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  1. I'd almost given up - especially as it's got cold/dark now - but, there, on the floor of the WIR was this BLUE egg!!! YAY ME!!! It's more than made up for the fact that my lovely silkie and sultan both turned into boys and had to be given back!!!
  2. Is biodry (or something else) less dusty than SF? I find everything is coated in SF - chairs, table, eglu etc - guessing from chooks scratching around on the chips!!
  3. I like this idea - don't know why it hadn't occurred to me!
  4. My chooks are soon going to be POL so I'm going to start putting bedding in the 'nest' of the EGLU...........what do people use to stop the bedding going through the drainage hole??
  5. try Bay Animal Housing (Morecambe) - they do bespoke WIR and are very reasonable. They'll probably come up with something that keeps your tree
  6. I just literally just turn mind upside down - still holding with 2 hands. They don't seem to mind so don't be scared Re the other post - I've been thinking the same thing............I'd LOVE to delete some of the ones I don't need anymore!!
  7. PLEASE does anyone know? I've 1000s of the little blighters and IF let the girls out to FR they'll probably gobble the lot!!!
  8. DON'T PANIC!!! I've had mine just over a month and they're easy peasy. Apart from the very 1st night when I put them to bed, they have taken themselves off to bed and let themselves out in the morning............I keep the eglu door open because it's in my WIR I make sure they have water and food before they go to bed and then I top up their food and put fresh water in when I get up in the morning - sometimes this is after 10 on a Sunday (!) I poo pick when I 1st go in (WIR and EGLU, topping up the aubiose in the EGLU), and then, again, before I give them treats about 4.30pm. I probably don't actually NEED to do this but I just feel it's nicer for them to have less to tread in!!!! The poo pick stuff goes into a plastic bag which I keep in the run until the weekend. Morning routine takes less than 10mins I've had NO flies because I've a fly trap at the other end of the garden and there's no smell - even though they back directly onto my living room doors. Each Saturday morning I clean out the EGLU, rake over the chippings, sprinkle disinfectant, move the climbing frames around and put the poo pick bag in the dustbin. Weekend routine probably takes about 15-20 mins I've been pleasantly surprised just how easy it's been...................so far
  9. the flytrap lid is much larger than any milk bottles I've seen - but I like the idea. I think I might have to resort to new traps each time!!
  10. The WIR attached to the french windows is brill - I sit there every night and watch the antics as they decide it's time for bed. They start queuing up at about 8.15 but it takes them til 8.45 until they're all in! They hop on and off the branches, chase round, swap positions etc I am also VERY pleased to report - no smell and NO flies.......................the 1st helped by the fact that I poo pick 1st thing in the morning when I fill up the concession stands and then just before I 'treat' them around 4.30. The 'no flies' is due to the fly trap at the other end of the garden................in fact, the 1st hint that this might be full was a single fly buzzing around the back door!!!
  11. Sorry it's taken an age to update but it's been a very busy July! Following the sad demise of Splash 3 days into keeping chooks, I took advice from a number of people (inc the supplier) and waited a bit before introducing 2 newbies. As the 1st 3 were still pretty young I just put the 2 new ones (Goldie the gold silkie and Tana - the white sultan) into the eglu at night and had them all waking up together the following morning The others are Cuna Dottie and Buffy Apart from a little bit of 'pecking order' antics and a quick squirt of anti-pek on the little silkie (a bit younger than the others), it's been absolutely perfect with all 5 now playing together A month on from getting the WIR, the eglu is back on the table and I've put some large branches in between the steps leading up to help with the ups and downs Guess who the 1st up was...........little Goldie the silkie. Yougest and smallest and who says they can't jump/fly.........this one certainly can!! It's unsexed at the mo but I'm hoping 'she' stays a 'she' otherwise 'he' will have to be returned to the supplier and I'll be left with 4 Here are some more pics of the chooks and the WIR on the 'gate' and when the 'gate' is the other way up - 4.30 feeding time - queuing up by the windows Me being soft - the orange omlet shade helps stop some of the draft at night Hope you like them as much as I do
  12. but where will you put the contents of the 1st one....................I can't bury it cos I've no soil!!!
  13. good question - this'll bump it up - I was wondering the same thing!
  14. is there any way of stopping tantrums. Mine aren't POL yet but with 5 and a classic I'm wondering if I should provide an extra 'nest' somewhere???
  15. please can someone tell me the best/easiest/least smelly way of disposing of the mass of dead flies that build up in the flibait fly traps. I've just had to empty my 1st one in order to refill it..................PONG or WHAT! I've ended up putting the mass into a plastic bag and into my dustbin , then rinsing the remainder and flushing it down the loo before refilling and hanging up again I now have a pongy drive (by the bins) a pongy bathroom and, despite load of fabreeze ('other air fresheners are available'!) a strong whiff right through the house Tips for next time gratefully received!!! PS I intend to update with lots of chook photos soon!!!

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