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  1. Pearls007...I am very jealous! We just love Sorrento!!!
  2. My hubby and i did joke that there is probably a fox somewhere in his den crying "my eyes! my poor eyes!"
  3. Apart from a mild friction burn on my bottom, I am fine I had the camera set on photo not video....not that it makes the view any better!
  4. Ha! I had thought of trying some sort of 'censor' ! Thankfully as it was dawn it is still in black and white 'night mode'......colour would be soooo much worse! My hubby thinks I will have put the girls of laying for at least a week! Good luck with your camera
  5. After losing Clover to Mr fox a few weeks ago we installed a wildlife camera to see how often he visits during the night. The wildlife camera has been quite reassuring, Mr fox only seems to visit about once a week, he has a quick look at the WIR (girls safely asleep and none the wiser!) and then after a only a few seconds he leaves. I'm not sure if he will want to venture into our garden anymore as he has now had the shock of his life!!!!....... At 6am and I woke to hear my girls going crazy, I leapt out of bed and looked out of the window and there he was running up and down outside the run, girls obviously terrified My hubby went to clap to scare him away but I said no, I going out there to really surprise him! I was down the stairs and out of the patio doors in my nightie in seconds - no time for shoes - running across the wet grass barefoot. As I reached the run he was nowhere to be seen.....had he heard me and legged it? Suddenly he appeared from around the side of the run and there we were 6ft apart!!! He stopped dead, eyes like saucers, I raised my arms and shouted "RRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRR!!!!!!!" unfortunately I also must have tried to suddenly stop running, not good on wet grass, as before I knew it my legs had gone from under me and I was airbourne As I landed I shot across the wet grass on bottom towards Mr fox (picture the bobsled at the winter olympics) If i'd been 3ft closer i'd have taken the fox's legs out from under him! He turned and ran like the wind! I got up and gave chase and he disappeared into the field behind us. And , as the wildlife camera is set until 7.30am, the 'incident' was captured on film!!! Unfortunately it is not the most, eerrrrr, 'flattering of shots' as I'm in my nightie mid fall! Otherwise I would have posted it! I have never laughed so much in my life!
  6. I am so sorry to hear your news We lost one of our girls to the fox a week ago too. Please do not feel bad, they had a whole year of wonderful freedom. Thinking of you x
  7. I quite agree Surfnirvana, I'd rather know too! Merlina, the one we have is super-easy! It's an Acorn Ltl-5210 (12MP) Scouting Camera. Mr fox didn't visit at all last night, I'm sure he'll be back tonight though!
  8. Hi Gertie, We bought it on Amazon, it cost £114, (we also bought rechargable batteries for it!) but it is something that we have talked about getting before as we think we have heard badgers in the field behind us and would love to see what is 'out and about' when we are asleep! It's 12MP and can be programmed to take photos or video (colour during the day, black and white at night), throughout the day and night or over a timed period. We have set ours to take 2 photographs very time the sensors are triggered between 8pm and 7.30am. From what I have read it can also be programmed to take 'time lapse' photos to record things like flowers opening etc. Apart form using it to monitor Mr fox, I am sure we will have lots of fun experimenting with it! Last nights photos were a bit grainy, in my haste to install it I hadn't read the bit in the manual that said it is best to position it between 3ft - 6ft up, so I have now raised it to about 4ft and we will see what tonight brings!
  9. Well it appears that Mr fox visited our garden THREE times last night!!! 2.30am, 3am and just before 4am! He obviously didn't hang around though as the sensors were only triggered once for each visit. I guess he was just having a look hoping to get lucky. Thank goodness our girls were safely locked in the WIR!
  10. After poor Clover was taken by Mr fox last weekend we have been trying to work out how we can monitor our 'fox situation'. We have never seen a fox in the garden during the day, and only once at dawn bc (before chickens!). We live on the edge of a village with miles of fields behind us, so we know foxes are about and have heard them barking in the distance at night. I read every post on the 'Fox Attacks' thread, hoping to find a magic solution, which of course there isn't. So in order to see exactly what is out and about in our garden between dust and dawn we decided to buy a wildlife camera! It is motion activated with three sensors that cover an angle of 120 degrees and will take photos (or video) up to 60ft, day/night. It arrived today and I installed it whilst my girls were FR, I turned around to find them all standing in a line behind me, heads to one side, watching me and no doubt thinking "What is she doing now!?" I am quite intrigued to see what, if anything, happens in our garden at night. Obviously I am hoping that Mr fox is an occasional vistor.....I guess we will soon see.
  11. I was just thinking the same thing Roselady
  12. I bought some Citronella essential oil online from 'Amazon', sold by a company called 'Calmer Solutions Limited', it was about £5 including postage. Hope that helps!

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