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  1. So sorry to hear about your loss. Thank you for posting the warning for all of us who use a Go. My Go door is the opposite...it fits so tightly that sometimes it is a struggle to get it open. Especially if I have just moved/dragged it to a new spot and the ground is different and there is more pressure on the door. That being said, some safer back door for the Go would be a good idea, and I may install a hook or latch to prevent any predator from being able to open it. Since you have told Omlet about your problem, they will have the knowledge to recognize that the back door may require some redesign.
  2. Interesting question. I have both a classic (bought second hand, beaten up in shipping and still withstood the mishandling of the shipping problems to be in good shape) and a GO. There are advantages & disadvantages to each. Classic: I think the styling of the classic is more appealing because of the rounded edges. Pulling out the droppings tray is easier, and getting the eggs is simpler in the egg port, however, cleaning out the nest box is more difficult. (maybe I'm not doing it correctly). If you get two sets of roosting bars, then you can replace soiled ones when you are cleaning. It would be more costly to extend the run. It is more simple to assemble to move long distances. There are conversion kits for the Classic. Eglu Go: The GO gives you complete access to the interior without lifting the top off, and I think it is more spaceous inside for the chickens....... It is a little easier to clean because the entire bottom slides out. A little more difficult to reach eggs because you have to slide out the entire bottom. Sometimes when I move it around and the ground is not level it is difficult to get the back door to open. Extending the run only requires one part not an A and B extension. I think that I stripped the two little screws in the back---because now I cannot disassemble my Go.
  3. Hi Margalot, Here's hoping that your trip is superb, and that you experience the best that the USA has to offer!
  4. Hi Salop Chuck, Thanks so much for posting that. When I talked to someone connected with Eglu, they told me that there were no available trays and roosts for the GO. Perhaps things have changed. It would speed things up to be able to swap out the parts. I have certainly gotten more 'lax' in my cleaning. I used to scrub the bars and tray daily---in April, now in October...I dump the tray daily and that is about it. Put the wood shavings from the nest box into the tray and put fresh wood shavings in the nest box. --- Don't get around to scrubbing as often. I will check into availabilty of spare parts to us in the USA. Once again---thanks so much for alerting me to this.
  5. Now that is a good idea. Subsequent to opening up the section, I have been able to move the Go & run without any problems. And like you, I keep the run shade on all the time. I love being able to reach inside in the middle! Thanks for the idea!
  6. Thanks Leeloo, so it isn't just me. I suppose if you wanted to, you would be able to take a coin, unhook some run clips and put the door on the side. Seems like a lot to do though doesn't it? Sometimes I took the door clip and poked around through the weld mesh, or I took one of those bamboo stakes that you can use for plants/tomatoes and moved the thing I was trying to get to the edge, and then lift the sides and pull the thing out from under the run skirt. (then all the water spilled out because I was tipping it so much!) I really like my open top.
  7. I just found this thread, so here are my two-cents worth.... or should I say tuppence? Recently, I read a post about someone who had to condemn their old coop--plan to burn it and feared infestation of other coops due to red mites. Even if a wood coop owner doesn't have red mites, don't they have to refinish the inside of the coop each year, especially the roosting bars? We don't have that problem. Also while researching, I found that rats can chew their way into wooden coops, but are unlikely to chew into plastic, Eglus. There is probably no easier-cleaning coop than the Eglu. In the states now, I see wooden coops for sale that have removeable poop trays--- probably got the idea from Eglu. And some owners brag about some kind of canvas hammock that catches the poop that can be removed. -- Eglu inspired IMO. Recently I was able to purchase a used Eglu Classic on eBay. It was shipped, and I think that the shipper dropped it, and also that the package came open. Let's hear applause for the sturdiness of the Eglu, because the plastic parts were undamaged, the run parts were undamaged--(but one little edge-square weldmesh was lost---and the bolts to hold the run to the Eglu disappeared in shipping.) Not only did the Eglu withstand that, but I think that the seller got a pretty decent price. (Eglu classics don't come on the market here often from what I have seen, or any Eglus for that matter). Why people have negative reactions--is beyond my comprehension. I always like it when individuals do their research and find something that will fit their needs. If someone's needs are practical, down-to-earth, and focused on the chicken's well being--plus low maintenance ---an Eglu has to be on the 'short list'. If someone's needs are for a huge flock, or a doll-house type coop, then they will probably find something else. Cost is steep, and sadly some folks have to settle for less, but sometimes in life you do get what you pay for.
