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  1. 2 of my 4 year old hens have died quite suddently recently, neither of them showed any signs of illness. I know that rats dig their way into the run, and even though I block the holes, they dig others. Do you think it could be some sort of rat related disease, and should I let the rest (2) die out, or add a couple of new ones. Would this cause a big pecking order kerfuffle. I'm at a loss of what to do.
  2. Thank you for your help. She was a Welsummer. As she was bottom of the pecking order, she was always last to eat, so I suppose I I wouldnt have noticed if she wasnt eating.
  3. I was shocked this morning to find my 3 year old hen who was perfectly healthy yesterday in her hen run prior to being let out,dead. I thought at first she was dust bathing in the sun as she often does, but on closer inspection she was dead. The other hens were fine, nothing could have got in and as I said before she was fine when I shut her in last night. Do they sometimes just die suddently.
  4. My chickens are moulting now and havn't laid for the last few weeks. Do I still need to give them grit?
  5. Has anybody else had trouble with squirrels? I often catch them in the chicken enclosure pinching their food, but today When I went to let them out to free range, I found them all cowering in their nest box and Mr Nutkin coming out of it looking very pleased with himself.Has anybody else caught or heard of them stealing eggs?
  6. Advice please - Our energy suppliers erected new cables to our electric posts today and one of the chickens flew off in fright at the noise. I have searched all day and can't see any trace of her, How far can they fly and what are the chances of her homing instincts bringing her her back?
  7. Oh good, there is light at the end of the tunnel then, thank you for your advice.
  8. My Welsummer has been broody for two weeks now, and just when I think she's getting over it, she snaps back to broody mode. I've tried putting her in isolation for a couple of days and even the old dunking her bum in cold water trick but nothing is working. When she does come out to her run to eat, the others shoo her away. Will it resolve itself and when?
  9. Thanks both, I feel much happier now it normal. (Haha, I can imagine them talking "I've got absolutely nothing to wear"!!!!
  10. My three chickens are in the middle of their first moult. I expected them to look scraggy and umkempt, but they also seem rather lethargic. When I let them out for their afternoon free ranging, they just plod around pecking at this and that, but otherwise not really interested at foraging or scratching, they almost looked depressed Is this normal?
  11. Thanks everyone for advice, I can relax now when buzzy buzzard flies over
  12. When I let my chickens out the other day for their afternoon free-ranging, they all went back into the hen coup after 10 minutes which is most unusual, and they looked rather anxious. I then noticed a couple of buzzards circling overhead and wondered if anyone has had any injuries or fatalities to their chickens due to buzzards or other birds of prey
  13. Thank you everyone, will go with the majority- compost bin it.

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