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  1. Hi everyone I'm thinking of getting some ex battery hens again but we have a lot of cats around where we live now and wanted to check that they wouldn't be a problem- i.e attack the chickens?
  2. I have one on order but do not have an eglu, would I be able to attach it to their run using wire? Olivia
  3. Thought I would give update. We spent a few days really focusing on the problem, we would put her on the lead each time she wanted to go in the garden ( which was a lot!) We would spend time sitting on the bench near the chickens with her on the lead, rewarding good behaviour. She is now much better and as long as she isn't too hyper and has had a walk she only goes near their run to sniff for any food she can find. Took a little backwards step yesterday, but on the whole feeling a lot more positive Olivia
  4. Ok due to you all raving about auboise I have been out and bought some! Made a fool out of myself at the checkout because I had no idea how to pronounce it Its now in their run and they are kicking it everywhere! Water container is full of it so will have to refill it for the 3rd time today Do you put it in their nest area? Olivia
  5. Thank you, I did think the lady that offered seemed very blase about it, saying they would be fine. Will have to think of a plan b
  6. We are going away in the summer for two weeks and a friend has kindly said that our two can go to hers and stay with her chickens and one cockerel. Do you think they will get on ok? How about the cockerel? Olivia
  7. Would like to get a glug but the mesh of their run is too small to attach it to.
  8. My chicken's water seems to need filling up a few times a day! I have a standard water container that can be found in most shops that sell chicken supplies. It gets filled with grass and mud easily or seems to get knocked over. I'm now worried that we won't even be able to leave them for the day. We don't have an eglu. Any ideas? Olivia
  9. Is it ok to give them a seed bell meant for wild birds? How about the meal worms meant for wild birds? Olivia
  10. What do you put in their run to keep them amused? I'm in need of inspiration Olivia
  11. This is a hot topic at the mo, I see there are two similar topics near this one. Only got them yesterday! Have one egg already Harriet is the noisy one and seems very restless, Hermoine seems far more content and is very quiet. Olivia
  12. These two new chickens I've got are very noisy. The last ones I had made hardly any noise. Does anyone know what the chicken noises mean, i.e happy, bored etc Olivia
  13. Thanks for all the good advice so far I was really anxious earlier and was thinking that perhaps this is never going to work. My husband took the dog for a good run on the field and then brought her into the garden on a lead. When she growled or barked at them we sprayed her with the water gun and when she calmed we gave her attention. It's early days still, but I'm feeling a it better about the situation. She really scared them earlier and made them flap around in their run. On another note they tried to sleep downstairs in their run rather than going into their sleeping compartment, so I moved them into, so hopefully thats where they will go now. Olivia
  14. Hi everyone I have just brought home our two new hens We have had chickens before and our old spaniel was really good with them. We now have a different dog, a 3 year old cocker spaniel who is very different to our previous dog. I just let her in the garden to see the chickens in their run and she was awful, very excited, barking, and generally scaring the chickens. What shall I do? Olivia
  15. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7180018.stm Battery farm eggs banned by 2012 What great news! Shame its not sooner. Olivia

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