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  1. Looney

    Sad news

    Such sad news. Sending my condolences to her family x
  2. I still lurk in the shadows! But rarely post Nice to see you! Xx
  3. Going to try the breathing technique! Stress keeps me awake. And stressing about stress. And stressing about the fact that I didn't think I feel particularly stressed so I'm not sure what I'm stressed about. And then stressing about the fact that my alarm is set for 5.12am and if I don't go back to sleep then I'll be so tired at work and all the stuff I'm stressing about will be more stressful.... And if I do happen to have a good night and am fast asleep.....then my kids wake me up at 5am!
  4. We received a lovely card to Ben and Jess, Billy and Nina. (Shame my name is Lorna )
  5. My dad has it. He has been told they won't operate until it gets much worse (if he can't fully open his hand)
  6. Haha, this made me chuckle! I can imagine all the frantic running around! Finding your kitten under your OH's fig....it took my mind a moment to work that one out Hope you have a more peaceful night tonight x
  7. I've never met another omleteer! Nice to hear some of the old names again
  8. There are a fair few on Facebook (although I forget who had/has which omlet name!)...I'm more of a lurker around here these days
  9. Hi, you can try speaking to someone at the National Careers Service (google them), they offer free advice via webchat and I believe you may be entitled to one free face to face session...worth checking out. I don't have a profession, I am a civil servant and often wonder how in earth I ended up doing what I'm doing and think I should be doing something else! Wishing you luck xxxxx
  10. Some people are just sent to try us I think! Not just eBay although it does seem to attract them I listed something on a local FB selling site - a brand new toilet seat (with integrated / hinged junior seat) and it sold within minutes. Agreed with the lady (who I didn't know) that I would bring to the school playground. She said she'd see me there, she had my mobile number, she knew I was helping at a cake stall that afternoon and therefore that is where she would find me. Lugged aforementioned seat to school along with cakes and a small child.......and then lugged it home again. Got a text an hour later saying her husband couldn't find me at the school, had I been there? Erm, husband? Erm, how about letting me know I should be looking out for him? Erm, how about giving me a ring? Could she collect in half an hour. Yes, of course, I replied. An hour later her husband collected.

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