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  1. I had keys to one of my houses before completion as I had to have some electical and gas work done before I could move in. I also camped there the night before I should have moved in with my cats and a sun lounger as removal company was arriving at silly o'clock in the morning. However, the nephew of the person who's house it was went balistic that I was in before he handed me the key which was silly because the sale had to go through It was a single transaction and I had paid to have work done on the house. Nasty, scary man
  2. Email with a picture has been sent. I can't say enough how blown away I am at my present, the craftsmanship is amazing.
  3. I will pm you catstails, hopefully I can email you my picture for you to put up for me. Thank you
  4. A massive thank you to my swapee, I have two quilted placemats that are absolutely wonderful I love them I am most envious of the skill of the sewer. I also got an ornament for the tree that is hanging in pride of place. I will try to attach photos if my eldest can help if not I might need to email them to someone to post for me. I can't iterate enough how blown away with the craftmanship.....love it.
  5. Merry Christmas one and all. A very quiet but happy one here even played some games which is a big novelty but well received. Enjoy the rest of the day .
  6. Mullethunter what you say about visitors are so true they really don't know what a reverse gear is my Hilux is obviously invisible and they always want my side of the road.......climbs off soap box and slinks back into the sidelines
  7. That is why I want to learn to crochet a pattern. Brilliant
  8. He probably got off lightly, his excess would most likely have been more than £200
  9. Very sad , she was sheer brilliance
  10. I always cut mine after curing I use Pringles tubs as moulds and then peel it off then cut it then leave for several days in the airing cupboard. Hope this helps
  11. Thoughts with all those involved in anyway

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