broody again and sat the eggs... so she had another 3 days in the cage.... again came out of being broody.. but has laid only 1 solid egg in the last 2 weeks.... 1 without a shell... then the next day the lash and yesterday another egg with just a membrane round it rather than a shell... but better than the one before with no shell. Non of these have been laid in the nesting box, not even the solid egg
  24. Thanks Luna.... its one at the moment... and when I got home yesterday she had laid another egg, again on the roosting bars and not in the nesting box... it had fallen through the roosting bars.. its more like an egg, in the egg shape but a translucent shell, well more of a membrane... which you can see straight through and the egg inside. Its like she knows its not a a proper egg so isnt laying it in the nesting box. I hope she gets sorted out..... its a shame to see it happening. I dont understand why, she has really good food, free ranging, grit on tap, wormed regularly and no mites or other issues.... tonic in her water etc etc. My other chicken is a prolific layer and has laid every day bar one since I had them 3 months ago with no problems.
  25. She's a Specklady? Shes grey and white feathers!

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