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  1. The thing is I don't think mine will be freeranging, at least at first. I guess the safest thing is to move them while they are in the cube?
  2. Uh... when you move the cube and run around the garden, where are the chickens? Are they in the cube?
  3. Are they bantams or standards? Australorps are calm, docile birds that lay lots of eggs. They are said to be an ideal backyard chicken.
  4. Well I was just outside checking them out. Still no redness to be found anywhere on combs or wattles. Tiny bits of pink on some of them... who knows!!!!
  5. Oh no... PLEASE don't let my baby RIR be a man!! Fingers crossed!!!!!
  6. RRecently someone told me they would help build me a WIR. After I told him I had an eglu I never heard from him again! Not sure if it is related but the way some folks react I wouldn't doubt it!!
  7. Well my babies are six weeks old tomorrow! Soon they will be outside full time but for now they still come in for bedtime with their brooder lamp. Here are some photos of them playing yesterday. Still trying to guess who is a boy and who is a girl so any help is very much appreciated! White bantam cochin Partridge bantam cochin White silkie Rhode Island Red bantam Little black silkie Red bantam cochin Bantam buff Brahma I have a beautiful black australopr, welsummer and speckled sussex as well but no photos yet!
  8. I think that is very good for them! It's what they forage for anyway.
  9. Have a lookherequite a few of us have volunteered for them at rescues That is so neat. And by the way, I LOVE jamie oliver (so cute, plus he can cook)! In general you folks are way ahead of us when it comes to animal welfare, although things are definitely moving in that direction here in the US as well. Right now there is a big controversy because an undercover animal welfare activist filmed how horrible pigs are treated in one of the major pork production places in the country. The individual went under cover as a worker there. The company's response is to try and pass legislation to make filming secretively in a livestock factory illegal! They just might get their wish, too. It's a mess. Anyway, I apologize to the OP for hijacking her thread. It's really amazing to see so many people who care so much and are so passionate about chickens. I really love chickens!
  10. Well, if they are all hens I will be in for some trouble, because I don't have the space!! Here are some more pics.. Beautiful partridge cochin bantam White silkie Speckled sussex
  11. The first I heard of exbatt rescue was on this forum. I'm not even sure if they have that here in the states.
  12. Everything you said makes perfect sense. I was referring to those that have suggested the OP has been irresponsible, which I thought was harsh. I guess I am just surprised. Also, where I live there are lots of folks who will take on older hens. I have great friends who have a couple pet hens, and many, many egg layers. They freerange all of them and they are treated great. But once a year they rehome the layers as they are in the business of eggs. They never have any trouble finding what my friend calls "hippie chicks" to take the hens and love them. But that is just the area where I live. You certainly would not find that everywhere in the states.
  13. I don't really understand why so many have told the OP to cull her chickens rather than find them a new home where they can spend their last days in the garden pecking around and such. How is this a better option? I realize that you have to be extra careful when you are rehoming your chickens but it really looks like that is what the OP is doing by researching options. And i'm not saying that those who do cull their older hens are wrong, but to suggest that the OP has been irresponsible by taking on the hens in the first place and she should probably just cull them... am I the only one who senses the irony here? As for me, I have ten baby chicks and I know some of them will end up being little boys. I'll be finding them homes where they hopefully won't be eaten. It won't be easy but oh well. As someone who has eaten my fair share of chicken in her life I just don't feel like I can go around pointing fingers!

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