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  1. Both were bantams. They have a website which you can google. It's run by 2 school boys - hope that doesn't put you off, they were really helpful, I've had 4 lovely chickens from them altogether.
  2. I got a light Sussex & buff orp bantam from Porters Poultry in Shropshire. They used to be in Telford but think they've moved to Cleobury Mortimer now - not sure if that's a bit far from Cheshire?
  3. We've had our first egg from the new flock! I'm totally amazed that it was laid in the nest box though, as it's been blocked up to stop the over night pooing in there. Id put a cardboard box in front of the hole into the nest box which had stopped them from all getting in there every night. Id taken out the straw and left a couple of sheets of newspaper in there just in case anyone managed to squeeze in. Whoever laid today has squeezed in there somehow and shredded up the newspaper into a nest and laid a very clever first egg! (I'd been checking under the bush in their WIR expecting the first egg there) Now we have a girl laying I've unblocked the nest box, has anyone got any suggestions for keeping them out oc there overnight? I won't always be up first thing to unblock it and never had this problem with my old girls?
  4. 6 new girls all tucked up in the cube tonight, fingers crossed I can keep them safe & sound.
  5. Been out this evening to tuck my solo girl Vanessa in (and wish her luck with the planned intro to 4 new friends arriving tomorrow) and found her dead by fox. I feel awful, I'd Installed fox watch and only let her free range while we were in the garden. I am so cross with myself for not putting her back in the run while I bathed the kids. Now I'm questioning whether to pick up the new chickens tomorrow as they will be confined to the 3m cube run while I order and install a WIR. Would that be cruel and make pecking order issues worse?
  6. Thanks for all your tips. Ive had a thorough search again this morning and she is no where to be seen, tried the corn trick and nothing. I think we will have to tell the kids she is gone. Now we have the problem of Vanessa being alone, she is already looking bereft without her little eggy shadow.
  7. I went out to tuck my girls in about 19:30 and found only Vanessa my warren in the cube. Eggy my White Sussex bantam was no where to be seen. She is so timid, she's never even let me stroke her and prefers to stay in the fenced off chicken area rather than venture out into the rest of the garden... Should I assume a fox has taken her? I can't find any blood but she was moulting so there are feathers everywhere anyway. I've been working from home today so I'm sure I'd have heard her alarm call (although perhaps the wind masked it). Feeling really guilty and not sure whether to tell the kids or replace her secretly
  8. We have just pushed 2 pieces of wood through the cube run, one lower than the other like steps, cheap and very effective
  9. She laid on Friday last and usually lays every other day. I wasn't really expecting an egg on Sunday because she seemed broody and she stopped laying for a week last time she was broody
  10. My White Sussex bantam Eggy has taken to sitting on the nest at every opportunity, I assumed she was broody and kicked her out. But it looks like her bottom is pulsing when she stands still, like she's trying to poo or lay. She seems fine in herself when out of the nest, foraging and scratching around as normal but she's been sleeping in the nest over night so I know she hasn't been pooing, I'm just concerned she's bunged up as I haven't witnessed her poo in the day and I don't remember her bottom pulsing like this the last time she was broody. Has anyone come across this before?

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