  8. Hi Henchanted! Perhaps this is rather lame thinking, I wonder if foxes are so "foxy" (cagey) there because of fox hunting, and the survivors had to be REALLY smart. I was trying to think of the equivalent here of the fox there, and I think that the USA has coyotes, which are a canine species, and live increasingly close to cities. But probably more shy than the fox. Did the cartoons of the "Road Runner & Whylie Coyote" ever make it to TV or movie theatres over there? Proably not. They were big here in the 1960's. The coyote was always trying to catch the road runner. WE do have fox here, but they are very rarely seen in this part of the country. More seen in the east and the north. Now thinking of mice and rats.... that one is very creepy. More difficult to deal with too, I suspect. Hoping not to have to deal with them--ever-- in connection with the hens. We also have snakes -- there is even a variety called the "chicken snake" that will eat eggs. There are also ants. We have regular ants, Red fire ants, so called 'sugar ants', and a new variety called 'razberry crazy ants'. Sometimes I put food out for the chickens and within mintues ants are crawling on the food. That includes the food attached to the sides of the run. Well sorry for so many laments ) In the end it is more than worth it for the enjoyment of chickens and for the great eggs they give us. Have a great day!
  9. Thanks Henchanted! Security was a big consideration. (trade off). I have seen a video on YouTube of a fox foiled by a run on the Eglu Cube. The fox was running back and forth on the top of the wire. I realize that the structural stability won't be the same now. Alas. Luckily, foxes are pretty rare here. More common are Raccons, Opossums, and skunks. (do you have those pests over there?) I know exactly what you mean about the weight of the pest making a sag in the roof. Hopefully if that were to happen the wood that props up both sides of the roof in the middle, and the shade cover that goes the whole length will prevent entry. The classic run that I got recently on eBay--has a different construction for the run. Each segment is made from two pieces with the skirt attached and they join in the center top. My Eglu Go has the run construction made from separate skirt, wall and roof. I imagine that is easier to ship. So I can really admire that you have invented other points of access than just the door at the end. That's inventive. Good idea about wire to reinforce all the joins. Definitely I want my chickens to be safe. I may attach a panel of what we call 'hardware cloth' (a square holed wire mesh) to make another roof that overlaps the joins where the clips would have been--but will still lift off. Thank you for posting! I so appreciate your insight.
