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  1. Purple Eglu Cube Mk1 for sale as I have downsized to the Go Up. £450. In excellent condition with 2m run. Invaluable extra set of roosting bars. Large Glug and Grub. Treat toy. Plastic raincover. Has been pressured washed, disinfected and run removed. House still needs dismantling but left for buyer to help with as it may not need total disassembling to fit in a vehicle. Hubby mowed over a piece of the skirt earlier this year but have bought new section from Omlet so good as new now! Location: Godalming I don't have the paper instructions for reassembly as Omlet originally assembled it but they are on Omlet site to download.
  2. I've put one in my Go Up - it doesn't get used much. It has split right the way along the length but is holding up. Just wondering what is wrong with round perches as branches are round?
  3. I had to ditch my netting too because of the fox. It was more string in the end than netting - I wouldn't make a fishing net repairer!
  4. Has anyone bought the new handles to manoeuvre the Eglus? - wondered if they really do help.
  5. I had braces at the tender old age of 45 - wear a retainer at night to keep them in place - 13 years on now. Just becomes second nature. Only hassle was having to have them remade this year as I had a crown fitted and the retainer no longer did.
  6. Do you mean he was literally sleeping under the roosting bars ? I have a Cube but I'm hoping the poop trays would stop him going under the roosting bars or do you think he got in some other way ? Indeed he was, just made a cosy little bed and hopped out in the morning. As I'm not living at home at the moment thru' building work - I can't shut their pophole - although they get a daily visit from me - ratty goes up the ladder and under the tiny gap between the top and the roosting bars. The chickens don't seem bothered but I was. Now its blocked he's obviously reluctant to confront the chickens and sleep with them! I have one nasty killing trap loaded with chocolate and a pecan nut but I wasn't sure if you were asking jasperalice that question. Nothing else as yet. On film he gets very close to going in the trap but just doesn't go far enough in
  7. Sympathise - two years now have had a rat, since my neighbour's total wilderness of a garden was completely cleared. Last year found himself a cheap hotel under the roosting bars of the Cub - just slept overnight, vacated by morning. Put small gauge wire all round bottom of WIR. This year found tunnelling inside WIR - he'd also stashed a load of food under a large plant pot in their run. Demolished his house to find him pop out and charge up the WIR and through the large holes at the top. Then he was back to taking up residence under the roosting bars, also with a stash of food. Have managed to stop that by folding a small piece of wire mesh just inside door but blocking his entry under the bars. How he gets and carry the food I'm not sure as it is a hanging feeder. I could do with a rat cam!
  8. Another thumbs up for this film. Loved it.
  9. I am delighted to say that I will now be able to name a new chicken ' The Doctor' as all the girls are named after Dr Who females!
  10. Bought these from local garden centre: https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/ajg/STV-International-STV336-Buzz-Fly-Catcher-Twin/B00VAGK1RU/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1495989714&sr=8-2&keywords=the+buzz+fly+catcher They seem to do the job and they don't smell as bad. I've stupidly just bought a red top in a closing down sale, totally forgetting the stench they make and that I had these other things. You can buy the attractant for them separately.
  11. I queried this with Omlet sometime ago as the door bolts have all rusted and typically the new MK2 has shiny stainless steel which aren't going to rust. They said it couldn't be done. I now have a problem for which I have just emailed them whereby the bottom door sill has rusted through leaving about five sharp wires sticking up. Have just taken out all the woodchip for a full clean and I've just trodden on one which pierced my shoe. It had been hidden up until now! Will let you know their response.
  12. We have Le Creuset stainless steel. Love them.

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