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  1. I am after some advise. We purchased a couple of pullets just before Christmas and were told they were females. We had seven hybrid chickens already. It appears as one of the pullets - the brahma - is a male! We thought were were dreaming the last few mornings but this morning it was definitely him making the noise! Will it be ok to keep with our other chickens? If he gets really loud we may need to rehome him. Any advice will be gratefully received. We were after female chickens for eggs! Thank you in advance.
  2. I am collecting twenty one rescue hens and two rescue bantams next week. I have two cubes and one an original eglu. Would I be best to locate the houses next to one another or apart? As I am collected the hens early evening I was planning on putting them straight into the houses for the night when we get back and then open the doors and let them explore their new home the next morning? The run has a perimeter of approx 40 meters so they will have plenty of room. Are they clever enough to go back to the house they were originally in or will they all try and go in one cube? The run is fox/owl proof so I do not plan to shut them up each night. What are peoples thoughts on this?

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