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  1. Does anyone have one of these? My escape chickens wreaked havoc last year on seedlings on all the neighbouring gardens and allotments . I currently have them within omlet netting sadly my escape leader vimto has learned to jump and balance on the netting before hopping off to freedom and destruction. Lizzie the chicken leader uses the eglu and run as a launch pad (think aircraft carrier) and hurls herself to freedom, only angel my overweight white sussex who is a formidable girl is to heavy to escape. I don't have a fox problem, but will have a neighbour problem if the girls are not contained! The Harrod horticultural seems like a souped up fruit cage, but is flexible in the sizings and I could fit one into te space available. I just wondered if anyone had one and if so would you recommend them?
  2. I have a Garmin vivofit it does time, date, steps, daily step goal, distance and calories burnt. It seems to be fairly accurate and the distances correlate with my GPS running watch. You can upload it via a mobile app or PC. It is a little bit addictive! It also has an activity bar that turns red if you are inactive for too long.
  3. Many congratulations to you both - and a fantastic choice of names -As an Abigail Catherine I thoroughly commend your choice of names
  4. I have a curver kitchen bin. It has a sprung lid that actually works and they have good customer service. I have a food obsessed beagle who managed to break the lid on one of his frequent bin raids. They replaced it without any fuss or bother and the replacement lid is a better design than the original!!
  5. I have finished the year with a 10K run today and am feeling a sense of achievement having managed 2 half marathons over the course of the year.
  6. They are probably Mason Bees - in which case they are not threat or bother and you can just leave them to get on with it - they are solitary bees and they nest in small holes in brickwork and pointing. I live in a victorian cottage and I have plenty of them coming and going but they do no harm!!
  7. If you want to read more try and get hold of the Haynes Bee Manual - easy to read, beginner friendly and lots of uptodate photos. Enjoy the experience and also the sound and smell of wax, honey and bees at work
  8. There are some showing on ebay for under £40. I'm guessing that there are cheaper continental beesuits to be had where the customer base must be greater than in the UK.
  9. Ours are bulilding queen cups like they are going our of fashion. I have taken a split out of 1 hive, who have subsequently swarmed and had casts.....Grrrr The other hive is a bit calmer - they are working hard to fill a super and I am hoping for an early honey crop off the oil seed rape - that is if they don't have other plans.
  10. Lidl seed is on a very special offer at the moment. Small packs of veg seeds from 29p or 4 for £1, larger packs of seed 39p with a similar offer. I bought a pretty full range of vegetable seeds, carrots, beetroots, radishes, all sorts of peas and beans, squashes etc. They also had lots of flower seeds Similar sized small packs of seeds from other suppliers cost £1.79 I think I came away with almost 50 packs of seeds (I have a lot of raised beds for the youngsters to fill) and spent £20 Brilliant.
  11. I had a featherless bottomed hen a few years ago. Have you tried 'Flowers of Sulphur'? It worked wonders for my bald chook. I diluted some in water and bathed her defeathered bottom in it, and then dried her and treated her skin with the flowers of sulphur mixed into a base cream. I reapplied the cream every few days. The skin really calmed down and she refeathered eventually. It is an old fashioned herbal remedy and it worked wonders. I got mine from ebay I think, but it is quite commonly used for horses, dogs etc. Worth a try and kinder than ant powder!!
  12. I have the Nigella one - it is massive. No problem with the lid warping - I have had it for a couple of years now.
  13. I added fondant to both hives in February on the basis that if they needed it they would use it. One hive ignored it, the other have tucked in. The good news is that on a sunny day today bith hives were active and coming back with loads of pollen.
  14. The hearing aids available on the NHS seem to vary hugely across geographical area. My dad has 2 very discrete state of the art digital hearing aids that are set to match the frequency of his hearing loss, he does not need the full earpiece that the someone with a more profound hearing loss would require. My grandmother in Essex has the same digital hearing aids but with the full ear moulds. She was recently in hospital closer to London and it was apparent that no-one there had her hi- tech hearing aids but the older, bigger models that we all visualise, and one of my colleagues in Bedford has the same and is very self concious of them. The NHS audiology clinics that I have taken grannie to (she is 97) have been brilliant and I would definitely access the service via the NHS if I felt I needed it.
  15. I ran my first ever half-marathon today - the weather was atrocious, but I managed to get around in 2 hours and 9 minutes a very respectable time! I'm feeling very proud of myself albeit a bit foot sore !!

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