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  1. I know you are sad but such a big WELL DONE for managing to rehome him. Its not easy as I am discovering
  2. What a stunner..and a much better excuse than work (which is mine)
  3. we have rats courtesy of my next door neighbour...he has a beautiful house..a clean and tidy garden and a dog..but he also has decking and the rats love it. They have dug corridors under it and even his paving has falled due to rat runs...traps are not working and neither is poison....I am considering shooting...sad I know but if all else fails...
  4. our girls bring such joy into our lives and are sadly missed....rest in peace little chook
  5. Good idea Freddy...will see what I can do
  6. big virtual hugs for everyone affected by such a tragedy. It is so sad that someone reaches such a point in their lives. I hope his family manage to move on in time and remember the happy times xx
  7. I don't know if we are allowed to endorse people and companies. However Nigel White of Owelsbury garage winchester was a real gentleman today. I had a blow out on the A34 which was very busy...whilst waiting for the RAC and terrified someone was going to cause an accident because of the dangerous place I had to stop, Nigel pulled up...towed me onto his rescue lorry, took me to a lay by...fixed my tyre and sent me on my way with NO CHARGE!
  8. As far as I know you can feed whole seeds or hearts in moderation as an occasional treat. They can affect fat build up round organs (so I am told) if fed in quantity.
  9. Its always hard to loose or give up on our girls. RIP little one
  10. I use Allen and Page small holder range...the pellet size is small so my littles and bigs can feed together http://www.smallholderfeed.co.uk/
  11. I have a pair of moulinex hair curlers...which I have had since I was 16!!! I don't use them much nowadays but god forbid they ever break
  12. I have seen it and enjoyed it...but am now totally into the books...halfway through mockingjay as i type

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