  10. This post will probably only make sense to Eglu Go with attached run owners—Hopefully, I explain it well enough for Eglu owners to understand. • Security so no predator can get into your run---GOOD. • Accessibility to the run---NOT SO Good.. You know what I mean. Access for chickens from Eglu---Access for me from the door at the far end of the run. I’ve been a little frustrated by the contortion I need to do to attach the waterer. I also got a “poop free” waterer—reach upward and hang in run doorway.. Everything is stacked up by the door at the end of the run. Putting in the movable dust bath--- lift the entire Eglu and Run with the dust bath under the skirting until everything clears…and then the dust bath is in the run by the pop door. Today my backporch thermometer was 110F. Clearly, my chickens were feeling the heat. I had frozen gallon jugs of ice but getting them into the run with all the other stuff was going to be a challenge. Then I reconfigured my Eglu Run. (I have the 2-meter run BTW.) The “roof” is actually made of 3-panels, and at the juncture of the side walls and the center of the center roof panel, there are “double run clips”. I decided to remove those and all the run clips on three sides of the middle roof panel. The fourth side, I beefed up with more run clips and use them as a hinge. I beefed up the place where the center double run clips previously were located horizontally, by adding several vertical run clips where those two side walls come together. I also added run clips to any other place on my entire run that looked like it could use a little more stability---once I had removed the clips from three sides of the center roof panel. Then I could lift the center roof panel like a hatch. This is cool!. I can attach the waterer in the center of the run, not just the end by the access door. I can move things around that I couldn’t access before. I can get in from the top—and have much better ability to place things in the run. Yea!!. Partly I think my idea was inspired by “Egg Lou” on the Omlet forum who made Eglu Cube Run access by dropping the upper end panel…but that is a different story. I have a dog-leash clip—that one of the dogs chewed off when she was a puppy. I will clip that on the opposite side of the roof panel from the hinges, as a lock. Meanwhile, I just re-secured the three open sides with one run clip each. It is all under the shade cover. I realize that the predator protection is somewhat diminished. But my access is greatly enhanced. I had a piece of 1x2 wood that I had stuck in as a “perch”.. I moved it to the very top to rest the lifted ‘hatch’ (roof panel) on, so it won’t fall into the run. If you have a Go with attached run, and you would like more access---here is one approach. If you go this route, and if you have better ideas, fixes--- let me know. Thanks!
  11. When I had my Eglu Go set up, and got my chickens, I thought that I had over-crowded them. I got one that is a hybrid - she was already laying, and two pullets that are Barred Plymouth Rocks (BPR). The pullets were very docile and 5-months old. They were all so even tempered that there were absolutely no problems. In fact, even when they free-range, they still stick pretty close together. Often they will abandon free-ranging and go back in the run long before they need to. So-- three can fit successfully into an Eglu Go -- or I was just amazingly lucky. At the beginning, I put in extra food and water, so I had the grub and the glug and another feeding and watering device in the back. I think that helped them not compete and settle in. If you were to be as fortunate as I was, you can have three living there happily, but I must say mine only go in to lay their eggs and to sleep at night. Our climate here is quite warm.
  12. Hi Squiffs, congratulations on quitting smoking...if I read it right, it coincides with getting chickens? Good job! Yes, I do mean a more thorough cleaning. It is time for that more thoroughly 'monthly' (read two months) cleaning. I don't think it is that 'dirty' -- but I want good care for the hens. Daily is no problem at all.... but to do a deeper cleaning, accessing some parts seems a little challenging. I was wondering how other Go owners accomplish it. Thank you for the reply.
  13. Thank you for that idea ThinkingChickens, I was wondering about cleaning the inside of the coop/house more than the run, because I move the whole thing around the yard pretty often. I will try removing the floor and tipping it up or upside down and hosing it out. That would be easier by far than disassembly. Great idea.
  14. My Eglu Go has the attached run. It is easy to clean the poop tray, the removeable back door and the outside. Now I have had it for awhile, and I want to do a more thorough cleaning. (Only the assembly guide came with mine, the chicken care manual was omitted, but Omlet said the info was onLine--so please bear with me if this is posted someplace and I missed it) To clean thoroughly do I need to pop off the top, Remove the two tiny screws in the back access door, remove the colored sides and then unlatch the run with those large silver-k"Ooops, word censored!" screws/bolts? That is how to detach the run. Then I could clean the front threshold by the pop-door. O.K. what about the interior inside? Turn it upside down, and then wash? As yet, I have not done this but I think that is what it would take. Thank you anyone who has insight to this I would appreciate knowing your approach. Also, I read how another person on this forum got extra poop tray and roosts (for a cube). Has anyone done this for the GO? Does anyone know if Eglu sells them. My hold-up after daily cleaning is the wet interior surfaces of the tray and roost/nestbox segments. I put wood shavings in, if I am in a rush I dry the whole with a paper towel to speed up the process. A spare floor would be an excellent idea.

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