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  1. Have just looked at your album Those Maine Coons are just FAB. Even with the cattery and seeing loads of different breeds of cat I love them best! Paola I think I have a (used mind you! but not for a long time) covered lietter tray in one of the sheds if you want it - if i can find it - you can have it. It is doorless !! Fiona
  2. Hi I have fed my now elderly Westie on Burns for some time he had skin problems which have cleared up since we changed to Burns so cant recommend it highly enough Fiona cattery entertainers
  3. Hi Paola Maverick could never get the hang of the door on the litter tray and would just hang around looking desperate with his paws crossed. I use a clumping cat litter which is easy to clean for the house cats. Have you got the kittens room ready yet?? Fiona the cat entertainers
  4. Hi Congrats on the Maine Coon she looks lovely!! Although I may have to apologise to your OH for letting you see the Maine Coon in the frist place I thought I would post his pic so all could see the little fella who started the shopping spree! In I might add much the same pose as he was on Friday Hope this works ! Fiona Tilly Hetty Betty Only just moved in to entertain the cattery and Tilly laying already!!
  5. I bought layers mash from scats and also get a load of bran like dust left over. The girls love all the other bits in it though having refused to eat the pellets! I havnt tried mixing it up with anything yet I may try to get a sample of the Allen and Page co"Ooops, word censored!" mash. Tilly Hetty Betty and 2 cats one of which thinks its a chicken and hangs out with the girls in the eglu run!
  6. Oh my Spotted out in public!!! Yes that is me hope I wasn't doing anything illegal. Where abouts are you? I am off on hols for a couple of weeks soon so if you see the car out again my friend Shirley will be driving be sure to wave it will drive her nuts!!!! Hope to maybe meet up Fiona still not here yet the cat entertainers
  7. I will let you know about the ideal life bit!! I hope chicken poop is better than cat poop! Especially 1st thing in the morning
  8. Hi Everyone, Have just ordered my eglu any chickens to arrive early November and cant wait!! Am getting them primarily to entertain the cats in my cattery (Ha Ha who am I trying to fool!! Have be desperate to get my own chickens for several years) - although it will be very funny watching the cats trying to figure out what giant birds are doing watching them when the cats are in cages and the chickens are free!! Anyway cant wait - so any advice from you seasoned chicken lovers to the newbee thanks Fiona nearly here GNR cat entertainers

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