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  1. Yes the plan I have at the minute would have a door every 2 to 3 feet. The 2' wide element is fixed if I put the run in that part of the garden (it would be determined by the lay out of a path). I would put lots of runs, walk ways and perches in to increase the run area and I have 2 bantams and one smallish full, not 3 full size - sorry should have mentioned that. My thoughts re cleaning is that the shallow depth of the run would make it easier in some ways as I wouldn't have as far to go in, if you see what I mean!!! Not entirely sure how easy it would be to catch the little darlings though!
  2. Hoping for a bit of advice. My 3 chooks currently live in a WIR that's 10' by 7'. I'm planning to move everything around in my garden and am considering putting the girls in a chicken run with extension which would run the whole way down one side of the garden, so would be approx 2' by 25'. I would put lots of perches, higher level walk ways and enrichment in the run but it would be a slightly smaller area. I do let the chickens free range as much as possible, but do you wonderfully knowledgeable people think that will give them enough space? Ideally I would love to have Omlet housing but it just wouldn't work in my garden - so please don't judge me on that!!!
  3. They have a 12x8 run with 2 extra levels and perches plus they free range when I am at home, do you think that's enough?
  4. Thanks everyone. I give them CAV and they have access to grit and oyster shell, as well as crushed egg shell. I will try and isolate the bully to see if that solves the problem.
  5. I could create a run within the existing WIR which is what I do for introductions but would that create a reintegration problem? What are the best products to encourage regrowth in the mean time? ThAnks for the replies.
  6. I know this is a topic that comes up regularly but I really am at a loss. I am in my fourth year of chicken keeping and it has always been a problem at varying degrees of severity. It is now just one chicken who suffers - ironically not the bottom of the pecking order. One of the culprits has recently died, leaving her not so persistent colleague. Over the years I have tried bumpa bits, beak rings, purple spray, Stockholm tar and lots of distractions. Nothing seems to really break the habit. I'm currently trying purple spray every couple of days and there does seem to be some regrowth, but the spray seems very watery, I'd prefer it to 'stick' a bit more. Sorry for the long post but does anyone have any suggestions. I'm hoping to get more chickens later this year and want to try and sort this problem out once and for all before then.
  7. Frustrating isn't it?! Bumpa bits haven't arrived yet but will keep you posted
  8. Bandstand was my second attempt to change autocorrect!!! I have ordered enough for everyone so I will see when they arrive. Thanks for the advice.
  9. I've always wanted quail and I think I'm finally ready to get some. I am thinking about hatching some eggs, do you think this is a good idea for a first timer, or will it be too complicated? I have a large guinea run that I was thinking of adapting and putting in the chicken WIR. How many quail would that house? Any advice anyone can give me would be wonderful!
  10. I'm having (another) pecking problem with my girls and want to get bumpa bits, which worked really well last time. I have two bandstand now, a silke and a Marian, will bumpas fit them, are there small sizes? Thanks for any advice
  11. Thanks DM, I have been trawling through past posts and saw your advice on that on about page 5! I may give that a go tomorrow, had a check and no sign of cancers so go gets crossed its just a slow recovery. I have been massaging her crop and it feels empty pretty much all the time so I am going to make sure she is drinking enough at least for now as well.
  12. Have a friend coming round later so will try and have a look! She seems OK at the minute, maybe I'm over thinking things...?
  13. She sounds a lot like my chicken who is having similar problems, she is worked on flubenvent but is still very lethargic after sour crop. If you have a break through I'd love to hear about it. Hope she makes a speedy recovery. X
  14. How do I do that? I have been massaging her crop regularly and can't feel anything. She will have periods where she seems fine but is still quite lethargic.
  15. I have been treating Cornflake for sour crop since Thursday. She is showing some signs of feeling a little better, but she is still isolated as she still spends time huddled etc. How long should it normally take to recover from this and I can think of disintegrating her?

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