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  1. Great news! We're also urban with a very small garden so it just couldn't cope with relentless chicken led gardening, poor girlies were just enjoying themselves. A properly fenced off area (it must be electrified - foxes will leap a 6ft fence with no problem) would be absolute bliss for them if you have the room. I haven't used it myself so can't vouch for how effective it is. I worried a lot at first about keeping ours in a run all the time, now if we accidentally leave their door open they peer out and might come out for a quick scratch but they are all back in voluntarily within m
  2. I think you're right - you're overthinking it (I know I did - for YEARS) - that's good because it means you're taking it seriously, but now be brave and go for it! I dithered for ages, my husband really wasn't keen, I thought we wouldn't have enough room and worst of all that I'd break them some how. I crept down the morning after we collected our first hens convinced they'd have all escaped/died/been stolen in the night - and there they were happily scratching about oblivious to the fact they'd been taken home by a pair of complete numpties. 6 years and almost 20 ladies on, my husband now
  3. 2054-1=2053 RIP Matilda - the last of our original flock who died suddenly yesterday aged 5. Night night girly x
  4. Congratulations Is it wrong that me and OH are falling about laughing at the second part of that story Better luck next time!!
  5. Lost Heidi ex-batt today after 2 years and 2 months of freedom Night night girly x 2042-1=2041
  6. Gorgeous girlies - don't they look young bless them? We've had hens from Hen House Poultry and they are great, apart from Nellie the Bluebell who's a very noisy girl Hope they're all very happy in that beautifully clean run!!
  7. Fab pics!! Wow don't the girls look amazing now - they must be loving their new life
  8. Wonderful story - congratulations!!! Piccies please
  9. 1888-1=1887 Lost Miss Flopsy the ex-batt last night after 17 months of freedom - gone to the big dust-bath in the sky, night night girlie x
  10. We had a similar experience with a local pet shop which had branched out into poultry - birds being kept on mouldy bark chippings, empty drinkers, dirty food only on offer inside the chicken house. The RSPCA were helpful in as much as they directed me to the local council who are responsible for issuing licenses to sell pets and so would inspect all outlets. We reported it to the council who said they would look into it but we never heard any more. It does worry me that it's so easy to spontaneously decide to buy chickens whilst out getting cat food or plants. Many people wouldn't know that ma
  11. Welcome and huge congrats on the new girlies!! Ex-batts are so rewarding - if a little nerve wracking for a while. We've only had one batch of ex-batts so we're not really experts but we may be able to give some encouragement in addition to the really excellent advice you've already had. Sounds like you're doing everything right, food and tonic wise - you might want to try a mineral powder in their food instead of tonic in their water. We've had great results with poultry spice, we found ours didn't really like the water once we put tonic in it - they hoover up anything with spice in th

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